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  1. It's fun to watch left-handers shoot with off-set scopes, haha.  Just giving you a hard time Ian,  Thanks for the video.

  2. I missed your "field" videos. RIA is great, but sometimes you just want to see those actions real time. Nice video.

  3. Aren't Japanese WW2 guns considered junk in just general? …just every Nambu and "Woodpecker" review I have seen and read all say the are unreliable and not very accurate.

  4. "Hey, Karl! I need you to walk out in front of the rifle so we can show the viewers how the reticle works. Nah, it's t-o-t-a-l-l-y unloaded!" 😎

  5. Ian, what is your opinion on the comfort/ergonomics of shooting the type 97 left handed?  See that the rifle scope is off set probably for right hander.

  6. Another interesting piece would be the fusil automatique m1917 French semi automatic rifle. Doubt the French will let you play with it, but im pretty sure the US military weapons museum place has one surviving rifle there. Really neat. First semi auto rifle fielded by a world power.

  7. What type of camo pants are you wearing? I may be wearing the same type, at least the camo pattern is similar. :^D

  8. Excellent video, I like how you actually feed it properly from the magazine not just dropping it into the chamber and shutting the bolt (which has been the bane of many extractors over the years).

  9. Ian, what was the deal with WWII-era optics being so small? Was it a cost saving measure, or were the manufacturing processes not advanced enough to make larger lenses?

  10. I was interested to know about the rocking block pistol from the last video. But the comments have been disabled.?

  11. 6.5×50 Arisaka, from my research, is ballistically similar to 6.5 Grendel. Due to the extremely long barrel of the Type 38/97 though, something like 30-32", it produces enough velocity to be more of a weak rifle round rather than a strong intermediate cartridge. If you were to chop a 38/97 barrel down to 15-20", like the barrel length of the Federov Avtomat, it would then be weak enough to be considered an intermediate cartridge rather than a rifle cartridge.

    Hang on, I just looked it up to be doubly sure that I wasn't incorrect, and it turns out I was; it would appear that 6.5 Arisaka is actually WEAKER than 6.5 Grendel.

    6.5 Arisaka: 139gr going 2500 ft/s from a 31.5" barrel, or 2145 ft/s from a 20" barrel

    6.5 Grendel: 130gr going 2510 ft/s from a 24" barrel.

    So, with a 130gr bullet, Grendel is roughly the same weight/size bullet going almost the exact same velocity through a 24" barrel, while the Arisaka needs a 31.5" barrel. Meanwhile the Federov Avtomat with its 20" barrel is FAR weaker than a 6.5 Grendel firearm with a 24" barrel. Over 350 ft/s slower while the barrel is only 4"  shorter. To put that into better perspective; the SKS-45 with its 20" barrel has a velocity of about 2400 ft/s with M43 while the AKM/AK-47 with its 16" or 16.5" barrel has about 2,350 ft/s velocity with the same ammo. 3.5" difference in barrel length, with only 50-100 ft/s different in velocity it would seem.

    No doubting it now; if the Federov Avtomat isn't the first assault rifle ever made, it's certainly ONE of the first. Probably the first mechanically successful and relatively mass produced (weren't a few thousand made?) assault rifles.

  12. Ian, thanks for doing these vid's !!! Have a Type 99 myself purchased at a local
    gun shop by my Dad and given to me as a birthday gift in HS. Folks often do not
    appreciate how fun these guns can be, unfortunately.

  13. I wonder what the crosshair on the optic looks like … all ive been able to find is the one use in the game red orchestra rising storm game but im not sure if its all that accurate to the real thing :/

  14. Would be nice to see some shots with the camera 20 or 30 meters away to get an idea of the muzzle flash. Up close it looks like there's almost none.

  15. Can you find repros WITH adjustable scopes?
    Not historically accurate but not having any way to adjust it is a serious design flaw.

