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Judge Extends Order Delaying Release Of 3D Firearm Blueprints

Finally tonight some goods news. Last week, US district judge Robert Lasnik
extended a restraining order preventing the release of blueprints to create 3D printed
guns citing the fact that these guns present a unique threat. Judge Lasnik decided to once again delay the
release of these blueprints. It’s just common sense. Judge Lasnik understands that these weapons
would usher in a new era of untraceable, undetectable firearms that could wind up in the hands of
convicted felons, domestic abusers AND gang members, anyone with access to a 3D printer
or someone with access to somebody that has a 3D printer. As 3D printers become more cost efficient
and enticing to average consumers, releasing these blueprints could allow anyone to become
a small time arms dealer with weapons that couldn’t be traced back to them or sold to
buyers who don’t have a background check. What we need right now is better gun control,
not a do-it-yourself guide for people who want to play Rambo.

38 thoughts on “Judge Extends Order Delaying Release Of 3D Firearm Blueprints


  2. I don't know how efficient these type of guns function but we already can't get a handle on actual guns getting into the wrong hands so do we need a new model🙅🏾‍♀️

  3. I wish there was a way to stop this, but I don't think there is. #D printing technology is here, and it is not going away, and so the manufacture of these kind of weapons is inevitable.

  4. The judge has stopped nothing.

    Defense Distributed is now selling the blueprints. They will mail you a flash drive. This mode of distribution is specifically allowed in the judge's order.

    But if you dont want to pay anything, the plans are still available online from other sources. Go to codeisfreespeech DOT com, you can download them all from there.

  5. How the fuck is anybody going to stop information from circulating on the Internet? This stuff is already online. Besides, if you have not only a simple 3D printer but a metal workshop, you can even make working assault rifles. If somebody wants to make a gun from scratch, there are always endless possibilities, this adds just one more.
    This one that is particularly suited for assassinations where you need to get close to your target, I think. A plastic gun can get through metal detectors, you only need to bring in the ammo somehow. But it only takes a single round, so it's probably feasible to hide it inside something metallic that looks harmless. To dispose of the gun afterwards, you simply melt it down, burn it, or dissolve it in acetone.

  6. Let’s be honest about a few things here
    1. I can make a gun as useful as this with an electric drill, files and a hacksaw.
    2. The single shot “liberator” as shown is utterly shit as an actual firearm. Single shot. Slow to load. Inaccurate. Low power. It’s a zip gun, a weapon of last resort. Anyone who needs a gun like this will not be sitting around with a 3D printer.
    3. It still uses metal parts – the ammunition is metallic. The whole thing will show up on X-rays or THz scanners.
    4. The plans, drawings, specifications and 3D models of pretty much any firearm you can name are freely available on CAD sharing sites. Have been for years.
    5. Anyone who has seen it could model it themselves in half a day and just send the model files off to the printer. It’s no mystery how it works.
    6. In the US you are generally allowed to make firearms for your own personal use and many people do. This is a terrible way to do it.

    The biggest threat as I see it is being able to make AR lower receivers. In most countries pressure bearing components are sensibly treated the same as whole firearms and serialised, registered and traced. In the US it is just the frame or lower receiver. In the case of a AR15 the lower receiver is little more than a trigger mechanism housing and grip mount, since it does not need to withstand any pressure from the round firing.
    Upper receivers, barrels, bolts etc can be bought and sold like nuts and bolts.
    Start turning these out to a good standard, and in quantity, and you can amass an arsenal in short order.

  7. Liberal gang bangers across the country will be carrying these things and murdering people in order to rob them. And the left will do nothing about their violence problem.

  8. Attempted release just in time for the start of the new school year. What could possibly go wrong? The fact that they're even contemplating their release will make the NRA happy I'm sure, though.

