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Josh from On Killing | #TBT | Cut

– Who made that tripod? – Oh, nice. Yeah, we use their stuff in the army. They make good stuff. – Uh, sniping, and long range observation. You set your sniper rifle on top of it, get a good, steady shot. (light electronic music) – Yeah. – It was a video about
my time in Afghanistan, my time during the war and
how it was to kill someone. If they mean to do harm
to myself or my family, I’ll do anything I can to
prevent them from doing it. If it means taking their life, fuck ’em. They’ve chosen their path. – No, not in the slightest. I know you personally. You guys ran the edits
by me multiple times. I said what I said and I meant it. Nothing I said during
that interview was a lie. And I just watched my round go right in and just nail him right in his feet. It was just, guts. It was pretty rad. It’s hard to stomach that for some people. It’s hard to swallow it. But, the truth is the truth. What do you want? – Yeah, there definitely
were veterans that posted. And the one I saw that stood out the most was a veteran who said my opinion, what I had said in the video, does not reflect all veterans. Kid was absolutely right. Actually, what I said really doesn’t reflect how I think all the time. There is nothing more manly than watching helicopters fly overhead as you shoot a bunch of dudes. You know, as you’re in
a fuckin’ gun fight. Or shooting a goddamn missile at a person. That’s awesome. There were definitely some
veterans who were like, “Well, could you have been less intense? “Could you have been…” No, I’m not going to change the truth. I had a rad fuckin’ time. I miss every goddamn second of it. The war was awesome. It was so primal and deep almost. They didn’t serve, they weren’t there. They weren’t running through minefields, picking up kids. They weren’t there pulling their buddies, 19 year olds behind cover while they’re bleeding to death. So what the fuck do they know? Fuck ’em. If there was something I would like to rephrase from the first video. I’m not a good Jew. Judaism is one of those religions where killing wasn’t a bad thing. It’s just, they look at it at a realistic standpoint. We’re not a bunch of murderers. I don’t represent Judaism properly. I don’t believe in God. I’ve seen too much bullshit in Afghanistan to believe there’s a higher
power watching over me while a bunch of kids step on landmines. What I meant to say was, when backed into a corner, we’re good at fighting. But the rest was all true. Shooting people was fun, because they weren’t good people. In war, you have to kinda weigh someone else’s life versus
yours or your buddy’s, and live with that feeling
that you’ve killed someone because you have to go home yourself. – Yeah, I think the mindset I had during the time of the first interview has lessened a little bit. Now it’s time to take
the next step forward. I think every veteran should talk. We’re not wounded ducks. Fuckin’ soldiers. After the video got released, I remember meeting up
with vets and be like, “Hey, you’re that guy from that video.” I remember this one kid very specifically, was a marine. He was like, “Yeah, that helped me, “that just helped me and my boys, “all my friends in the
platoon shared the video. “We all love it. “It helps us. “They’re more likely to talk about it now. “To seek help if they need it. “To put the bottle down. “To put the pills down.” – Yeah, definitely. When I came back, it was real hard. My young life was, from 18 to 24, was go and kill and die and kill. So we come back to a society that’s like, “Meh, maybe you’re not
quite right in the head.” Yeah, maybe you’re right. – Oh, without question. When I first got back, motorcycles that would backfire, I’d hit the ground. You’d see trash in the road, swerve out of the way real quick. A lot of drug use. ‘Cause you want to feel
back on that high again. I’ve never felt a better
drug in my entire life than the adrenaline I felt during combat. It felt like ancestors
were inside me, you know. Like you’re doing something that mankind’s been doing ever since we’ve had mankind. – After the first interview I did, I started taking school
a lot more seriously. I’m actually just about to
get my minor in Psychology. The game plan is to go in to get my Bachelor’s in that. Might go into grad school, get my PhD, and help veterans like
myself transition properly. And prevent more suicides. I’ve had friends die
since the first interview. I’ve had friends die. And I don’t want that to happen again. We shouldn’t be dying out here. – Therapy isn’t… Yeah, it is. The reason why therapy is taboo is a lot of us guys are, when we get out, we’re in for treatment. We chose the most
dangerous job you can do, so the last thing any of us need is to go talk to some shrink. But in actuality, that’s
not how this works. You can’t, we can’t be
some stubborn lone wolf and still lead a productive life. Everyone needs help once in a while. That’s why people like me are important. ‘Cause we were infantry, we were there. We’re the ones that we can talk to. So, it’s important for vets to go out and talk to someone, ’cause it’s statistically shown to make you get better. – Yeah, no, I definitely
think there’s (mumbles) Mission 22, is a real good one. Preventing veteran suicide. We have one of the best
support chains on planet Earth. If you think you’re alone, it’s ’cause you’re
making yourself be alone. Your boys are out there.

