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IWI’s Glock Killer? Masada Striker Fire Pistol [Review]

– The IWI MASADA coming up. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Johnny
with The source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. I got a fun one for ya
today, it’s the MASADA. It’s a new offering from IWI. I’m gonna tell you all about it. I’ll show it to ya up close and I’ll get it out to the range. Now if it’s your first time here, we always put a ton of stuff down below for you to check out including a link that goes over to our website. Now if you’re already on the website, look up above and down
below, you know the drill. There’s a lot more stuff in
there for you to check out, and hopefully make you a better shooter. Now full disclosure, I’m a big fan of IWI, especially their Jericho. It’s one of my all time favorites, but the Jericho is big and heavy and that’s where this one comes in. It’s the new MASADA and
it’s a striker-fired, polymer framed duty weapon
(steel clacks) and it’s chambered in 9mm. It’s the first striker-fired
pistol from IWI and I think they’ve made a big splash with this one considering
all the features. Now normally we don’t talk a ton about specs and numbers but since this is a new offering,
(gun bangs) the MASADA really is comparable in size and weight to the GLOCK 19. It has about a four inch barrel and overall it is three
habanero peppers long. All the controls are fully ambidextrous and the learning curve is negligible. It made sense in my hands immediately. It sports a Picatinny rail and it has a removable back-strap. Sights are a three dot system. Now, I’m not sure if they
are steel or aluminum, but they’re sturdy and the sight picture, in the words of Bubbles, is decent. Now overall, the branding really is clean. I know that looks don’t matter,
but I think it looks sharp. What it comes with is two
17 round steel magazines and three different
back-straps to choose from. It also comes with a terrible box. It’s flimsy and to put it
bluntly, I hate it. (laughs) Now this is where it gets interesting. Right outta the box the MASADA
approaches Gucci status, (gun bangs)
or at least in the ballpark. The slide has front and rear serrations for all you press checkers, and more importantly, it’s optics ready. The slide is already cut and it comes with a pack of plates to
accept all the major Red Dots. So, all of you Instagram
gunners, you’re all set. Now when the MASADA rumors hit last year, the price was gonna be in
the mid 600s and it really had none of the extras.
(gun bangs) Now fast forward to today, and I know I’m sounding
like a salesman here but it really is the truth, the model has slide
serrations, back-straps, and it’s already cut for an optic, and it comes in at an
affordable $480 retail. All right, let’s get out to the range. For this test I took it outta the box and I just started mag dumping. I did 500 rounds down
the pipe of what else, (steel clacks)
Blazer Brass. My experience really was solid. For reliability I’ve
got nothing to report. Every round fed, every round fired, I had zero problems, and
this wasn’t a surprise as I had heard talk from
industry guys that IWI had put a metric boatload
of rounds through it and supposedly the R&D was extensive. So, we knew that the gun would run. The worst that I could
say about my range time is that the slide did
not lock back every time, but that could be the new springs. Towards the end of my test the slide did start locking back almost every time. We’ll see what happens down the road over the next 5 or 600 rounds. Now accuracy wise it did fine. It took me a few mags
(steel clinks) to get comfortable but the end of my first range trip I was able to ping
torso steel like a champ from distances between 7 and 25 yards. Ergonomics are solid.
(gun bangs) The bore access is low
to mitigate some snap and the grip angle is solid. The over-sized trigger guard
has a solid place of purchase for your hands and I simply
think it feels great. Now, some of you may have already noticed that so far I have shown
you two different frames. I got an early pre-production model and the trigger guard has an angle to it, but the production frame
that I’m showing you here has a flat front trigger guard for the American weapon like market. Now so to be clear, the flat guard is the
production model for America. And for what it’s worth, I do like it better
than the Israeli model. Now overall, I absolutely
like this firearm. Here’s why. First, it’s easy to maintain. Just turn the takedown lever
then dry fire the trigger and the slide comes right
off for easy cleaning. Second, I do like the grip. It’s not super aggressive
but it’s got enough bite that I don’t think most folks
will go the stippling route. And the changeable back-straps allow me to dial it in just the way that I like. Now third, I like that you don’t have to do a ton of stuff to it. Slap on a Red Dot and
your favorite flashlight and you’re ready to go on day one. Finally, it has the IWI name on it. Their reputation
(steel clinks) through the years has been solid and it’s pretty cool that they
have an EDC offering today. Plus it’s really cool to have something a little bit different in my arsenal. Now this one is not positive or negative. For me it’s kinda in the
middle; it’s the trigger. I’ve heard other guys
say really good things about this trigger
(trigger clicks) and that the break is good. I do agree with that. Solid break, but I think I need a little more practice with it. I had some trouble with the reset. I couldn’t get it back far
enough every single time. Again, I just need to practice. Now here’s my concerns. Since this was just an intro test I don’t have a bunch of negatives, but here’s two things to consider. First, as with any new gun
(steel clinks) we need a ton more data on the MASADA. We need more gun reviewers
and regular shooters and all y’all to get
millions of rounds downrange. So let’s give it few months and see what folks are gonna say about it. Now second, and this is
probably less important, is that awful box. Again, I got an early release so we’ll see what the point
of purchase looks like down the road, but as of right now, I love what comes in the box
but I hate the box itself. And that’s my question
of the day for you guys. How important is packaging for you? Let me know down below. Leave a comment. I will read every single one of them. Do you expect guns to come, maybe in a package that you’re gonna reuse over and over, or do you simply look at
it as a throw away box, just give me the firearm? Again, leave us a comment down below. Overall I had a blast with the MASADA. It does get a big thumbs up from me. Really is a solid gun, especially on day one
and at that price point. On behalf of the entire Pew
Pew Tactical team, I’m Johnny. We’ll see ya soon. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “IWI’s Glock Killer? Masada Striker Fire Pistol [Review]

