58 thoughts on “KAP-40 Pistol Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

  1. Almost got gold camo for this gun. I use same attachments but instead of perk 2 greed w/ scavenger i usually take perk 1 greed and go with Ghost/lightweight im not as good as you so i dont really have ammo problems xD usually i die before i run out. Im going to give this load out a try once i have got 150 kills with no attachments and perks

  2. This is just an idea had the game but dont have it anymore so im using a class creator for this. KAP-40 with extended clip/fast mags (so you can take on multiple people easier), Perk 1 Ghost (so you can get behind the enemies) and Hardline (to earn killstreaks faster i love this perks lol), Perk 2 scavenger (for more ammo and grenades), Perk 3 Nothing, Lethal Grenade (to blow those guys out of cover), Tactical Flashbang (for headglichers and behind enemies use this and they are defenseless.

  3. I use the exact same class that u show at the end, and i only just started using it today. nice explanations dude

  4. I use knife instead of extended clip but i started with this class up before i watched this video

  5. I usually run ext clip and either long barrel or laser sight. Perks include ghost, cold blood, scavenge, and either dexterity or engineer. I use the tact insert w/ no lethals. Got gold KAP 40 the other day fairly easy. Double kill challenge is a breeze. Got all camo's through hardcore domination (reason behind cold blood and ghost)

  6. got a weird one but hardcore worked really good

    kap40 silencer,tac.knife went 30 and 12 not bad pretty good try it

  7. After using the Kap-40, with this class setup i changed 2 things. i swapped out the extended mag for the fast mag, and i took a C4 instead of a black hat

  8. Ur a dumbass. This is by far the worst class u cud possibly use for this gun. Nd btw. Its kap. U say it like "cap" its not fukin K A P. u dnt say the letters. U say it as a word. Its an actual gun. Kap. Not K A P

  9. Ill hate all i want cuz this dude suks. If i 1v1 him or u. Id wipe u. It'd b a shutout nd id let u pik the gun i use.

  10. I'm almost have the same class set up but instead of Lightweight I have Ghost and instead of dexterity I have Tac Mask.

  11. I take for perk 3 tack mask and dexterity because I'm good with the pistols so no one shock charges me everything else the same

  12. I have a very similar KAP-40 class, except instead of  Black Hat, I have Bouncing Betty, and instead of Extended Mag, I have Fast Mag. I found that the extra 5 bullets in a mag wasn't all that helpful, and the better bonus of Extended Mag comes from the extra ammo reserves. But this wasn't necessary since I have Scavenger. So I thought being able to reload faster would be better. And I chose the Bouncing Betty over the Black Hat since I never see enemy equipment, and I'm good at setting traps, so I put that point in Bouncing Betty instead.

  13. I find that the laser attachment and extended mag works best on the kap. I completely agree with the perks you chose and I would use the c-4 instead of black hat

  14. A much more focused explanation of the weapon that Driftor provides, without any personal bias.  Great vid!  My favorite setup for the KAP-40 :  LSAT w/ Frontgrip+Target Finder or Dual Band, KAP-40 w/ Dual Wield, Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Engineer+Dexterity, Perk 3 bonus

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