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Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Dude oh my god, is that Keanu Reeves? Dude, that’s Keanu Reeves That’s great. You need to get his autograph. No, I’m Way too embarrassed I’m not gonna oh, come on, you’ll be the one there’s he’s the nicest guy dude. Come on Mr. Reeves I’m gonna do for you guys Keanu right. Um, is it cool if I maybe you get your autograph? Absolutely, I’d be honored. Yes All right, thank you so much what’s your name? I’m called Sam Do we come on account of your focus back Whoa back up chill, it’s chill generous. I Hate to intrude what looks like you’re struggling Look look whatever’s in the register. I’ll triple and then I’ll match that to a charity of your choice We’ll do that absolutely I’d rather give Are you Guys point your guns at me instead. There’s no way we can communicate effectively when you have guns pointed at each other’s heads Right now, let’s just all take a deep breath together I Rode my bike here man. Okay. I know the cops Listen, you can take my 1970 Ford Mustang from John wick. You can outrun the cops in it. I’ll walk home and it’s a win-win Trust I can’t believe how nice he is Sir, just a car You hear me look let me be your hostage What the morning shit? Okay, Gianna mates just take the gonna put it to my head. What let him go Sammy go Yes, and then you can put me in the audience. Don’t what you do. It’s okay. We’ll make more money this what? Sorry about that so Sam, right? Yeah Do you still not want your car? Fiamma thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give her out of us for one day It was awesome. You guys are phenomenal your breath. Take your breath take. Yeah Listen, I put together a very special playlist for everyone to check out of corridor film videos You just have to make sure you subscribe and then hit the bell button to get all the notifications For all the awesome videos to come. Alright guys, there’s a link in the description to Kiana’s playlist. Check it out It’s the best videos of ours that he liked. All right Pleasure, it’s been a real pleasure. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

  1. Yo this was the funniest video ever this was the best I thought that was really Keanu I love Keanu this was awesome I subscribed instantly first time watching

  2. I knew it was fake in the sense that it was scripted, but I really thought the real Keanu had agreed to shoot a video with them.

  3. Just started watching and am already noticing signs of staging. Your 'acting' all surprised to see him. Yet you just happened to have a picture of Neo folded up in your pocket in case the you should ever see him out and about.

    It is entertaining though. Truth be told I don't believe I've ever seen any of your videos. I'm sure people who are more familiar with your content might already know this isn't real. However for those who aren't it'd be nice if you made this known by stating so in the video's title. Kind of bs if you were expecting to see Reeves stopping a legitimate robbery. Lol.

  4. Ok now that I've watched the whole thing I have to say this is not only entertaining but the video quality was really good. Although some of the acting was,no offense not all that great I get the feeling that it was meant to be obvious in that way.

    To be honest,I found myself not wanting it to end and wanted the camera to keep following Reeves to see what other crazy shit happens. That's how you know it's good.

    Lastly I'm usually pretty good at this yet I can't tell if that is an actor or if it's really Reeves. If not then dude did an excellent job. If it is him then awesome job being able to get him on the show.

    That's actually pretty hard to do. Get someone who is as famous as him to make a guest appearance on a youtube channel. Then again that's why I actually like him as a person and not just as an actor. Neo definitely likes mingling with the commoners more so than the elitist swine!

    Damn fine job to all of y'all involved. If yall can do more of these with Reeves (double or not) then that would just be Sweetness coming to fruition. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. 2:37 😲OMG Ijust noticed that not only does his dome do a 360, but it actually does a full 720. Nice,Tony Hawk would be impressed!!! 😆😅😂

  6. Does anyone know how to spell Keanu? At any rate I think it's fake because Keanu Reeves ever smiles thanks

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