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Joker Director Finally Explains That Last Crucial Scene

Arthur Fleck’s biggest joke just might be
the one he pulled on you. “Ah ha ha ha ha.” Joker director Todd Phillips recently made
a few very interesting comments to the Los Angeles Times about the final scene of the
movie comments that imply a bizarre truth about the story being presented. In case that’s not warning enough, be advised
that major spoilers for Joker lie ahead. Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur is depicted early
and often as having a tenuous grip on reality. The film eventually lets on that it’s not
always clear which events are fantasy and which are reality not to the audience, and
presumably not to Arthur. At the end, Arthur is seen with his psychiatrist
in Arkham State Hospital after he has apparently killed his mother, incited a riot, shot Murray
Franklin on live television, and escaped from police custody with the help of his clown-masked
followers. As the shrink attempts to question him, Arthur
simply laughs, telling her that she wouldn’t get the joke. According to Phillips, it’s this particular
laugh that might hold a clue about the true nature of the story that just unfolded. He explained, “That laugh in that scene is really the only
time he laughs genuinely. There are different laughs in the movie. There is the laugh from Arthur’s affliction
and then there is his fake laugh when he’s trying to be ‘one of the people,’ which is
my favorite laugh. But at the end, when he’s in the room at Arkham
State Hospital, that’s his only genuine laugh in the movie.” Why is that, exactly? Well, perhaps because in the end, the joke
is on us, the audience. Phillips has said that one of the main influences
on his film was The Killing Joke, the acclaimed 1988 graphic novel in which the Joker says
that if he must have a past, he, quote, “[prefers] it to be multiple choice.” The director made a direct allusion to this
dialogue in suggesting that as many fans have speculated Arthur Fleck might not necessarily
be who we think he is. Phillips said, “There are lots of ways you could look at
this movie. You could look at it and go, ‘This is just
one of his multiple-choice stories. None of it happened.’ I don’t want to say what it is. But a lot of people I’ve shown it to have
said, ‘Oh, I get it he’s just made up a story. The whole movie is the joke. It’s this thing this guy in Arkham Asylum
concocted. He might not even be the Joker.'” Phillips went on to state outright that the
man who will become Batman’s nemesis may simply be in the background somewhere, watching all
of these events play out. He said, “Maybe Joaquin’s character inspired the Joker. You don’t really know. His last line in the movie is, ‘You wouldn’t
get it.’ There’s a lot going on in there that’s interesting.” Phoenix himself also explained that Joker
can be seen not so much as a straightforward narrative, but as a series of suggestions. During his own conversation with the Times,
he said, “This movie requires a certain amount of participation
from the audience. It’s up to you how you want to interpret it
and experience it. It’s less you being kind of presented with
the facts than you being presented with these possibilities.” Phillips may have given the whole game away,
however, when he revealed that a face-off with Batman would never be part of his potential
sequel to Joker, saying, “We would never do that. No, no. We’d just want to see where [Arthur] goes
from there.” “Do you see those two worlds merging together
anytime soon? … No. Definitely not.” Taken together with Phillips’ previous remarks,
we’re left with the compelling possibility that Arthur isn’t really the Joker at least,
not the Joker who goes toe-to-toe with Batman. His entire rampage might have taken place
entirely in his head; perhaps he told the story to a fellow Arkham inmate, who told
it to someone else, who passed it along until it was eventually heard by the man who would
become the true Clown Prince of Crime. For now we can’t say for sure, but don’t worry
Phillips told Entertainment Tonight that eventually, he’ll reveal the truth: “One day I will say what we think and what
we meant when we were writing it.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Joker
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100 thoughts on “Joker Director Finally Explains That Last Crucial Scene

  1. It's obvious that scene is him finding it hilarious that he did all of those horrific things, as well as what he's about to do to her.

  2. I watched the movie a few times and whenever there is a imaginary scene you can hear instruments play. For example when ever Jokers is with his "girlfriend", we later come to know that in reality she doesn't even personally know him with the scene when he ends up in her apartment. And that is one of the only scenes when the instruments don't play.
    You should really look into it.

    Eddie bravo

  3. Has anyone thought that apparently there’s 3 jokers so he might be one of the three and there’s 2 more that haven’t come out yet

  4. Arthur is older in the last scene and when the nurse asks him whats the joke the scene cuts into Bruce so i think thats just joker realising that he himself created his own enemy.

