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John Bolton In Hot Water – Trump Finds SMOKING GUN

John Bolton In Hot Water – Trump Finds SMOKING
GUN. Many officials have come and gone from the
Trump administration the past few years. None have arguably left with more anger and
frustration than former national security adviser John Bolton. But a newly resurfaced video clip spurred
President Donald Trump to further expose Bolton for having serious credibility issues. The president took to Twitter recently and
shared a video clip of Bolton from August 2019, where the former national security adviser
is discussing Ukraine policy. In the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty interview
clip, Bolton made no mention of any illicit quid pro quo, and acknowledged, as Republicans
have claimed, that combating “corruption” in Ukraine was a “high priority” for the
Trump administration. Bolton also called Trump’s communications
with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “warm and cordial,” without mentioning
any misconduct. “They were very warm and cordial calls,”
Bolton said. “We’re hoping they’ll be able to meet
in Warsaw for a few minutes together, because the success of Ukraine, maintaining its free,
its system of representative government, a free-market economy, a free of corruption,
and dealing with the problems of the Danbass in the Crimea are high priorities here, obviously,
but high priorities for the United States, as well,” Bolton added.
Bolton contradicted assertions in his forthcoming book that Trump explicitly told him he wanted
to tie military aid to Ukraine to an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. Even Zelensky has said publicly that his communications
with Trump involved no pressure for any investigation. Trump found the smoking gun that exposes Bolton
as being a liar and fraud. In his book, Bolton claims Trump refused to
send military aid to Ukraine unless they announced an investigation into the Bidens. But in an interview shortly after the Trump-Zelensky
phone call, Bolton never mentioned quid pro quo or anything about the Bidens. Bolton is back in the news after a cherry-picked
snippet from his upcoming book magically leaked to the media during the middle of the Senate
impeachment trial into Trump. A new book written by Bolton is being reviewed
by the National Security Council, where portions of it were leaked to the New York Times. Deep State Resistance types obviously corrupted
the review process and leaked portions of his upcoming book. It’s also important to remember that Bolton
is also likely still angry with Trump for his public firing and is trying to sell a
book, which lends credence to skeptics who say Bolton is saying whatever he can for attention
and more money.

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