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Keltec CMR-30 & PMR-30 22 Magnum

welcome back to the channel guys I’m hank strange this is my buddy Chad from Kel-tec chad do you want to tell everyone what
we’re up to this weekend yeah we’re out here for a couple of days shooting with iraqvet 8888 and his whole crew as you can hear
they’re popping rounds off in the back round having some fun probably with some awesome Kel-tec products and yeah they open up their
range to us and the hankstrange nation and talking lead and we’ve had several friends come out Aaargo Jay, Peter Palma and so we’ve just been shooting
some steel and videoing everything and doing some testing and having some fun the really cool thing here is that
kel-tec gave an exclusive to the iraqvet crew with the new RDB and the CMR right that we have
here and then the M43 you know at Shot
Show people didn’t get a chance to see those things actually being fired but
everyone fell in love except for one little caveat they didn’t see it being fired yet right yeah so
we’ve been doing a little bit of prone shooting and standing shooting
and I think today we’re going to stretch out do love a long-range
shooting as well and hopefully we can get a little run and
gunning and if we can’t do it this trip they’ve invited us back to actually come out and do some running and gunning on some steel and paper and and all kinds of crazy targets or would
love to see them in Florida absolutely since they’ve been so gracious
and opening and welcoming to us here on the farm that’s right the IV 8888 farm come out to Florida and let us
roll out the red carpet for you guys absolutely let’s do this back to the shooting what do you got in your hands chad right here we have a burnt bronze PMR-30 this is my personal slightly customized PMR 30 very sweet this is one of my favorite guns from Kel-Tec really fun to shoot it’s like my little laser beam. which we’re
gonna demonstrate in a minute right very lightweight but you know then we’ve got Bam! CMR 30 coming out soon. Everyone thinks
this is vaporware Chad is it? it’s not this will be out third quarter. we did
introduce that few years ago at SHOT Show we just had
some problems in the firearms world with guns getting banned and all that stuff
so we did put it on the back burner for a little while it is coming out third quarter this year. cool do you know what the price is going to be when it comes out? the MSRP on it again will be around $575 I’m not 100 percent sure on that but it’s in
that area is it coming out as it is here as it set up I mean are
you guys making little changes to it or there’s a couple add-ons to this
particular gun here this little deflector here is put on it will probably sell as an
accessory for left-handed shooters all of the gun does eject out
pretty well without this thing you know but for left-hand shooters it ensures the brass isn’t going to come back in their face and everything else in the gun is completely ambidextrous so this is why we put that on there another another accessory we may add is the extension the charging handle if you flip it over here you see on the top of it here there’s a seam that’s an actual extension for the charging handles okay and these aren’t
not reciprocating by the way so as you are firing its not
moving okay and so what do you mess with to close this down. I know you have
some different positions gotta go all right here yeah there you go okay that’s just like
my KSG that’s sweet I like that yeah now the beautiful thing about these
obviously is if you know how the PMR runs there’s
no magazine but the magazine goes into PMR right
so the same magazine from the PMR is the magazine that goes in the CMR awesome can we get like a 60
rounder or something Toby can we please get a 60 rounder somebody make a 60 round I mean it’s
sweet 30 but 60 is always better than 30 I think our engineer Toby he did build us I
think it was a fifty rounder and I think it functioned pretty
well and it actually looked pretty going into the gun because there wasn’t a lot a
lot a magazine sticking out he actually built it so the bottom plate
on the magazine was formed to fit alright so yeah what we’re
gonna do is shoot this beautiful bird bronze PMR 30
that you have and then we’ll also shoot the CMR i’m always ready to shoot something
what are you going to shoot out here with the PMR pick some targets take those sodas
down how about that alright i’ll take down a few of them yeah I want to see those sodas go down all right i’ll give it a shot I’m not the greatest shooter in the world everybody ready eyes and ears Hang on a second who loaded this mag hankstrange oh I forgot to tap tap the mags hahaha oh and its rim-locked all right let me see where i’m hitting on steel real quick why don’t you try hitting some steel with it you like it I love it man that’s how hankstrange loads his .22 mags wait a second how do you know I loaded that I don’t but i’m blaming it on you anyways you’re going to call it a hank you see how I get blamed for everything I load my PMR magazines I loaded two
mags so if one of them worked good more than likely I loaded the good ones and you loaded the messed up one I loaded Speer Gold I don’t know where
these where this came from so okay those hollow points I don’t know
let’s look the okay I might have loaded that yeah yeah thanks again Hank for
making me look bad i’ll shoot it for you here shoot the same model that more
people want to see again yet that this is really sweet on of
course I’m waiting for the RDB yeah but man I’m really looking
forward to this by the way we just threw that that vortex razor optic on there I
didn’t even touch it adjusted on and it’s
hitting dead on very sweet and we’d like to thank vortex
for all their support too but see if I can make those little tiny guns move you’re hitting just a little bit low let me go out here to that tree go a little further here let’s do and I ran outta ammo man now this gun does have a last round bolt lock this is a prototype so it’s just you
notice a little quirky we have to work out this is really nice man I’m really really really looking forward to this you know I don’t know which one it’s hard to
choose either the RDB or the CMR they’re both really exciting and that’s why you need to get both
yeah you gotta get both now we are going to shoot the CMR from about 75 yards Yeah we’ll see if we can go on
couples of those 100, 150 whatever were standing we’ve got some silhouettes
down there let’s do it enough talking you want to go first no you go first I’m going for the same target alright I’m out good shooting no i’m not out only one left but we can’t let that one
stay there get a head shot see if you can hit that gong out there in the center It’s having issues feeding that’s it it’s hitting you got some good hits It’s pretty cool I can keep this one and just keep
testing it further I could even clean it and everything for you so I already
promised that to six other people yet but they’re not hank strange this is true yes so let’s forget I don’t know who those
people are but we’ll just forget about them wait there’s
a round on the ground let me see that thing one more time one more get there
should be more than one on the ground what do you think all the way out a couple more there Who gets Eric from iraqvet bringing them ammo not everyone plus a special delivery here look here’s a few more should i shoot it go for it no we want to see you shoot it alright i’ll load these in Hank Strange don’t worry about it you gotta do some work you can’t just be here looking good all the time pretty good sweet alright so there you go CMR I be rachet I be rachet I don’t know I’m not even good at that alright so now we’re going to shoot This is Hank Strange this has been the lifestyles of the locked and loaded respect it

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