  5. Absolutely not. He is beautiful and the joker the people have asked for. He’s obviously insane and we love that. But on a realistic level. He’s truly a psychopath. It was enlightening to see the deterioration of his mind on a level I can communicate with. We need Him

  6. The joke is on us cuz hes making fun of us and we dont know it remember the song I started a joke and the whole world starts crying till the joke is on me

  7. I kinda hope that they don't make a sequel to Joker.

    I feel like making a sequel to this movie would ruin it
    because now, we know how Todd Phillips would suppose
    The Joker would be created today. But in the sequel it would
    just, once again, be Batman fighting The Joker.

    I don't see the point in a sequel to this movie.
    I loved Joker, I think it is a fantastic movie, telling about
    Arthur Fleck, his mental illness, how he fights, how
    he is living in a lie. How he become WHO HE IS!
    I mean it's great. I just hope the film makers doesn't make a

    Also let me just take my time to appreciate
    how well they set up Arthur's dream world. Him being
    in love with Sophie, Zazie Beetz, how he imagined that
    one scene with him being Arthur Fleck and not Joker
    in the crowd, watching "Live with Murray Franklin", getting
    invited down on the stage, and Murray telling him he would
    have wanted Arthur as his son. I mean It's such an amazing
    movie. Just don't make a sequel to the this masterpiece!

    Also BTW, who played the role as the young Penny Fleck in
    Arkham Asylum? I know it's "Arkham State Hospital" in the movie
    but it will forever be Akrham Asylum to me!

  8. I feel sorry for all the people saying that DC finally made a good movie. It must suck not being able to enjoy the great stuff they've been giving us lately.

  9. The joke? I will tell you what the joke is. Since The Joker is super sane, he knows that all of this, all thise story, all those universe are not real. He knows his action have no impact in the real world. He knows he exist just to entertain "his" public. The real joke is that he knows it's not real, but no one in his world would believe him.

  10. Arthur couldn't have imagined that iconic scene of the murder of bruce's parents. That means clowns were real, which means arthur killing the three guys was real. Maybe the "youre horrible murray" thing is made up, and he is in jail only for killing his mother.

  11. This director will fuck up his career if he truly means the Joker movie isn't about that Arthur is and becomes the Joker and Batman's villian.

    We really enjoyed the movie, but if it is not the real Joker then the movie is dead to me and can just vanish from this world so someone else can make the joker origin.

    Arthur really walked like Joker from The Dark Knight, there's also the moment on the murray show before he shoots murray where Joker licks his right lip side strangely with his tongue like Heath did as the joker throughout the movie.

  12. How would he know about Bruce if he was on top of the car? That doesnt make sense! He was no where near the ally. It was a good movie! Dont think it was a dc movie. It was a regular movie with a dc theme to it! Take the dc element out of it, you would have gotten the same reaction!

  13. I think it’s a bad move not having him become the joker in the Batman movies. I’m ok with Batman not being involved in a possible joker sequel. However the opportunity is too grand for Arthur Fleck to not be involved in the sequel to Batman

  14. I like to think Arthur just snapped. That Gary was looking out for him and Arthur didn't want a lose end. That his mother was his real birth mother and he killed her and he killed Murray just because he needed to send a message. I like to think it all happened. But he isn't showing us exactly WHY it happened.

  15. This is the second video on this theory. I disagree with this reaching take on the movie. It wasn’t filmed comic booky, but in the end after all it is a comic book. Jokers psychosis was just that, his psychosis coming out full fledge after he stopped the medication. He even says something along the lines of he’s never felt better after being off his meds. This movie is the perfect introduction to the making of the Joker. Phenomenal film. Let’s not ruin it by digging for gold when we have diamonds in our own back yards people.

  16. There’s no way it was all made up cuz Thomas Wayne was gun downed, and that happens in literally every time he’s mentioned, there definietly are instances where Arthur is misconstrued from reality tho I agree wit that

  17. Jokes on you Jack, true DAT, cause when I came through the door who stepped to me? None, all you haters your gonna met you're maker.

  18. What i believe he meant by "Genuine" was that it was his only laugh that was produced by Arthur truly finding something funny. But the parts where people dont react to Arthur at all, or where Arthur goes completely out of character are the ones that are fake. Like the date scenes with Sophie, obviously fake. The Subway killings, absolutely real. The riots, hard to tell.

