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IWB Holsters – Inside the Waistband Holsters

Are you looking for a holster that is comfortable,
concealable and durable? I’m Sean with Concealed Carry Training Videos. In this episode I will
be discussing important factors to consider when looking at purchasing a concealed carry holster.
First, it is important to know what types of holsters are on the market.
There are holsters meant for your pocket, shoulder, ankle, purse or bag and also for
your thigh or waist. It all comes down to how you prefer carrying the holster on your
body. The type of holsters we will be discussing
is the Inside The Waistband holster. Let’s dive into the world of waistline carry,
better known as the Inside the Waistband holster or IWB holster.
An IWB holster, when worn correctly, will easily conceal your firearm.
To wear an IWB holster, first slip it inside your waistband between your pants and underwear,
with the shell facing outward. Many IWB holsters contain clips that attach
to your belt supporting the weight of your gun.
When worn correctly, your firearms grip will protrude from the top of your pants allowing
for easy access when drawing. Cover the entire gun by draping your shirt
or tucking it over your firearm. If someone mentions to you that you are printing
or flagging, it means they can see the outline of your firearm underneath your clothing.
Adjust your clothing or holster assuring your firearm is concealed.
A common position to carry your IWB holster is at the 4:30 position, which is located
just above your back right pocket. However, the position you carry is personal preference.
Some people prefer to appendix carry located at the front of the waist.
Others prefer to cross draw, which requires crossing your body with your dominant hand
to access your gun. Different holsters are designed to be worn
differently. Get a feel for whats comfortable and practical for both your lifestyle and your body
type. If you don’t find your holster to be comfortable,
you won’t wear it. It’s going to end up collecting dust instead of protecting you in a defensive
situation. Look for an IWB holster with wings on either
side. This design allows your firearm’s weight
to be dispersed across the entire holster base, which adds to the holsters comfort factor.
The wings are also designed to be flexible and will conform to your body.
Another comfort factor is the backing of the holster.
The backing is the material that will rest against your side. You will want to make sure
the backing is as soft as possible to avoid irritation.
Another important factor with any IWB Holster is safety. Your holster should be a safe place
to store your firearm. To assure your firearm is secure, purchase
a holster with adjustable retention. Custom retention can be achieved in several
ways depending on the holster. The most secure holsters allow the retention
to be adjusted with the turn of a few screws. The tighter the screws the tighter the retention. Also, avoid holsters that require being carried
off from your body. This includes purse holsters and bag holsters.
It’s much easier for an attacker to nab your gun if it is located in
a bag or purse. Instead, opt for a holster that can be carried on your person
You always want your firearm to be within arms reach, which is another reason why waistline
carry is your safest bet. To get the optimal amount of comfort and concealment
from your holster, you will want something that can be customized to your lifestyle.
Thanks to modern advancements within the holster industry, you can find holsters with the ability
to be adjusted to a specific cant or angle and preferred ride height.
Another important factor when looking at holsters is quality. Quality is what makes
it worth buying in the first place. Any holster should be able to withstand decades of daily use
without breakage. The best holster companies in the industry
stand by their products, offering lifetime warranties that cover the breakdown or degradation
of materials over time. Keep these factors in mind the next time you’re
in the market for a comfortable and concealable holster.
Thank you for watching this episode of concealed carry training videos. For more information
on concealed carry holsters visit If you liked our video be sure to subscribe
to the official channel for Alien Gear Holsters.

45 thoughts on “IWB Holsters – Inside the Waistband Holsters

  1. The holster you showed, is it made to be carried at the 6 O'clock position? That position is my personal preference.

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  3. I had the CT2.0 and now I have the 3.0 and it's by far the most comfortable holster I've ever tried. So good in fact I've let a few people try it and now 5 of my friends and family have them after wearing mine.

  4. What degree cant would you guys recommend for 3-4 o'clock IWB carry? 10 or 15 degree? Cause these aren't that cheap, and I want it custom made… But I don't have any holsters to try…

  5. OMGOSH. I ordered my holster 1-15-16 and got it today, 1-25-16. Pretty fast. Took a while to get it on the first time. I wear slacks everyday. so far so good.

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  7. I just got my 3.0 IWB in the mail yesterday and I had to call today because it didn't come with the J clips or the leather boots that were ordered. then I realize I didn't get extra washers but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to I'm not going to call again because I don't want to seem like I'm scheming, but I'm liking the holster so far.

  8. I received my cloak tuck within 3 days of ordering , great job Alien gear with shipping , Wow what a great holster , I have worn it now for 3 days carrying all day including working , the holster is so comfortable I forget its there , I paid 34.00 out the door and shipped , couldnt be more satisfied , thumbs up Alien gear . now it comes down to how long the holster will hold up . I did order steel clips but it came with plastic , no big deal though .

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  15. 1791 makes a ridiculously awesome multi-fit IWB SCH (smooth concealment holster) and it works soooo well with a full size Springfield XD9 and a p228. I haven't tried it with anything else but, for what it's worth, the packaging "says" it works for Cz's, Glocks 17 – 32, S&W – shield, m&p and mp9 plus Springfield xd's and a few Sig variants. For the price (44.99 in ATL GA) you can't beat it. Great quality, I think it comes with a lifetime warranty as well….

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