  9. these guns are beyond stupid you will Never use a 3D printed gun in an emergency
    1 depending on how big and complex it is it can literally take hours
    2 depending on the design IF it doesn't already have supports in the file if there is a over hang and nothing to support it what your printing gravity will defeat you and it won't finish the part right
    3 at Any point in the print something can go wrong and fuck the whole piece
    4 If your settings aren't right your using a different type of plastic or didn't adjust the plate right you could end up with a pile of plastic crap instead of something to defend yourself
    5 They're slow and loud. you will never have a 3D printed gun to save you from house invasion if anything you'd have told them where you are
    6 3D printers Don't make multiple parts at once and since there are moving parts in these guns you would need to print each one one at a time
    7 It's Plastic Actual guns are metal because those bullets release a lot of pressure with those expanding gasses each shot damages a 3D printed gun which means you have limited shots and each one will be worse than the last one
    8 depending How the gun fails You could be hurt more than the person you're shooting at
    9 the only thing a 3D printed gun does better then an actual gun is it Might get past a metal detector. Not a quality you're worried about when shits already hit the fan
    10 No one can make this blocky piece of crap look cool or intimidating because they look like a dollar store toy

  10. Hahahahaha you yank jackasses…. you are worried about 3d printed parts for guns and whole 3d printed guns while a teenager can pick up a HAND CANNON for 100 bucks while attending a gun show….. GET REAL huh !!!!! why are you yanks so fucking stupid ? Is it deliberate I mean after 408 years we dutch ask ourselfs : is this shit deliberate or are you actually THAT fucking stupid ? A printer a descent one sets you back 100s of dollars… then you need to buy material also not cheap then you actually need to make the damm thing….. by that time you already purchased 5 guns or even HAND CANNONS up to caliber 44 magnum and even caliber 50 for 100 bucks a pop maybe 200 ….. aaaa well go crazy on your wallet why not whahahaha…. so please…………… GET FUCKING REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the people able to print shit like this is 1 to 10000 maybe 1 to 15000 with the 15000 people already OWNING guns and rifles and the one guy printing one sooooooooooo again GET REAL YANKS !!!!! Damm you are bunch of stupid assholes !!!!!! Oh one other thing…. people can NOT tell us what to print…. go fuck yourselfs !!!! You want to be a nanny then GET a job as a nanny …. we don't need nannies !!!!! GO fuck yourself !!!! You think you can hold back prints and designs for printing ? WRONG !!!!!!! We are people….. not pets !!!!! Get real !!!!!!!!!!! You yanks never changed in all the 408 years we dutch created you and created EVERYTHING you see around you ….. everything…. 408 years and NOTHING changed oh oops 409 years already yeah time flies when you having fun !!!!!!……. you are still as dumb as a second layer of paint … godddddammm !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There are such petty idiots they get hard ons at the though of needless deaths. Make it easier to kill, ooo we love that. The best justice is that these idiots die by their own stupidity and guns

  12. Lol. You can't prevent the production of them now the blueprints are all over people's PCs. Thousands of people have the instructions to produce them. They can give them to other people and the govt will never know. Gun control is dead. It's unenforceable.

  13. This is not a unique threat. No one can "Play Rambo" with a single shot, likely to blow your hand off, plastic gun.
    I have said it time and again there is no benefit to this pistol. Zip guns and other improvised firearms have been around longer than "real" guns have. Zip guns can fire multiple rounds with one barrel. Zip guns can be disguised to look like almost anything, 3D printed guns look like guns. The Anarchist Cookbook from 1971 has plans for improvised firearms that look like flashlights. The internet has tons of different improvised weapon plans. Anyone who is capable of successfully printing one of these guns (your average "maker") could easily make a zip gun.

    A simple bomb can kill more people than this gun. A simple bomb is cheaper than this gun. A simple bomb might be as likely to blow up in your hand as this gun.

    All that aside this judge is blocking free speech. This is not a direct call for violence. This isn't even hate speech, these gun plans are free to anyone. If money can count as free speech than releasing these plans is surely speech.

  14. 3D Guns can fire 30 Clips a second and are undetectable. These guns are undetectable but only in California. These gun should be considered ghost guns and any gun that fires 30 Clips a second should be illegal but only in California.

  15. Damn now I won't be able to buy one of these horrid single shot inaccurate automatics. I guess I'll have to buy a legal semi-automatic 15 shot pistol instead.

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