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Jacinda Ardern on US gun laws: ‘I do not understand the United States’

Over 110 mass shootings in the
United States since 1982. Even President Obama couldn’t
do that in the United States after the massacre of
children at Sandy Hook. –You can draw a line
and say that that does not mean that
you need access to military-style, semi-automatic
weapons and assault rifles. You do not. And New Zealand has by and large
absolutely agreed with that position. Australia experienced a massacre
and changed their laws. New Zealand had its experience
and changed its laws. To be honest with you, I do not
understand the United States.

100 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern on US gun laws: ‘I do not understand the United States’

  1. wow, so sad to see so much hate directed at these two brave and beautiful transgender women for merely having a rational discussion on how to make america safe for everybody

  2. Allow me to educate her from the teachings of Thomas Jefferson, one of our country's founding fathers:

    "Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

    “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.”

    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

    “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

    Here are some other quotes further illustrating our views in the United States:

    "As the Founding Fathers knew well, a government that does not trust its honest, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens with the means of self-defense is not itself worthy of trust. Laws disarming honest citizens proclaim that the government is the master, not the servant, of the people."
    — Jeff Snyder

    "One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms."
    — Constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story

    "Strict gun laws are about as effective as strict drug laws…It pains me to say this, but the NRA seems to be right: The cities and states that have the toughest gun laws have the most murder and mayhem."
    — Mike Royko, Chicago Tribune

    That last quote says it all. The highest murder rates in the United States, are all in cities that have the most strict gun control laws. Why? Because criminals don't follow laws, hence why they are criminals! The only people who don't have guns in these strict cities are the law abiding citizens who become helpless victims to the armed criminals.

    Class dismissed.

  3. All these salty right-wing conservatives from American commenting. Majority of New Zealanders support her.

  4. That's because you're a stupid, ignorant, insane child. The second amendment protects the first and all the others. New Zealand is a nation of slaves.

  5. What is so difficult to understand?! Selling weapons gives the weapon industries bucks. I mean the US is currently engaged in wars within atleast 7 different countries. For our weapon companies, Wars = $_$. Even president Eisenhower predicted this almost 60 years back!

  6. It sad that this happens but until the world law enforcement can stop the gun smuggling worldwide it won't stop and for us that get our guns legally and have the right to bear arms to protect our families and home, we will not stand for our rights to be taken. Mine will have to be taken from my cold hand!!! I AM SORRY BUT IT IS MY LEGAL RIGHT!!!

  7. The United States doesn't understand you either Jacinda. You are using the actions of one criminal to ban the freedom of speech and freedom to own guns from millions of law abiding people that have done nothing wrong.

  8. This so called woman, is creepy and unattractive. She could eat an apple through a picket fence.

    Edit: Look at all the triggered authoritarians comments below. Bwaaaahhhaaaahaaaaahhaaaa

  9. Yes Jacinda, call out their bad laws about weapons but don't forget to call out the people that cause the most suffering in the world.

  10. That's ok because we Kiwis have trouble understanding our twitty over grown Uni student that is supposed to be our PM….the one that wasn't actually voted in, she was gifted the position by another party.

  11. Now Jacinda is using the 'Christchurch Call' to supposedly combat violent live streaming. But we all know that it will be a political weapon of the Left to suppress Conservative speech and thought. These events happen in small steps, so that the public are controlled over a longer period of time. Much like the frog in the pot of water analogy.

  12. A true display of ignorance right here. Well prime minister here in America we have this thing called the constitution. Written on that constitution is a set of Inalienable rights. the 2nd amendment. “A well regulated militia, being necessary for security of the free state, the right to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” I do not understand anyone who can’t comprehend what “shall not be infringed” means… so yeah… that’s the way things work here in America and that’s why you live in New Zealand…. you may do that to your people, but here in America it doesn’t really work like that… sorry!

  13. New Zealand do you have an open border policy? Or do you have a selection / qualification system? If not open border keep your nose out of other countries policies.

  14. Y'all are hating but u know shes right. 15 school shootings so far this year in America, explain that. You can not stand up for americas gun laws because its disgusting people are dying left right and center. Shes simply saying, Australia and New Zealand did it after having one big mass shooting yet Americas had thousands, how come they haven't taken any action?

