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Jeremy Renner Claims Firearm He Shot In Home Was Just A ‘Pellet Gun’ – Live News 247

 Jeremy Renner is fighting back against a pal’s claims that he shot a firearm into the ceiling of his home while making a suicidal threat, RadarOnline com can exclusively report.  In a shocking new court filing dated Oct. 25, Renner, 48, claimed his female friend, Lily Faget, was wrong in her claims that he shot a firearm into the ceiling of his home in November 2018 while threatening to “blow his brains out ”  According to the Avengers actor, the weapon in question was a pellet gun – and he also claimed he was not serious about harming himself The terrifying act took place after Faget showed up to his home “intoxicated” and continued to invade his “personal space,” he said  “Fed up, I began to tell her that I felt like nobody was ‘hearing’ me in my life Lily kept talking over me, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and in a dramatic (but stupid) moment, I grabbed a pellet gun I used to scare away the cranes that eat the fish out of my koi pond, and told her that if she would not listen to me, I might as well ‘blow my brains out,’” Renner claimed in the new documents  He further added that in “no way” was this act a “serious threat.”  The court filing is a part of an ongoing bitter custody battle between the Hollywood actor and his ex-wife, Sonni Pancheco The two are seeking full physical and legal custody of their daughter, Ava, 6. Currently, the parents share joint legal and physical custody  Renner further claimed in the new filing that even his estranged wife should know he often speaks in “hyperbole ”  He added that the dramatic act was to “get rid” of Faget, who he described as “so intoxicated that she could barely stand ”  “Unfortunately, it appears that Lily was simply too drunk to recognize (a) that the ‘gun’ she believed she saw was not a firearm; and (b) even that did not encourage her to leave!”  Renner alerted the judge in the custody filing that he has since gotten rid of the pellet gun and the action “will not be repeated ”  As Radar readers know, Renner’s nanny, Naomi Moore, claimed to have witnessed the aftermath of the gun incident on November 15, 2018  “My first instinct was not to move any closer as [Renner] appeared very drunk and had a gun in his hand,” the nanny claimed in previous court records  Renner also claimed in court documents that the former nanny was also making false accusations and alleged that Moore was let go after stealing his daughter’s dogs  The next hearing in the nasty case is scheduled for November 7, where Renner and Pacheco’s competing requests to modify child custody are expected to be discussed

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