  1. I don’t care if the gun comes in a paper bag😁 to many of the gun channels spend way to much time talking about the box, boring😝

  2. PewPewTactical Do red dots co witness with the factory sights or do you have to put in suppressor high sights?

  3. The boxes are to file to the round file cabinet if it comes in a case plus plus keep it for trips to the gun smith or long term storage. But I think they should have a case TSA approved but that would raise their prices on a good firearm maybe a good holster to go with the cheap box.

  4. I have to get it to the range. Because I'm an instructor, I need a good HARD box. Just my preference. Thanks for the review. From DirectCenter Precision (DCP)

  5. I rather it come in a cheap box, keep the cost of the gun in just that, the gun. The rest of the packaging only adds to the cost and most of us just stash them in the attic or throw them out.

  6. Seems like a great gun.  As far as the box goes, considering the feature set and price point, I don't care if it comes in a paper bag.

  7. I have no issues with the packaging. I prefer to use soft cases that I can select to match to my personal tastes. Happy to see that IWI is in touch with the firearms community and introducing a feature rich ultra reliable pistol at a very reasonable price. Lately all we have been seeing are Gucci style pistols at high price points. Looks like IWI will be laughing all the way to the bank! Great job on the review.

  8. If it will save me money, you can put it in a paper bag. I never look at the boxes again after the initial purchase.

  9. Package not important to me. I save the box for possible later trading but usually, once my firearms comes out of their original package, it really doesn't go back anyway. They go in a case.

  10. Glock is going to be long here after we're gone. I just bought a new G5 Glock 26 and can't go wrong with Glock. However this new gun is nice, just think they could have named it something other than Masada… What does that mean anyway??

  11. I like the steel mags idea, but how much are they? And can you completely service this gun yourself with a 32s punch or a ball point pen? If not, my Glocks aren't going anywhere.

  12. S&W and Ruger have gone to using cardboard boxes as well. I don't use the boxes so I don't mind. I just care about the gun.

  13. It is not better than a Glock, your not going to discount the Glocks almost 40 year history with police and military because a new plinker comes out. From what I see it resembles a Canik more than a Glock, and nobody is trading a G17 for one of those.

  14. Packaging isn't a deal breaker to me but it definitely does make a difference. I prefer well thought out and useful packaging for the money spent on a firearm.


  16. I've purchased guns from up $2700 that came in cardboard boxes and others at lower prices, that came in nice cases. I have all of the cases and boxes stored in my garage. Packaging seems to only matter if you choose to sell it in the future. And since most have no intention of selling a gun they just purchased, it may be a "none issue".

  17. I think if a company is gonna skinmp on. I'd rather it be the box. and not skimping on the Firearm. like the sights. hint. hint Glock. lol.

  18. Yea, the box sucks but for $480, it doesn’t bother me that much. I really enjoyed shooting and reviewing it. Thanks for another well done and informative video!

  19. I say any handgun should come in some sort of lockable box even if the box is plastic and you have to get your own lock to lock it up with but I also think the cost or price of the gun should dictate the quality of the box it's sold in, I mean hell a $285.00 dollar NAA pug comes in a all metal lockable box!!!! A Charter Arms "Chic lady" .38spl revolver comes in a lock box too but its covered in faux pink gator skin!! And that's another gun that's probably in the high two to three hundred range!!

  20. I love IWI but this looks like something made by Taurus… I kinda like Taurus but I'm also a big Glock fan. Will this be a Glock killer? I doubt it, but it seems to be a pretty cool gun ☺👍

  21. Glock killa? Never even heard of this model. But, Ok. Good luck with that. How many of these have sold in comparison to Glock? Exactly. Mic drop, bitch.

  22. And what gun company did Israel steal the design from this time??

    I refuse to buy any firearm from that country….all cheap knock-offs

  23. The cheap packaging may very well be one of the things that helps IWI offer that attractive price. I will take an attractive price of an attractive box.

  24. Nothing wrong with a throwaway box! Springfield overdid it with those briefcases they give with some of their guns. Please spare me the expense!

  25. Since the Taurus TX22 came out first, I'll call it the Taurus TX9.
    Mag cut out
    Trigger guard
    Mag release

  26. I know it's price falling from the $600's to the $400's has to do with other things….but maybe one of the reasons for the cheap cardboardy box was to help keep the gun's price down?

