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Jon Hamm Gets Close to the Danger Zone Talking Top Gun: Maverick

-I heard that you’re
a big “Star Wars” fan. -I, like most folks
in our generation, am not a big “Star Wars” fan. I’m a huge “Star Wars” fan. -Really?
-Yes. -A giant —
-I was a collector of figurines. I was — I had the poster. My — My wall
in my childhood bedroom, instead of wallpaper —
My mother was very creative. She stapled “Star Wars” sheets
to my wall. -Is that right?
-So not only were there “Star Wars” pictures,
it had a little texture. -That’s a very good tip
right there. -Life hack.
-Welcome back to HGTV, yeah. Here we go.
We have more coming up. No. Wait.
Would you ever consider doing a role or doing a cameo? -The thousands of times
that they’ve asked me to do, I’ve just not —
It’s not worked out. -But would you do, like —
Would you be a stormtrooper? -I mean, is there
a better person to play Hamm Solo than me? -Oh, my gosh.
-It writes itself, Jimmy! -Hamm Solo!
-It writes itself! -It writes itself!
Come on, J.J. -He’s dead! There’s a new guy.
It’s his brother, Hamm. Han and Hamm.
-Han and Hamm. -They look enough alike. -It’s not bad. Come on. [ Applause ] I do want to talk about,
if I can — I don’t even know
if I’m allowed to do this. Because you are in a cool sequel
that I’m freaking out about. You’re in the “Top Gun” sequel. -Yes, I am. Yes, I am. -Is it “Maverick”?
Is that what it’s called? -“Top Gun: Maverick.”
-“Maverick.” This is Tom Cruise coming back.
“Top Gun.” I heard rumors Val Kilmer
in the house. I heard — -We’re all basically
getting on the on-ramp to the highway
to the danger zone. -Wow! Wow, wow.
-So that’s where it’s happening. -You’re getting on the on-ramp.
-We’re ramping very slowly. But once we’re going to be — We’re going to be
on the highway. And the zone will be dangerous.
-I mean, that’s — Honestly, that’s like the
“Star Wars” theme a little bit. When I hear… [ Mumbling lyrics ]
♪ Overdrive ♪ -Forget about it. Everything — -♪ Highway to the danger zone ♪ ♪ I’m gonna take you
right into the danger zone ♪ When that comes on,
I’m gonna go nuts! I mean, this is
going to be fantastic. -All right, well,
we got one ticket sold. -All right, good, no, yeah. I want to talk about this
other big movie you have here. “Richard Jewell.”
-Yes. -Directed by Clint Eastwood.
-Yeah. -Another legend.
-Not so bad. -I mean, he is a cool character.
I mean, I love that guy. -He is a one of a kind.
-He really is. -They don’t make them
like that anymore. -How does he direct? Does he…? -He’s, like —
He’s the most, like — You’d think —
This is what you think when you first walk on set. He’s going to look at you,
and he’s going to stare at you until your face catches on fire
and you want to run away. -Yeah, exactly right. -And instead, he goes, “How’s it goin’?
Hey. Come on over here. What we thought we would do
is one of this and one of those and then maybe you do that. Sound good? Okay.
Whenever you’re ready.” [ Laughter ]
-Really? -And he’s the nicest guy.
He’s the gentlest soul and — -Wow. That’s so fun to be
directed by Clint Eastwood. -And he just doesn’t — You
know, he’s almost 90 years old. He doesn’t waste a lot of time. -No, yeah. Absolutely, yeah. But the Richard Jewell story. I’m trying to remember
if I remember it correctly. -Well, a lot of people
misremember it because, in fact,
when we were shooting, we were shooting it in Atlanta. And for those of you
that don’t know, it’s the story of the man
who found the bomb in Centennial Park in 1996
at the Olympics. -Yeah.
-And he found it. -It was, like, a bag
full of pipe bombs, right? -Yeah, pipe bomb.
And he got everybody away. And he saved a bunch
of people’s lives. The media narrative
that then happened because everybody was in
a rush to judgment and it was in the hometown
of CNN and all these people were
trying to get the story first… was that they decided that,
“Oh, maybe he set the bomb.” But they didn’t have any proof.
-That’s right. -So still to this day,
people think, “Oh, that was the guy
that bombed the Olympics.” And it’s like, “No, no, no.
That’s the guy that saved a bunch of people from the guy
that bombed the Olympics.” The thing that happened
was they ended up catching the guy
that actually did it, but they caught him in 2002. And then 9/11 had happened, and people had kind of
forgotten and moved on. -Who do you play in this?
-I play a terrible person. -Really?
-Yeah, I play — Well, not a terrible —
Misunderstood. -[ Laughs ] That’s another good
way to put a spin on it. -Well-meaning. Well-meaning. No, I play the lead FBI guy who basically ran with
the profile of what he thought was the guilty party
and was totally wrong. -Ah. -So a big part of why this guy
was wrongfully accused.

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  1. Man.. I never saw the whole Top Gun movie, but I loved that Goose guy.. can't wait to see him come ba… what? Why'd you all look away like that?


  2. The new Top Gun is just going to be Tom Cruise sitting in the cockpit of an F-35 for 2 hours saying "f*ckin' thing still won't start" 😄

  3. what a senseless boring shit talk. cant stand this fallon fucker.

    i‘m goin‘ back watchin conan, he‘s funny from nature

  4. He's quite talented. Can't wait to see Richard Jewell. Clint Eastwood knows how to make good movies and release them six or seven months after filming started. Also can't wait to see him team up with Tom Cruise in the next Top Gun. Hopefully he can be in an Indiana Jones or Star Wars.

  5. That soundtrack cut was the intro of roland lommé's movie program in the early 90's in Belgium. One of few programs worth watching on a sunday in those days. It's been a while hasn't it?

  6. Chef: children, what’s the most important thing in the world!
    Cartman: it’s Hamm! isn’t it chef?

    Hot geek alert😍 my favorite!

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