100 thoughts on “Josh from On Killing | #TBT | Cut

  1. I understand this is his way of expression and if he had not been this way who knows if he would’ve lived through the battles he fought. The older vets have had a lot of TIME post their killings to experience and adapt to a different mindset and morality and that is the bigger challenge in my eyes. Josh is still fresh and young with these objectives of thrill and the dehumanization of the enemy. With more time and experience, I think he will at least present his views in a less extreme way and learn to respect your enemy and humanize the experience, otherwise how can you say you are reaching your true potential as a human. There are vets that can still kill with these softer emotions and display them with more of a rationale than saying “fuck em they’re bad”. There are plenty of philosophies when it comes to war and what is justified. Then again, this is speculation and what my beliefs are. I couldn’t fathom what a veterans life is. Maybe this is the only way to be in order to survive

  2. The one thing I’ve always hated about some of the military, is their blatant disrespect for the civilians. I don’t care what branch you’re in, don’t forget what the military is there for. Its for the civilians. Those “dumb civilians” are what youre suppose to be fighting to protect. That whole “If they didn’t serve, then fuck them”, mentality is toxic. Its ignorance. This guy is acting as if civilians don’t understand what its like to lose people. You don’t have to deploy to know what war feels like. There are war zones right here in America. In fact you’re safer in Iraq than you are in Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore. Ive been jumped, stabbed, shot at, burned with cigs, and on and on. I grew up in Maryland/Washington DC, New York, and PA. Those are some of the worst places anyone could ever live. Taxi’s wont even go to half those neighborhoods. I wasn’t even in any gangs or anything. I was either protecting my own, or in the wrong place wrong time. Managed to get out and move to a better place. Make something of myself, and now happily married with a beautiful family. Don’t act as if only military know death. Thats just down right arrogant, and disrespectful. Those guys in sandals you were shooting at, and killing were civi’s too at one point before America invaded.

  3. Loved the first interview from Josh, he was the only one unapologetic and honest about his experience and the reality of it. Fuck the low IQ cowards who can only accept the pc speech they are used to.

  4. not triggered at all by him not sugarcoating what he really thinks but this man has a sickness. This is not cool nor does the world need more people like him. This is sad and disturbing.

  5. All vets have had different experiences. I have been in combat 4 times and I am fucking nuts

  6. He very sexy only because he's plain old good looking and I love his demeanor. More people should be like him.

  7. I remember towards the end of Infantry OSUT our Chaplain had us sit down in a room. Our whole company, A 1-19, listened to this man talk about people giving up their right to live.

    He used a example, "If a man in a wheelchair is coming at you with a knife.. What do you do?". Obviously some of us said, "Walk away?".

    We continued giving some common answers. The Chaplain looked at us and said, "No, you kill him. He gave up his right to live when he decided to attack you. No matter who it is, they make that choice you end them."

    It's a lesson that has stuck with me. It makes me laugh how our tune changed after that. "Yea you're fucking right" haha

  8. glad this followed up his last interview. The way he spoke in the first made him seem a bit of a dick . wasn't until I watched this I realised he isn't and that it's just the way he comes across from his experience.