  16. Why is it that a Nation of rifleman cannot manipulate a bolt action rifle correctly with their thumb and fore finger ?instead of this bubba bloody use of the palm of their hand etc ,no wonder this country is going to shit

  17. Can you track the ww2 era guns to if and where they were used in combat? That's amazing if thoes guns made it off thoes shitty islands.

  18. (Decided to write this on a Japanese related arms video so I understand if you don't see this comment.)  You guy(s) should try and get your hands on the Japanese Type-100 sub-machine gun.

  19. love using this rifle in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm.

    by the way the type 97 is basically a type 38 with a scope

  20. Would it be possible to find out how the factory originally sited these weapons and replicate? Or even a shim or a very good machinist. Thanks again for the video

  21. Ahhh, yah… that reticle…one of the biggest sources of confusion for players of Rising Storm… (combined with the Type 99 reticle, which I really do not like)…

  22. G'day,

    Yay Team ?

    Just(ifiably?) sayin', when ye be spruikin' aboot "US Forces confronting and defeating Imperial Japanese Snipers…" ; ye be referring to AmeriKan Successes occurring AT LEAST a Full Year after the partially-trained Australian Militia Troops stopped the Japanese on the Kakoda Trail ("The Golden Staircase"), in 1942.

    Please, thou must strive HARDER to constrain thy (inbred) Yanqui Tendancies, towards "Overclaiming" !


    Ciao !

  23. If it was the Japanese who mismatched them it would explain many stories of Marines where they remarked at such terrible accuracy of many Japanese snipers, even though they were so skilled at field-craft like camouflage and patience. Could it be as simple as when these were being delivered some officer ordered all the scopes be removed and packed separately, they distributed again as they came out the box?

  24. just like my grandpa said both 38,and 99 rounds have a nasty tummble affect after 100mm ther like a high powerd ak47 mixed with a, ak74

  25. look my grandpa never lied but just like the 5.56 and the 22cal the types 38 surplus round had a 75 chance of tumbling it was not made to tumble it was only realized by GI'S who brought them back as the
    loot but then realized the round worked very good as a hunting round that's why a lot of Arasaka where sporterized and used for hunting. But my people didn't notice the effect of the T38 's round Intel after the war. but it is very different from the T99 's round the t99 s round is much the same size as 30.06 it's a heavy round made for smashing threw was and killing men behind them just like the 30.06

  26. Hey Ian, when you retract the bolt it doesn't seem to eject the empty brass itself and you are doing it manually. Is that a built in feature for Arisaka snipers?

    Also how come you are holding that hot brass so comfortably right after shooting?

  27. I'm thinking the vertical range line is canted to correct for ballistic drift due to the spin of the projectile, not because of sight parallax. Consider that the sight is what, three inches off bore and is boresighted at 300 yards. That means the difference between line of sight and line of flight will only be off by the same three inches, in the opposite direction, at 600 yards. That equates to the thickness of the reticle line being used to aim the weapon.

  28. want to know why most of the scopes are mismatched?
    My grandfather almost got killed by one of these in WWII in the Philippines.
    He brought the rifle back as a souvenir, they did not let him bring the scope into the country.

  29. Sniper is the person who fires the sniper rifle…. Hurts to keep hearing the word crime over and over again… Oh and we Finns used trees for sniping all the time in WW2.

  30. I believe I read in the book Guadalcanal Diary how the long Japanese .25 caliber rifles were so hard to spot since they made hardly any smoke or muzzle flashes when fired and that gave the Japanese a tremendous advantage in jungle fighting.

  31. Basically all WW1 and WW2 rifles were capable of being used as sniper rifles, like the German Mauser 98K, the American M1 Garand and Springfield 1903, the Japanese Type 38 Arisaka, the British Lee-Enfield or Russian Mosin–Nagant. They all still emphasized great accuracy over long distances and, apart from the M1 Garand, were all bolt-action rifles with a low rate of fire. Essentially all you had to do was mount a scope, adjust it and you had a quite decent sniper rifle.

  32. 当時の日本の職人技術の一端を紹介して下さり とてもありがとうござます

  33. Are you firing one round at a time to save the brass or are you having feeding problems like TFB TV did with their run and gun video?

