100 thoughts on “Israeli Urban Warfare

  1. Sooooo they are trained to go kill innocent people in Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. and fully supported by America ?

  2. collateral damage is the predictable result of liberal smear tactics. collateral damage is what the leftists want to inflict, then claim to have a solution. Leftists and sociopathic despots are always looking to control, not to share power, prosperity and peace. They view conflict as a successful way to "live". They need to be opposed, history proves it.

  3. Daha duvardan atliyamiyonuz amk
    Bizimkiler size dugme bile diker🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  4. The practice of "mouseholing" from house to house to avoid moving on streets was first developed by the Canadian Army fighting in Ortona, Italy in Dec 1943.

  5. Booby traps: wait to kill IDF soldiers
    IDF: invents new way to urban combat to avoid them
    Booby traps: "am I a joke to you?"

  6. Modern day technology and the middle east towns are brivk rock n caves with dirt roads? And palistine cant build their own isreal? As thry make western places look 3rd world shit holes

  7. a training that seems more propaganda for media consumption, unrealistic scenarios, and although they are directed specifically against Arab cities, we must remember that the aggressor is always Israel, hence his training focuses on the occupation not on the defense of cities Israelites, nobody believes the story of self-defense, now the world knows that the terrorist is the Israeli army.

  8. And Lebanon still kicked their butts. It takes no talent to attack civilians. They have yet won against a real military.

  9. Isn´t "walking through walls" a technic for progression applied since ww2 within the urbans conflicts suchs as Stalingrado?

  10. How Irony how you change words the Invidas are they Terrorist.. you are invading there country what we have to called you? Good guys after killing there families??


  12. I support israeli forces..
    They are doing good job at keeping the terrorists pigs away from their country

  13. IDF is a terrorist organization ,they only attack the helpless and weak , go fight your enemies in Syria Iran Iraq Turkey ect ., and stop getting the US soldiers to steal your land

  14. I wonder how many people were removed from their homes so Israelis could have their urban training grounds… 🤔

  15. They came to Palestinian home town and now call them terrorist and kill them , hah the great rich friend of USA , like Saudi Arabia

  16. As a former Recon USMC, I can understand the focus of their Urban Warfare Training. Even when I was deployed in Irak, Afghanistan and Africa, one must adapt to a new terrain and enemy's tactics. Those booby traps, IED's and snipers are a freaking nightmare. SEMPER FI!!!

  17. 2ionist juice

    Did you see his failed attempt at climbing the wall… his diaper must have been heavy with manure🤣

  18. 7:30 Poor guy was hoping the journalist could have given him a lift. Nevertheless, only the Israelis could have come up with this awesome idea!

  19. The IDF are pussies and rely solely on overwhelming force and a "qualitative military edge" thanks to the USA…..put them in a fair fight and watch them run.

  20. It doesn’t matter what nation are carrying out urban warfare exercises it always looks uncoordinated and ineffective, perhaps we should get Hollywood actors and filmmakers to do it, they never seem ineffective, and hardly take casualties.
    No disrespect to the Israeli military but they look like they were kitted out during WWII, something I found surprising to say the least.

  21. Are there also arabs in the israeli army?!

    You cannot annex the westbank, but let all arabs out of military service.

  22. Pathetic.
    Even with all those resources they look like jokers.
    Come on khazars, you can do better

  23. Any young person from any country that wants to become a professional soldier should  join IDF, they are world recognized and will appreciate your service.

  24. "Urban warfare" more like "infiltrate civilians homes drag them out and call them terrorists". We see this Hezbollahs soldiers yet the only ones who actually fight are not them but grandmas and women in the streets throwing stones. Where are these models of Hezbollahs soldiers who the Israeli keep on showing us patrolling the streets of Israel when it comes to fighting? The reality is the pictures of Hezbollah militia are simply models in camo and face coverings in order to keep the boogyman going keep the threat going keep the oppression going. Israelis think they are pretty tough fighting with an armed civilians in their homes.

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