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John Ka Bhookamp – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

John, take this your earthquake gun. Wherever you want to bring an earthquake just point it at that place and pull the trigger. The rays will come out of the gun, fall on that place and there will be an earthquake in that area. Got it? Understood, John is not such an illiterate person, Mr. Michael. Aha! What fun it is! It’s different fun altogether of dancing at a wedding function. My lovely people of Furfuri town, stop this dancing and music, quickly tie the knot and go to your houses. Why? Have you come to rob us? Friends, my lovely people of Furfuri town, you will not believe what I am going to say. But I had a dream toady early morning. That where ever Motu- Patlu will go at those places earthquake will happen. And early morning dreams are always true. Oh my lord! I usually dream in the morning that I have found a treasure. But till today my dream has not come true, when will my dream become a reality? Those who want to believe let them believe. I just came here to tell you people as a responsible citizen of Furfuri town, I am leaving, bye! Hey John wait here, I will dance so much today that an earthquake will come in reality. And your dream will come true. The earthquake has come really. Saw the wonder of my thunderous idea of the devilish mind? I will defame Motu and Patlu and get them removed from the town. Friends I was supposed to inaugurate this school. But I want to get this school inaugurated by the hands of Motu and Patlu. Because they have contributed a lot for the betterment of Furfuri town. Now I will request Motu- Patlu to inaugurate this new school by cutting the ribbon. Brothers, today I have seen one more dream, one white shadow cam in my dream and said to me. Where ever Motu and Patlu are there, an earthquake will come at that place and destroy everything. If the people of Furfuri town want to save themselves from the earthquake. They will have to remove them from town. First of all we will remove you from this town. Why are we moving away? I don’t know, quickly cut the ribbon, we will never get such type of an opportunity again. John was telling the truth, where ever Motu and Patlu will be there an earthquake will come there. My school is all broken because of them, remove them from Furfuri town. Or else the entire town of Furfuri town will be destroyed. Chingam, remove Motu and Patlu from this town, it’s an order, I cannot see Furfuri town destroyed. Yes sir. Wait! First let us cut the ribbon. When the school is only not there then what will you do of the ribbon? Beat them, beat up Motu and Patlu and remove them from this town. Patlu, what is all this happening with us? My brain does not work on an empty stomach, do something quickly. Idea! This dream comes to John only we will understand the solution to this problem from him only. But we will have to include the tea vendor in our plan and we will have to take the help of Chingam sir also. Motu Patlu as you had told me on the phone at night, I will do the same. And I will not allow John’s trick to be successful. OK, now start shouting. Motu Patlu both of you came back, go away from here or else there will be an earthquake again. Yes, we have also had a dream that where ever the earthquake will come because of us. There at those places there will also appear gold, silver and cash. This is crap, does someone’s dream ever turn out to be true? Let’s see, this time I will bring so many earthquakes that they will never escape. My shop has broken down because of you, run away. Take this, you keep all this gold, now our dream has also come true. Where ever the earthquake will come. We will find the gold and cash and distribute all the gold and cash among the people. Motu Patlu thank you very much, both of you are very good people. I will make a new shop, come here daily. And bring an earthquake daily, find out gold and cash and keep on giving it to me. Boss, their dream has turned out true. See they have given so many gold coins to the tea vendor and they are going away. I cannot believe this, bring them to our den. I will bring an earthquake there and whatever the gold and cash comes out there, I will only keep it all. Idiots, why have you captured Motu and Patlu in this way? Leave them, they are my friends, citizens of Furfuri town. Number one make some tea and Number two you go and bring some snacks. Motu- Patlu see, can you find out any gold and cash? I have found this. Search, did you find anything? I have found this. What have you done? I am not able to see anything. Motu Patlu this is the gun, using which he brings earthquake. Boss run! The time has come to run from here. Number one, Number two see if any gold and cash is coming out. Boss, keep running or else we will have to go out of this world.

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