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KENTA is in BULLET CLUB, and SHIBATA is FURIOUS! (G1 Climax 29)

Here comes Ishii with the lariat! KENTA! Why?
What is this? Why did he attack him? What’s going on? He’s got Ishii. Now he’s setting him up for GO 2 SLEEP? Why? He just put Ishii to sleep! What the- Why is he doing this?
Hold on! He’s smiling. What’s- Wait…
He’s going for the pin? There’s the 3 count! Hold on.
What’s going on, now? What’s going on here? I thought KENTA was Shibata’s soulmate. Shibata brought him in to this G1. What now?
Bullet Club- Here comes YOSHI-HASHI! YOSHI-HASHI just made them more upset. And the LA Dojo boys are out here. Them, too? KENTA was supposed to be Shibata’s soulmate. What- Does this mean he’s betrayed him?
Is he going to join Bullet Club? Wait. He wants the mic. What is this? Tell me this isn’t real. Why? Huge boos! Look! It’s Shibata! Shibata is here! Shibata’s furious with KENTA. Shibata’s attacking! High kick! What’s going on? Against his soulmate? Shibata is here! He’s on the attack!
From the LA Dojo- Shibata can’t be calmed. Katsuyori Shibata has been away. What is this? He’s attacking his supposed soulmate! An elbow for Tonga Loa! And another high kick! Shibata is blazing around this ring!
Now what? A Shibata dropkick! Shibata with the corner dropkick! I brought you here.
How could you do this to me? And this dropkick is mine. A soulful drop kick after 2 years away. Now he’s got him around the neck
in a sleeper! Huge cheers for Shibata! We so badly wanted to see Katsuyori Shibata
in the ring, once again. Here comes the PK! Kendo stick! He stopped him! He glares at Shibata. This can’t be real! Now KENTA has Shibata in a sleeper! We don’t want to see this. Hey, KENTA, who brought you here? Now Jado is getting his shots in
with that kendo stick! Remember, who brought you to New Japan? KENTA was his soulmate,
now he has him in a sleeper. Now a PK! Why? What the hell? KENTA betrayed Shibata.
Shibata’s laid out. He’s been away for a while. Katsuyori Shibata,
who’s been absent for some time… They have Shibata- This is terrible! Shibata’s left laying in the ring. A shocking betrayal from his soulmate. Not this! He’s posing on top of Shibata! How could he do this to him? This isn’t what we want to see. The LA Dojo boys can’t get to the ring… KENTA is…
KENTA is… He’s posing on Shibata. Hold on- Arms crossed. They were best friends… Is this what Tama Tonga was
alluding to before? KENTA is Bullet Club.
Unbelievable. Hey, KENTA…
Is this what you really wanted, bastard? Stop messing around, you punk. This is bull. You’re garbage. If you wanted to join Bullet Club,
then join them earlier. I’ll go 2 on 4, punks. You’re garbage. KENTA… Is this your pro-wrestling?
You’re worthless. Bullet Club, you guys suck, too. 奴が来たぜ! 今日はバレットクラブにとって
最高の日になったぜ 今日から
毎日がバレットクラブの日だぜ タマ・トンガがツイッターで
ヒントを出してただろ 何て? ハイレベルのアスリートをチームに入れた 最高にハイレベルのアスリートだ 誰のことだ? お前から教えてやれ 教えてやろう… 世界最高の一人…
この世代で最高の一人 KENTA 彼がその一人だ 俺が初めて日本に来た頃
KENTAがプロレス界を席巻してた だが 彼は勇敢にも
新たな挑戦を求め海を渡った その彼が日本に戻ってきた
感謝する G.o.D… GUERRILLAS OF DESTINY… 彼を戻してくれてありがとう この男はバレットクラブの戦力になる KENTAはリベンジに燃えている
お前の力を世界に思い知らせてやれ バレットクラブは全力で
KENTAをサポートして行く To go to the top gear. To the top gear. The top gear. The top gear! The top gear. In the end, I stole the G1 spotlight, didn’t I? It felt good. They were booing me so much. Shibata must have been happy to
finally get that reaction, again. You should come thank me later.
This is the new beginning, today. I told you to keep your eyes on me.
I’m just getting started. What did KENTA say? What did KENTA say? “Shibata must have been happy to
finally get that reaction, again.” I… Does he have any idea how much
I struggled for him? He doesn’t know what I had to do
so that he could reach that ring. But, I guess it’s all good for him. He found his own way.
Now he’s got a whole gang around him. Good for him. However, I have one thing to say… No matter where you go or fight, Be KENTA. No one else. It’s none of my business. It’s not like I brought him here
to catch up with an old friend. Little boy lost found himself. Isn’t that nice.
It doesn’t really matter to me. Then… One more thing… Don’t stumble when you try to kick my head, bastard. That’s all!

100 thoughts on “KENTA is in BULLET CLUB, and SHIBATA is FURIOUS! (G1 Climax 29)

  1. Probably the best heel turn/angle of the last 20 years. When was the last time you heard real heel heat like that. The crowd wanted KENTA murdered! Legit

  2. Shibata is a fucking beast look at that kick 2:10 you can tell Kenta felt it for real! Strong style taken to the limit

  3. I didn’t know Bullet Club was still around

    EDIT: I just looked up and saw their leader is Jay White. I don’t know who the fuck that is.

  4. G1 27: Shibata returns
    G1 28: Manages Tanahashi
    G1 29: Gets his hands dirty
    G1 30: Announces hes coming back to wrestling???

  5. 俺の知ってる柴田じゃない!


  6. Shibata in no way shape or form do I want to see him performing a ring after what he went through. Way too dangerous for him he can be fine on commentary or a manager up-and-coming Talent.

  7. Kenta
    Was crucial
    But payback by
    My favorite Shibata with that tb whip big boot nd hesitation dropkick
    Until Bullet Club intervened

  8. KENTAが柴田さんに乗っかってるとき、ちょとくらついてた?から、やっぱりダメージはあったのかな?

  9. この頃のKENTAは評価出来るしピーク、これ以降はヤングライオンよりつまらない男に成り下がった

  10. ここからあっという間に歴史に残る最凶最悪の大ヒールになったなぁ

  11. Edge came back from a career ending injury. I know he’s a WWE guy but that injury ended his career and he was on borrowed time. Who knows with Shibata, right?

  12. 俺の人生において初めて同じ名前である事に憎悪した。


  13. wweのヒールを見てる感じ。KENTAのヒールのなりきり方うまいよ!そして柴田は、やっぱカッコいい!

  14. いつも思うけど字幕入れてやれよ

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