  19. I used to love batman but as far as im concern he is the main defender of the wealthy powerful and most important corrupt politician and companies contaminating our food spying on our phones and keeping the poor poorer. Joker may be no hero but surely a relfection of what millions of human beings are suffering due to the inequality between the wealthy and the poor. Fuck the batman and fuck t hy too

  20. let me explain it to you , Joker is not a person nor he has a past or future , joker is an idea ,that's why batman can't get rid of him and everytime we think he dies he comes back ,joker is an idea representing how broken people transform to evil psychotic persons who do crazy stuff because they are just reactng to how crazy the world has become around them. and that the rich people are the culprit ,that's why the joker tells batman that without him he wouldn't exist ,it means as long as there are rich people there will be poor and broken people , and rich people can't be the source of evil like poor people portray them , a hero who helps the people might be a rich guy , and also joker represents that poor people aren't always the victims their situation can make them worse than rich people.

  21. My opinion. It's in the future..
    When he got his mothers file he asked how you got put in that place. The man responded criminals and mentally ill people etc.
    He gave a slight smile.
    In the future(the end scene) he has begun to recruit more of his army and who better than criminals and psychopaths 👊

  22. I think that maybe the ending was in the present day, and everything else was joker fantasizing about what lead him to where he is today (in arkham).
    Think about it, he romanticizes his own origin story but isn't quite sure himself which parts happened, but during the riots he remembers shooting Thomas and Martha Wayne and so considers himself to be the main character of the story, but realising that if he hadn't done it batman wouldn't be around to stop him.
    And so there's a man in arkham who knows the world's funniest joke but doesn't quite know the punchline

  23. What todd is saying is, this movie is one option of how joker became joker. The next movie could be another options. Its a multiple choice right? I need to rewatch again to clearly differentiate the laughs.

  24. I always thaught joker killed Batman's family. What if the clown who killed them in the end is the real afterwards joker who was inspired by Arthur?

  25. I believe Arthur's joker influenced every joker, meaning no joker is the same obviously but others like Arthur have been shown they have potential to become " the joker"

  26. Did everyone miss the background shot of a guy in a clown mask following the Wayne family from the theater into the alley to rob and kill the parents? It happens during the riot scene at the end. That scene right there is key to understanding who Author is in relation to Batman. He is not Batman's Joker. Can't just watch what is going on in the foreground with this movie.

  27. I thought I was going to see the joker past. I saw the life of poor isolated people with conditions. Reality for billions of people. Those who most of time are poor their entire life, alone, or homeless. I watched 2h of how it is to live when you're different, poor, needing medication against depression, and more and more alone, and your presence as your lost is perfectly invisible. I like the theory that the real joker is only at the last scene, and the 2 hours before is a dream to explain what if lonely people became psychopath.

  28. That’s just lazy leaving it up to everyone’s imagination. Great way to make people watch it more than once I guess.

  29. That makes sense, in the Dark Knight, everytime the joker says how he got his scars, it's a different way, like he can't remember and just comes up with a new story about his scars

  30. For me, when he laughed at the end and said "you wouldn't get it", I interpreted it as him genuinely laughing about how his life has turned out and who he's become, as in the joke is his life and "she wouldn't get it" because she hasn't lived it. It also reminded me of a couple of times, as he was getting more violent as the movie progressed, that he said he was realising his life isn't tragic it's just comedy to everyone

  31. 3:50 "One day I will say what we meant."
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the guy who made two sequels to the Hangover isn't going to let this one end with just one movie.

  32. One of the videos i watched stated that the way to tell what's real and what's in Arthur's imagination is the way people react when he laughs because of his condition. In real life people always respond negatively to his condition, while in his fantasies, people's reaction is either neutral or even positive.

  33. The part when he was dilusional is later revealed to be so. There are flashbacks that show him imagining being with his neighbor. So it doesn't make any sense that he imagined other things. The movie would've revealed them as well. The rest of the story was real, not Arthur's imagination.

  34. What is the guy who shot the Wayne’s was the real joker?
    What if in a future Batman movie,
    They would bounce back to the scene in this joker and it shows that guy in the clown mask, shoot the Wayne’s, then he takes off his mask and it’s the real joker.

