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Kerbal Weapons Program #5 – Total Annihilation

Rober they’re playing more kerbals weapons program Jambi wants a new heavy tank I can’t believe we didn’t build a tank last time what the fuck was I thinking probably wasn’t thinking is this too square you know it’s nothing wrong with being a little square but having sloped there was ricochette stuff off it supergluing riot shields to it yes this will be a riot indeed dude oh oh yes baby oh why haven’t I seen this before it started to look like a more modern Tiger Tank built by Mooney notches or something no look at that shit looking good so we can say America yes I like this some space armor some heat shields what can possibly go wrong oh that’s not good revving having spork s not sure well fastened oh yeah our most experienced engineers have created the perfect weapon for our campaign Oh the tank destroyer also known as all fucked on by jumping it’s so happy being alive today we will mobilize a force work in the name of South Japan we have a sample the finest fighting vehicles known to mankind to bring victory in our efforts of the last episodes coldly attacked or not hippies Donnie government we seek retaliation we will bring the hippies down underneath don’t fucking is not good at eggs wash it sparks it doesn’t explode that’s good safety that’s important I care about that back in line I am the shepherd of the army you know a gentle nudge they can’t control themselves as well a little bit but I won’t know Supreme Commander yeah oh good good area it’s a second of Mr Hunt armor we’re going up along the coast into Norton he pitched on a territory if I can’t guide my my sheep what is that coming over the hill is it yeah and is it for all full speed no mercy what artillery leading the shot a tank should be the shot oh okay that that’s not bad it almost took them all out from a buyer apt to Newtown I love the sauce ignite on no they are spreading arms I put a target for them to follow and try to adjust to what or do it did it maybe see your job oh man that’s no scope by the artillery in the beginning I think they actually it took out all of them whoa watch the rims also to resale value by Dawn we will be at our enemy’s doorsteps I hope we can find a gas station first though need some of that gas station sausage man today we will strike in the very heart of the enemy the hipsters will never hurt us again we will end them and their tyranny [Music] [Music] Oh No Oh perfect so it’sit’s that is nice pop rock band on so I should give you see fucking South shy run no more will you be accorded my side your sister hit right yeah responsive it’s the fans will explode hahaha they’re putting up a smoke screen they might have won the battle but they haven’t won the war we will be back stronger more resilient than before we will do guerrilla tactics we will bring them down we couldn’t mount missiles on this yeah that looks sturdy enough hangers it yes that’s what we need a tow missile launching Bay leap yes brilliant good we can launch this off we’re gonna try to bring on a PC probably a tank over – yebin bob so they can finish the business why is it moist is always happening they D jiggly they be happening whoa the Jeep is talking to roof but up binary binary so whatever a spider Eve dog oh no yes oh yes can hear spin from my web no he can pee shy keep late on they low jab pop take my lord yeah now let us close our support watch it come with me if you to though oh no no no they can they can totally hit me yes good Bob you’re gonna be driving they’re busy we have to find about a year paroled after ok can him please fucking do you head spark when you hit through oh I want a game of Australian a game where you build your own unit and then take them into battle you know command & Conquer style Bob is still in shock you got PTSD because the hipsters put too much sweetener in their coffee for fine absolutely horrifying coffee should be dark and bitter this is probably how the NSA is watching you when they are fat fit when when you are fapping wouldn’t they are perfect you know they might to knows target acquired fires at all missiles yep oh oh no it is hit it hit yes not area target as well it’s big ass bohon get back in the Jeep yep no no we don’t have a selfie with you with a flower balls get back in to the turrets are trying to shoot a missile down – nine – and eight can you really do that without all my fun whoa yes you did take it down holy shit clever girl all the way this Argus whoa dude dude dude it up to do is hit the last one manually I think we’re gonna go have to go grab the APC to get the last one I think we can drive down to him try to flank him from the left side instead of straight on yeah the door fell off link it fell off when we dropped it we have no ass protection peekaboo motherfucker here comes freedom we are the liberators the sound jib Estonia governments have captured the airport we are one step closer to victory Bob relax relax I’m gonna get caught some air support so cool natto exploded over reporting for duty to matter yes I will secure the area and explode a little just because it’s cool Michael Bay style very well and like a favorite is ship join the army today I think we should get some paratroopers dropping down to the to the next time and we should also start working on air superiority so we can strike on hipster Island [Music] [Music]

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