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Jeep Wrangler Condition Zero Pistol Mount (2007-2018 JK 4 Door) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from and this
is my review and installation of the Condition Zero Pistol Mount fitting all 2007 and up
JKs. There is a version of this for both the passenger
side and the driver side, so you can get whichever one you are more comfortable with. Today we are going to talk through the installation
of this mount, which is a very simple one out of three wrench installation. This bolts directly onto your seat brackets
using all of the factory hardware, making this very easy to install. We’re also going to talk about the construction
and a few of the features of this mount. If you carry your firearm with you on a daily
basis, whether it be on an inside the waistband or an outside of the waistband holster, it
can be a little bit uncomfortable to sit in the driver seat of your Jeep with your gun
on your waist. It can also be a little bit difficult to get
to your pistol especially if you carry it in a location behind you. So having this mount in place will give you
a place to put your pistol where it’s not on your person, that’s very easy to get to,
but also out of the way. This is an incredibly well built mount that
will fit directly in your Jeep without any sort of major modification, and it includes
the holster, giving you really the complete package. As far as the construction goes, this is a
steel mount that’s covered in a textured black powder coat finish, it is welded and pretty
solid. Obviously you don’t need a ton of strength
to just hold your pistol in place, but this is going to be more than strong enough even
if you get in and out of the Jeep, you bump the mount a couple of times, it’s not going
to go anywhere. Again, this is available for both the driver
side and the passenger side of your center console. On the passenger side it’ll give you, as the
driver, a little bit more leg room and still fairly easy to access, but if you’d rather
have your pistol a little bit closer to you, the driver side mount is available as well. Both are gonna mount directly onto that factory
seat bracket and use those factory seat mounting bolts, so this installation again is going
to be very, very simple. This also does come with a fabric holster,
if you wanted to fix your own holster to this bracket, you can very easily do so. This is simply a metal plate that you could
drill into or clip any other holster onto if you choose to. However, again this comes with a holster which
will make it really easy, and it does have a velcro and snap retention strap right up
on the top, keeping everything nice and secure for you but also easy to access. They also provide this carrying bag here to
put over the top of your holster when you’re not using it. If you wanna keep it hidden, keep it out of
sight and keep it out of mind. This mount does seem to be a pretty good deal
in my opinion. Again, it is built very well, it installs
very easily, and it puts your pistol at a very easy to access location. It comes with a holster ready to use right
out of the box. So for under $120 I think it’s a pretty good
deal. If you were going to make some sort of bracket
that would bolt right into place, you’re gonna have a few hours of R&D into this, and if
you wanna drill your holster into your center console for an easy to access location, of
course you’re going to be doing some permanent modification, which this does not require. So all in all I think this is a very good
product at a very good price. As I said before, as far as the installation
goes, this is a very simple one out of three wrenches. This whole installation will take you less
than an hour, and you won’t need any specialty tools, just a socket set. First step is to remove the front bolt in
the seat, using an 18mm socket, remove the front bolt. Next step, we’re gonna take the provided Velcro
we’re gonna attach it to the mount to attach the holder. We will then attach the mount on this side. So we wanna attach that right about there. And then same goes for the other side. Once we have that on we can go ahead and attach
this there. Wrap these sections around there and now you’re
ready to install it in the Jeep. Now that we have the pistol holder attached
to the mount, we’re gonna go ahead and install it in the Jeep. The front hole is gonna reuse the stock bolt. Condition Zero provides you hardware for the
rear. Start off by reinstalling the front bolt,
and using the provided 1/2 inch hardware, place a washer on the bolt, insert the bolt
into the hole. And then we’re gonna go underneath with another
washer and a nut. Using a 1/2 inch socket, and a 1/2 inch wrench,
tighten the bolt. Using the 18mm, go ahead and tighten the front
bolt. Congratulations, you’ve now completed the
install of the Condition Zero Pistol Mount.

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