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Josh’s Custom 300 Blackout AR Pistol

hi guys I’m Josh I’m one of the
instructors and sales staff here at CQT today we’re gonna go over my AR 300
blackout pistol build so we’re gonna start from the rear we
have an SB tactical brace my favorite brace it took them a while to get it I love
it a lot I’ve got a spikes tactical honey badger lower which I really like
because those as I need after the honey badger gun Mack pull my I’d grip I’ve
got a CMC three and a half pound trigger I put a sequence precision lower parts
get in here it’s ambidextrous which is really really awesome
I’ve got the nickel boron arrow precision full carrier group in here
which is really nice with a big nickel boron because you don’t need to clean it
as much not being said you don’t clean it after every time you shoot but it’s
really awesome because it’s super smooth you don’t need a lot of Lube in there my
site I use the vortex Park AR I went with this one because it has an
excellent high relief I really like this one a lot now vortex is really great
they have a really really good warranty so this ever goes out on me all I ever
have to do is call up vortex and they’ll replace at any time it’s got an arrow
precision upper I’ve got a 300 blackout ballistic advantage eight inch barrel
which is awesome because the barrel is made by ballistic advantage which is
sister company to arrow positions which allows me to keep the arrow position up
for going I’ve got a seven-inch lightweight Yankee home machine keymod
handguard I’ve also got the little profile angled for grip by BCM then I’ve
got a fir friends CRD muzzle device get all the parts on a filter here at sea
cuties if you guys are interested in building your own hit us up please make
sure you hit subscribe and stay tuned for more videos thanks

15 thoughts on “Josh’s Custom 300 Blackout AR Pistol

  1. I just took my 7.5" blackout out for the first time today after spending 3 months building it slowly. I used a 49$ 7.5" 1:7 twist barrel from Bear Creek Arsenal. I was hitting a 10" steel plate at 300 yards consistently. Very impressed.

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