    I can see why he misses war also, adrenaline for most people is the best high above anything else. I guess getting shot at and shooting back is as adrenaline packed as it gets.
    Really good video

  9. They should nickname animaljungle, or animalmother hes one bad mother fucker. He just doesn't care who or how tuff you are, he has an order to kill? You are already dead just dont know it

  10. Those soldiers fighting against you are not "bad people", they are the exact same as you. I'm sure it helps to be a sniper so you don't see the people you kill as individuals. I'm sure it helps with life after war to believe that everyone you killed was a bad person. To kill and say it's fun? That's evil.

  11. He says he was in Afghanistan but i wonder if he ever thought about why was he in there. He's saying to the soldiers against them bad guys but not saying why he was fighting thousands of kilometers away in those "bad guys'" home country.

  12. Soo bad.. i feel sorry for this guy. I am really pised off right now. Usa vs Afganistan…. its like 25 yrs guy vs 5yrs old kid… and he loves killing. He should go to doctor to help him if he really think like this. But i think he is lie. He regrets what he did but he lie, or just i want to belive in it bcs WHO CAN LIKE KILLING PEOPLE???!

  13. Unvarnished truth. What more can you ask of a young man who went through hell for his country.

  14. Yall are so retarded, he is saying it that way because it helps his mental health to be in stable level…. Being war veteran doesn't mean that you have to cry and have flashbacks all the time… You can still be a funny person who likes dark humor and jerking off to pretty ladies. smh

  15. With consideration too all the pc crap, this warrior, with his honesty and courage, is a breath of fresh air.

  16. Major respect to this dude. Straight talker and no bs. I’d have him on my side when it hit the fan, that’s for sure.

  17. The Chaos Theory admits that the flappping of an amazon butterfly wings could trigger an Hurricane in North America .By the same token, the elimination of a single human been changes in some way human History.
    If Steve Jobs sirian grand father had been killed before had emigrated to America ….

  18. Only in the battlefield knows the real hell in this fucking war. Wanna see some man woman child die in your very eyes? With fucking landmines, grenades at bullets go serve. The excitement that you feel on movies or games? Thats just all bullshit. War is fucking hell. Fucking hell.

  19. As a civilian, his interviews were a little off-putting but this is the mindset that keeps you alive in the field

  20. I hate when dumbasses like this say dumb shit like they miss war. No one misses war, what we miss is being with our brothers that we were deployed with.
    If you really missed war then why aren't you still in the military dumbass?

  21. He kind of seemed like a macho asshole at first but honestly I agree with him 100% and in the video where they compiled all of the interviews they kind of manipulated it a bit to make him seem more like a dick but I understand where he’s coming from on a lot of it I’ve never served I’m too young still unfortunately but I’ll get there 3 more years

  22. its crazy seeing these white kids talkinging about if they could kill or if they did kill.i live in the US.and as a black man.we live with that every day.but we nutts.when they do it they have some mental problems.nigga we been through all the bs the usa can give and we still strong.if anybody have a fucked up mind its us

  23. I've also served in the army and the best way to avoid depression and the post traumatic things just have a mentality like his when I was deployed in Kabul i left as a different person

  24. You are a disgusting sheeptard murderer who follows others rules and kill people for the rich ppl u think you are "heroes" but you all are dumb as fuck to think u can save anything .And who ar3 you to think some ppl are "bad ppl" bc someone brainwashed your brain to think so? Hey dumb motherfuker everyone is good and bad the same stupid guy u killed believed he was right and good too.

  25. Definitely abuses some type of substances… definitely suffering from PTSD…. Definitely doesn't sleep…..

  26. Josh, you are one honest dude and the most hardcore motherfucker on YouTube. Run for president, I'll vote for you. Josh The Sniper for President, presumably in 2024.

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