  34. How to tell when you are using a Japanese rifle: you police your brass like a Stasi Agent. Shame since it is so lovely a bullet and much more practical than most.

  35. I found a buried Type 97 today ( I live on the Island of Saipan). Very corroded-no stock-but very cool still has the monopod

  36. I actually have a type 99 or type 97 but no scope or mono pod and i have yet to be able to shoot it because i have no amo for it. And does yours have the ground of Japanese markings on the top of the receiver?

  37. I have seen type 38 carbines (own one), type 44 carbines, and type 97 snipers on the market… but hardly any standard type 38 long rifles… why? It remains a mystery to me!

  38. my grandfather told me when he was a kid they used to sell airsakas by the barreload, for like 5-10cents apiece. he said everyone thought they were junk so they didnt want em

  39. My God…The perfect sniper rifle…I've noticed the design echos the look of a K98k Mauser with a MN 91/30 PU optic….Beautiful and deadly…Just recently I was at a local gun store and thought a saw this or an Arisaka on a rack. I think Ill take a closer look very soon. You guys rock! Thank You!

  40. Most of these probably ended up on the Asian mainland where the vast majority of their army was. There are probably some still in attics in the USA today.

  41. Non-adjustable scope, eh? So if the ammunition design is changed at the manufacturing level, or even if subsequent lots of ammunition don't shoot to the same point of aim, suddenly all your snipers have rifles that are no longer zeroed. As soon as the last batch of ammunition is used up, that's it. Genius.

  42. Nice. I could see why the military hierarchy wanted them zeroed at the factory and with no adjustments on the scope. That means less training required for the end users, and much less chance of the scopes becoming off due to being adjusted in the field. I wonder how well it returns to zero when removed and reattached a lot. Certainly the low mag optic is a good idea, and the reticle looks easy to use. Great video as always. Thank you

  43. I think they very badly need to begin to manufacture reproduction WWI/WWII bolt action rifles. Uberti has done it with all the black powder and spaghetti western revolvers and lever repeaters. Airsoft manufacturers have indeed beautifully recreated many WWII bolt action rifles to shoot airsoft BBs, often using real wood and metal. Find a current manufacturer of bolt-action centerfire rifles and I think you'd be good to go.

  44. the bolts were pulled out and thrown in a pile most people that brought one back would have just picked up anything that fits….. a captured one with matching numbers is a good find and even a few notches a letter from the soldier even better

  45. hey ian, I have a standard type 38 carbine but it has a turn down bolt. As far as I know the type38 carbines only had straight bolts. the rifle appears to be original (stock, markings, bluing, etc) so its not a sporter. did the japanese sometimes put turn down bolts on the carbines?

  46. Could Japanese snipers deal with flamethrower infantry? What were the chances of doing headshots or shooting the cylinder pack on their backs?

  47. Uncle Ralph had basic Japanese rifle war trophy. I was 12, and he said the average Japanese soldier was not much taller than me, and that rifle was about as tall as me. I do remember the markings and chrysanthemum on it. The rear sights were fold. type with rather large folding sides. And the bolt cycled as smooth as this one in video. Battle rifles of this era– no joke, true man hunters.

  48. Wait why the hell so many comments down here love to compared the US Marine 1907 Springfield with the Japanese rifles? Marine mostly fights using m1 garand and Thompson smg, never bolt action rifle.

  49. I'll never know if the one my father brought home from Saipan had matching serial numbers. He gave it to my older brother after which it was removed from his procession by the local constabulary. I received the early production type 14, 8mm pistol with 1 matched # and one un-matched magazine, the hard leather case and associated accoutrements for wearing and cleaning. Excellent video. Narragansett Bay

  50. Ian, can you please tell me if the open sights are a 'V' notch or a type of aperture as I have T38's with both types.

  51. Why is there not a web site for buy/sell/trade on the scopes ? Just finding the match and swapping scopes would be worth a road trip !

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