  15. why won't you silly Americans give up your free speech and your guns which might prevent further erosion of your liberty…so silly and unenlightened.

  16. Anybody that still think gun control is the answer to the gun violence problem does not see the BIG picture!
    GUN CONTROL LEADS TO CONFISCATION. CONFISCATION OFTEN LEADS TO DEMOCIDE. DEMOCIDE MEANS THE GOVERNMENT KILLS THOUSANDS, PROBABLY MILLIONS OF IT'S OWN CITIZENS, PROBABLY MORE OF US THAN DIED IN ALL OF THE WARS! The number will make our gun crime look mighty small by comparison! If you don't think it can happen here, you must have your head buried in the sand!!! Check out recent history! (I think Hellary has had her own democide going for quite a while now).

  17. Clueless! America has a democracy and a 2nd Amendment to protect it's citizens from dictators that cater to lobbyists.

  18. 60-100 million armed militant civilians. I think Jacinda understands just fine. Hashtag what'reyagonnadoaboutit?

  19. Jacinta or placenta, says we don't need military styled assault rifles. My 2nd amendment is a right, not a need. Whether I need to own it or not, is irrelevant. In America our constitution grants us powers that she doesn't have in a Monarchy with a queen dictator as her unelected head of state. We don't play that "privilege granted, taken away BS game" . Our constitution says "We the People" are the kings and queens, and our elected politicians are public servants. I don't have to ask the government for permission to own a gun, because I am the government. If you grew up under the monarchy or one of the queen's satellites, our form of government is going to sound alien to you. It's why Jacinda is so shocked that our government can't ban our guns. She comes from a world where the government is all powerful and does what it wants, while the people are subjects that have no rights, just privileges.

  20. She’s right you know. We need access to fully automatic machine guns and other fun stuff. Repeal the NFA.

    Shame such a beautiful country is run by another globalist liberal shill.

  21. I want to publicly apologise to all Americans for our an unintelligent misguided over educated uninformed prime minister who knows nothing about a constitution who hates freedom of speech and is part of politicians for New World Order.
    The US Constitution was written after a tyrannical government use military force to push the ideologies and a response the civilian public use military force to gain their freedom and at the time all Firearms where weapons of war.

  22. Haha when I clicked this video, I knew there must be so many dislikes… so many deluded people that defend gun laws, even after all that has happened 🙁

  23. So Jacinda Arden goes after terrorists by censoring right wing politics on the internet and restricting gun ownership for Kiwis. This clueless woman will now get a Nobel peace prize for stupidity

  24. If arming civilians makes people safer, America would be the safest place in the world, In fact the exact opposite is true!

  25. NZ Jacky is such a lying ZOG skank. The vast majority of gun violence in the USA takes place in dumbocrap controlled gun-confiscated zones, where only the police and the criminals have weapons – and that's a fact.

  26. I find it ironic that politicians are protected by firearms as is the country yet the notion of self defense with a firearm within the country is lost.

  27. what a ugly dog her understanding of democracy is change whatever law you want without asking the people.its a dictatorship via 30 people.

  28. One maniac commits a massacre and everyone loses their freedom? We will not let criminals and insane maniacs decide our freedoms. If you play that game, you'll end up living in a police state with no freedoms.

  29. Guns aren't the problem im America. It's their stupid gun-"culture". There're countries were people can have guns, but they don't kill each other every day.

  30. What about the weapon you clearly have been concealing in your jockey strap, Jake, or did you remember to tuck it away today?

  31. New Zealanders don't have a culture of hatred. I have been to that wonderful nation and loved every second of it. I wonder if the mass migration of people to New Zealand who actively supported Apartheid in South Africa has anything to do with it?

  32. The Queen told her to take the guns. She gets her orders from the Queen through once a week phone conversations, and so does Trudeau and the Aussie puppet.

  33. isnt it wonderful that NewZealand has a un-married mother as its leader who prioritizes double-figure gun deaths over triple figure road deaths, NZTA and car owners kill more people a year with their poor roading and driving than gun owners………just think about that.

