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Jerking & Driving with an Florida CCW…What Would You Do?

Oh My gosh, there is a guy beside me he’s totally playing with his penis. I’ll call 911 Must have been cold outside. Stay tuned to find out how Tiffany survived this vicious My favorite question to ask is why people want to get a concealed carry permit? because I hear stories like this All the time and are extremely scary but really funny So let me start off by saying that this is a true story that recently happened to one of my students She was on the veterans expressway coming home when she looked over and noticed a man Clearly pleasuring himself. I reckon, that fellow right there is a real multitasker. My urine is always this color. This young woman was extremely scared and rightfully so So she decided to call 911. 911. What is your emergency? Hi. There is this guy, he’s beside me and he’s playing with his penis. I need you to send a police. Oh well, lucky you, darling. Description please. He is in his late to early 30s. He’s got a mustache and brown hair. The shaft I need a description of Cockadoodle doo Hey, what are you looking at, buddy? The shaft why does that matter? just send the police it matters every detail is the soldier wearing a helmet? is the man circumcised? I don’t know if he’s circumcised or not I’m gonna need you to take a picture of his junk before we can send the police we need that as evidence, honey we need you to text that to me no. I don’t even want to look at this. This is ridiculous. Are you kidding me? I never kid, ma’am. I’m a 9-1-1 operator But 9-1-1 operator Literally told my student that she had to take a picture of this man pleasing himself Before they would send the police. This is mind-boggling Because I mean you’re not supposed to be holding your phone while driving. Clearly, the police were not gonna help this woman So she decided to try to avoid this, man. She would speed up and this scumbag would speed up She would slow down and he would slow down Then she decided to try to just ignore him well Then this man just started swerving at her. This woman made a lot of really good choices during this altercation But probably the smartest decision that she made was not going home Instead she started doing circles around the Riverview Gibsonton area Until this guy was finished finished following her I mean but that probably happened too Naturally, this woman is attending a concealed weapons permit course in response to this incident. So I naturally Asked what would you have done if you would have had a firearm when this perverted man started acting like this? She said that she would have pointed the gun at this guy in traffic. Now the question is would that be legal according to Florida law? now first We must remember that a firearm is always considered a deadly weapon no matter how we use it. So before this woman would have a right to threaten deadly force, She would also have to have a legal right to use deadly force. Let’s take a look at Florida Statute 776.012 paragraph two Notice how the very first line says to use or to threaten the use of a firearm That means we never have a right to talk about our gun, show our gun, Unless we also have a legal rights to actually pull that trigger and take somebody’s life what I meant to say Is we don’t know what this crack is gonna do right? So because we don’t know when he’s gonna do smoke I was playing bingo. No, no wait Yeah, sure, I showed a woman my penis at about 115 that day You said that. You just said that 10 seconds ago. I didn’t say that sir, you said that you’re trying to put words into my mouth and I’d rather have something else No, not for me

18 thoughts on “Jerking & Driving with an Florida CCW…What Would You Do?

  1. It would probably surprise people of how often that happens! It happened to me when I was in my teens,15. I was on my bicycle and he was in a open doored jeep… jerkin it. I tried riding faster and he followed, it went on a while so to make a long story short I thought I had lost him so I turned on my road, looked up and he was driving right past my parents house!!! I turned into the first driveway I saw, knocked on the door, told the man what was happening, he took me in his home. I felt that man saved my life that day!! The man in the jeep following me ended up stalking me over the next year and a half. He would show up every where I was, it was horrible. I finally told my mom and we went to jax bch police, I picked him out of a line up, and he went to prison for 6 years…. my complaint was not the first (obviously) bit they never had a victim that could ID him. Sorry for the long story, I told part of it already but figured I'd tell the whole thing, because this is the "thing"/ event that led me to carry a firearm daily. Never ever let them see where you live and if they persist following you drive to the nearest police or fire station!!!

  2. OMG LOL At FLPD we had a dispatcher on midnight shift that looked exactly like that. The blonde hair, 5am shadow, and the tat sleeve.

  3. Since when is it against the law to masturbate in your car ? I'm a truck driver and I seen plenty of incidents like this including a woman giving oral sex to a guy including a woman with her left foot on the seat with her legs spread playing with her clit.
    It is not against the law to jerk off If she doesn't like what she seeing then stop looking. don't call 911 was stupid and it's none of her business what an another man is doing in his car .It only became a problem when the guy started following her around and I'm sure she did something to provoke him as well she's not as innocent as you think . This should have been a video about how stupid this woman is and she shouldn't carry a gun until she grows up and grows a brain.

  4. Took your cc class a couple of years ago, had a great time.
    Just found your channel I subscribed to your channel. Informative and entertaining.

  5. "Scared"? driving down i4? MEH . In today's society of people calling 911 for false accusations, +1 for FPD asking for proof, and if it happened the way she claimed there would have been plenty of opportunities to prove it, and put the ding dong (Pun very much intended), behind bars.

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