  27. Wooooo I have held the gun but have not fired it. Feels good in hand but waiting for more reviews before i take the plunge. The box is of little concern to me so no worries there. For its price point its feature rich so on the surface i see the distinction of Glock killer but i really dislike that term cuz seriously Glock is going nowhere.

  28. Calling every new polymer handgun a "Glock killer" is starting to get obnoxious however I would still disagree with others who think how new competition doesn't touch Glock. Just look at the market share Glock used to have 2 decades ago compared to today. While IWI is probably not the right company to challenge Glock, others like Smith and Wesson, Ruger, CZ, Sig, Walther and few others are definitely taking market that used to belong to Glock.

  29. The crappy box means nothing to me. My guns live in a safe and go to the range in a range bag. My two Les Baer 1911's came in cardboard boxes too, and they're well over $2k each. I got to fondle a Masada at the local shop and I really liked the trigger feel as far as take-up, creep, and break, but admittedly I didn't check the reset. Next time. The price is certainly a motivator.

  30. The box is very important to me, and I prefer polymer, because I store my pistols in the box. Polymer is more durable and efficient than cardboard.

  31. Box, shmox, tossed my golck boxs as it is too bulky and takes uo too much room. If it ain't in a holster it is in the safe, and if it is going to the range i have a padded bag for that anyways …..

  32. Another glock killer ……..nope sry heard this one 1,000,000 times before and guess who is still on top you guessed it glock,when another pistol can go 500,000 rounds and a year in the ocean (yes thats true there are many 300,000+ round glocks out there) maybe ill buy it

  33. A local dealer has one, I got to handle it in the showroom (but not fire it). I like the way it felt. I would like to see some sort of plastic case for the pistol that is usable for carry to the range.

  34. Most of my pistols live in the factory box, on the shelf in the "vault". It does matter to me a fair bit; I want a decent plastic box with good latches. Tristar (CZ clones) have some of the nicest boxes on the market, oddly enough.
    Glock and CZ cases are OK.

  35. Prefer a hardcase with handle for taking to the gun range but the box is not why I am purchasing and would not influence my decision

  36. I want to trash a trashy cardboard box. Then again, if you ever decide to trade or sell, original boxes are more bank. Uggh


  38. I really don't care about the box. I only save the plastic cases/boxes in case I sell the firearm. I'm really interested in the Masada. I have mainly CZs, HKs, Berettas and Sigs. As I understand it, per IWI, the Masada sights are compatible with Sig sights – same dovetails, same combat sight picture. Makes sense since it is a combat handgun. Seriously considering buying one.

  39. I prefer to get a moulded plastic box with a lock point. When I get these, I keep the gun in the box for storage and travel. When I get crappy cardboard, I keep the box put away for possible resale someday, but I buy a real case or use a small range bag. I do like me some factory plastic boxes.

  40. 1990 glock dominated polymer Stryker fire guns 2000 the same 2005 the same 2010 the same after that xD s come out then the shield then pt 111 g2s then beretta make a Stryker poly gun the sig makes a poly stryker and army adopts it. My point damn near everybody now makes a poly Stryker now days. This isnt the 90s. It's really a matter of time before people start to see these guns are good as glock or in some cases better. Heck if the price is right on alot of these guns pds might start giving some smaller makers contracts.

  41. Definitely prefer a hard plastic case to store it at the very least. With a price at ~$400+ it seems like an intro handgun to a first-time buyer. At least a hard plastic case (as with many guns on the market) can be locked until a respectable gun safe can be purchased. Definitely will wonder what is put out down the road.

  42. I don't care about the boxes that the guns come in they just sit out in the garage in case I decide I want to sell the gun at some point in the future I'll have the box to sell it with. Other than that they really don't matter. The Smith and Wesson MNP box and some of them are pretty pitiful also.

  43. Keep the cost down!! Two of my favorite handguns came in terrible cardboard boxes. The proof is in the performance! Also, not everyone has a budget for elite handguns. The most popular pistols are under $700. I don't care if you carry a hi point- CARRY where legal( It pains me as a veteran that some Americans are NOT free!)

  44. In Israel we throw the box away and put the weapon to use. But if you want to spend more money for a pretty box we can charge accordingly… I prefer to buy ammo with money saved. בהצלחה

  45. anyone who has bought guns legally knows that keeping the box and liturature with the gun increases the value of the gun when reselling it. I guess the crappy box is a way to keep costs down but it also instantly devalues the gun.

  46. Can folks stop this dumb shit glock killer let's recap- The fn 509 glock killer the canik Turkish glock killer 😖

  47. My Sig 226 came in a card board box 30 years ago too. It never went back in there. Love the look and quality of this weapon. The two hesitant issues I have and it isn't a negative on the pistol but the same on all new weapons;

    1. Needs some time out the lab.

    2. Looks typical of many current striker fired weapons.

    Great review and can't wait to test one of these at my local range.

  48. You were great. Loved the review. Newbie here. Have purchased the new mossberg & the CD p10 F. Both of which I’m proud to own. Have an eye on this new Masada. It will probably be added to my collection. It’s most impressive. Thank You for its review. T.F.

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