  34. The reason there hasnt been another mass shooting in Australia is because Howard the war criminal isn't in power. But his political influence lives on in this aussie fella in NZ. Must be a carefree job being a politician especially when you're not susceptible to your own decision making.

  35. No Ardern, you wouldn't understand the right to self-defense. Might as well surrender and let criminals do as they please.

  36. I have spoken to a few New Zealanders and they don’t support any of the restrictions you have applied Jacinda, your crime rate was approximately 0.7% that is one of the lowest in the world and was with people having access to assault rifles, semi automatic rifles, and in some select cases “fully automatic firearms” so tell me why are you spending roughly $500,000,00+ at 0.7% when you know dang well your country can’t afford that when there is much needed funding for schools, teachers, police force, hospitals etc, I think that money could be better spent somewhere else than throwing it at buying back guns you never owned in the first place

  37. I do agree that America has got a lot of guns, however America does not have a gun problem they have more criminals than New Zealand and Australia, the population of America far exceeds Australia and New Zealand, how many of those approximate 350,000,000 people in the USA are criminals or gangs etc??? I bet there is a lot…the fact of the matter is there are to many factors at play to simply say “America has a gun problem” I keep hearing that all the time in my opinion get a new idea folks….it’s starting to get old now…

  38. All I understand about the United States is that it’s a country full of thick-headed people who have no common sense.

  39. That's rich, especially coming from someone who's main military service rifle is made in the U.S.! Seriously, look up Lewis Machine and Tool out of Milan, Illinois.

  40. Let’s be clear New Zelanders didn’t “agree” or vote on anything. They rammed it down their throats and ironically it will be enforced by the barrel of a gun. The hubris of this woman is disgusting.

  41. As a Canadian I want to know why you need to do a book ban (Jordan Peterson 12 Rules of life) but yet Mein Kampf is available, and yet you want to protect your country from white supremacists . You pass laws base on a emotions and criminalize the NZ populous for a crime committed by a foreigner and use gestapo style seizures when NZ citizens don't comply with the new ban. And for some reason Jacinda can't tell the difference between milspec and sporting AR styles rifles. I do not understand New Zealand!

  42. Dictators draw lines and trample rights and ignore reality like-
    Australia since the "gun ban"
    1997 – Richmond, Tasmania, 5 dead by stabbing (June 28)
    1999 – Wollongong shooting with 1 dead & 9 injured
    1999 – Snowtown murders, 12 dead, four perpetrators believed justice by torturing "pedophilers"
    1999 – Adelaide, Australia, 3 dead 2 wounded by shooting (8 October)
    2000 – Childers Palace Backpackers fire, 15 dead
    2000 – Millewa State Forest Murders (3 shot)
    2002 – Melbourne, Victoria, 2 dead 5 wounded by shooting. (21 October)
    2002 – Monash Uni shooting 2 dead & 5 injured
    2002 – Cabramatta wedding shooting, 7 shot.
    2002 – Monash Uni shooting, 7 shot, 2 killed.
    2003 – Brisbane, Australia 3 dead by strangulation.(22 April)
    2003 – Wilberforce, New South Wales, 4 dead by stabbing. (Sept 15)
    2003 – Greenacre shooting, 2 killed after ONE HUNDRED ROUNDS fired into a house.
    2005 – Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 4 dead by shooting (March 20)
    2006 – Errol Graham Hayes, 4 dead by fire
    2007 – Melbourne CBD shooting, 3 shot, 1 killed.
    2009 – Churchill Fire, 10 dead
    2009 – Victorian Bushfires arsonists (Black Saturday) with 173? dead & 414 injured (400 bushfires but only some may have been arson)
    2009 – Lin family murders 5 dead, blunt instrument
    2010 – Roxburgh Park (3+himself dead, shooting, family)
    2011 – Quaker's Hill Nursing Home Fire, 11 dead
    2011 – Hectorville Siege (3 dead, shot, dispute over neighbour's dog)
    2014 – Lockhart massacre, 4+himself dead by shooting
    2014 – Rozelle, New South Wales, 3 dead 2 wounded by arson. (Sept 4)
    2014 – Wedderburn shootings, 3+0 dead by shooting
    2014 – Sydney hostage crisis, Lindt Chocolate Café, 3 dead, 4 non fatal injuries
    2014 – Hunt family murders (4+himself, family, shot)
    2014 – Cairns massacre, 8 dead children, 1 self inflicted injury by shooting
    2015 – Toowoomba (3 dead, shot – RE-VERIFY THIS)
    2015 – Hermidale triple murder (3 shot dead)
    2015 – Biddeston shooting, 3 killed.
    2016 – Sydney family of 4 gassed to death
    2016 – Port Lincoln shooting, 5 killed.
    2016 – Ingleburn shooting (with a banned AK-47), 4 shot, 2 killed.
    2016 – Banksia Grove shooting, 3 shot, 2 killed.
    2016 – Bankstown shooting, 3 shot, 1 killed.
    2016 – Westfield Hornsby, 4 shot.
    2017 – January Melbourne car attack. (car into thirty pedestrians on a footpath, killing six, 30 wounded)

