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  1. Actually, I called the makers of the game. They said its technically not cheating, it just defeats the spirit of the game.

  2. New game idea. Jenga wars.

    Two towers two teams. Each team has either a red or blue block situated at the top.
    The object of the game is to use the parts from your own building to knock down your enemies tower buy shooting them at your enemy. If your coloured block falls you lose.

    Can be played by 4 people with 4 towers perpendicular to each other. Once two towers have been knocked down the final two grab what remaining blocks they have and stack them across each other for a final round.

  3. I hope he realizes you're supposed to put the next piece up on the top of the tower instead of leaving them laying around.

  4. A four-person game of jenga, each player has a pistol like this one. However, they don't just have to successfully remove a block, the block also has to strike a specifically placed target for points. Top and bottom of the tower are easier to shoot, but more difficult to bullseye with. Most points when the tower falls, wins, unless it's the person in the lead since they could intentionally topple it to secure their own win. [They would be 2nd place if that occurs. Keeps them careful.]

    Soon as I finish my current project, I think I'll make a few of these and record an explanation vid.

  5. My wife came across this video on her facebook and loves the idea. She said I have to build one for her even though neither of us play the game. She now knows that you are my new hero since Norm Abrams.

  6. For those of you who commented. " can we get da instructions plz"
    Search Jenna pistol build. You'll be surprised at the search results!!

  7. Hi congratulations on your contributions so interestig, I am a follower of your videos but I suffer a lot because many do not understand English please let will implement a traslator, congratulations again….. Carefully Luis Alberto, Medellin Colombia

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