  35. my mom coming in my room too find me crying while playing minecraft: whats wrong?

    Me and whos bees just got killed by my friend: you wouldnt get it

  36. The only other time Fleck laughs and it seems to be normal and not part of his ptsd is after he shoots muraaay.. I wonder if the director gave us clue here that the shooting was in his head…. hmmm

  37. I felt SO bad for the Joker during this entire movie. the beating up scenes were the worst :(…I just, idk, I’ve experienced it too…

  38. Had this theory myself and I honestly hate it. It would feel like a waste of an amazing performance and origin story to say "Syke, he's not THE Joker, here's a movie about the real Joker"

  39. He's referring to the joke when he was on Murray's show. About the kid and the drunk driver. Cause it cuts to Bruce Wayne in front of his parents . when he talks about the joke she wouldn't get. That's it .

  40. I envisioned him being the real joker. But maybe the clown that killed the Wayne’s? Doesn’t joker kill Bruce’s parents in other joker stories?

  41. He wouldn't see them together because putting a character so established, deep and profound as the joker Todd and Joaquin created in an action movie would be a disgrace.

  42. Going by dates/timelines….The movie takes place in 1981. In the movie Arthur's Mom worked for the Waynes 30 years prior, before being fired. So in the movie depending on if you think Arthur was really adopted or "fathered:" in a Wayne cover up, he could have been born around 1950-1952 or so. In the movie, Bruce Wayne was 9-10 years old in 1981…So if both are meant to be present in today's DC universe, Arthur would be 67-69 years old, and Bruce Wayne would be 47-48 years old. Based on that, I don't think there is anyway you would see Joaquin's Joker appear in the current DC Storyline Movies, and if a sequel is made, it's best to keep this series separate from those canon films.

  43. I would be profoundly upset if he was merely inspiration for an eventual Joker. I hope they don’t go down that route.

  44. I wish I did not listen up to 4:00. Now I will be restless until he reveals that!! Saw the movie already 3x and now I'm having a break just bcs I feel a little embarrased to be so obsessed with it 🤣🤣🤣

  45. but if this whole movie was in the head of Arthur being in arkham asylum, after saying "you won't understand it" then he escapes the room without the doctor making step by step having blood on shoes how is that possible to not to be a fiction?

  46. So basically the themes were meant to spark and inspire based on the images and themes….project toothpick and M13 Nazi scientists win again.

  47. If he’s not the real joker, this would actually ruin the whole movie for me! I loved the message and the critical view of society and how people make other people bad even if they only wanted to fit in! If it’s all in his head or he’s not the real joker, I’d be so disappointed! I’d love to see a new Batman movie with him in it! Starting how he gets out of the Psychiatrie

  48. Joker is better than any Marvel movie 100%, along with the best DC movies like TDK and MoS. The MCU sucks for its two dimensional characters, tonal inconsistency, and for the fact that it’s fundamental quality is its CGI.

    The best of DC is better than the best of Marvel in EVERY SINGLE way. all Marvel has is the success it’s prone to because of Disney’s ability to ruin the film industry by making general audiences hold other movies to the MCU standard.

  49. The movie depicts a me, myself and Irene kind of story where Jim Carey played a role of a nice guy bullied by every scumbag that surrounds him until one day he snaps. Arthur”s case is worse and out comes the Joker for all the hurt becomes a murderer who starts out defending himself and ends up taking out any bully. Delusional due to all the torture and rape of his dignity. A normal child destroyed throughout his life from the very foundation of his mother to the before mentioned. The thing about is it’s a typical story of what bullies of dignity bring out. An unfortunate reality unhinged in greater numbers now a days, forget the 70’s it”s back to haunt us in our days. Enough said

  50. I Know for a fact that everything happened aside his girlfriend being a delusion but I think that the joke at the end is about young Bryce because it shows him thinking about it and it's irony how the rich and the so called super hero were the ones to evolve Arthur to who he slightly is

  51. When i saw it, i thought that 'Arthur' might have inspired one of his followers, or one of his followers kids, to become Batmans nemesis.

  52. I don't know what happened, but I do know that what needs to be kept in mind is although the Joker is crazy, he's also considered a criminal mastermind. Another consideration is this movie is separate from the DC Universe so they can mix up any story lines they want from all the Joker stories, or completely fabricate stuff altogether.

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