  43. Well excuse me you Freemason, Clinton foundation secret donater…what was it last year? 13mil of NZ taxpayer money under the counter? Freaking globalist piece of s**t…..NZ did NOT ''absolutely agree'' it was a dictatorship style forced ban. Jacinda… How bout you talk about some very real topics such as your time working for Tony Blair? Why was Hilary Clinton really visiting last year? What the heck was John Podesta doing there? Please tell us more about your game. It would be enlightening, but not somewhat unexpected.

  44. You don’t understand United States because United States is like 10-15 times way bigger than New Zealand it has millions of people. I couldn’t understand either but I do now the reason is because no matter if the gun laws change there will still be lots and lots of guns out there being used there is just way too many people and USA is too big for that law to come in not only that there is the Mexico border which is a big factor into why gun laws can’t change. Jacinda is only prime minister of a tiny little dot on the world map if she was president of USA think of all the issues they have. It sucks but that’s the reality.

  45. The US has a population of 360 million and New Zealand is the size of 1 state, Americans have an inalienable right to bear arms and protect themselves against criminals or a tyrannical government, hunting and sport.

  46. As a Kiwi living in Australia, I’m am flummoxed with the response New Zealand’s prime minister has taken.

  47. I’ve just had a thought, if Australia were to be invaded, who would be our front line to defend us? Our force of 50 000?

  48. Maybe Ardern should make it illegal to breathe oxygen, then all the bad people will die? Make sense? I think she is about as fickle as most voters in the western world. I'm not from the US, though it's very obvious why the founding fathers of that country added 'the right to bear arms', within their constitution. It essentially forms the last bastion for the population of a corrupt and failed state. Having said, as to why there wasn't an uprising on 22 Nov 63 is anyones guess. I can only surmise that most people were too lazy.

  49. Yep, so Ardern has classed automatic shot guns for duck shooting as military weapons, and now want's all guns registered, fail in most country's and 5 year gun registrations, how much is this going to cost Jacinda? and the gun owners had no say! sounds like typical leader ignorance again. Oh Jacinda can you sort all the military guns in gang hands as now they outstrip Police and licensed gun holders! As your slogan at the moment on guns is " Make NZ safe" as we say in New Zealand " Yeah Nah"

  50. The United States doesn't change it's laws because those changes wouldn't help anyone but the criminals. If anything, we need less laws, not more, so that regular people can be armed and stop the maniacs. In the US every year, there are hundreds of thousands of examples of firearms being used for defense, often with no deaths. This is just the numbers the US law enforcement agencies were able to confirm. It easily could be more.
    Compare just what we can prove to the thousands of people killed by firearms and the logical conclusion is guns save more innocent lives than they take in the US.

    That's despite the restrictions on carrying guns in the US. I suspect more lives would be saved if people could actually fight back against a rampaging lunatic.

  51. I live in a land where guns are banned and women prance in late night minis fancy free. Seems like the American dream is heading EAST.

  52. americans have violence gun blood thirst engrained deep in their culture and their blood. and the nra and arms companies are behind it and the billions $$$ they make off of the ignorant violent savage consumerism driven american people

  53. In 1776 we left the tyrannical British government. It is hard to understand since you have no free speech and rights to arms, but worship kings and queens.

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