Is the Trident the Best Weapon in Minecraft?

Alright, so there are a few more things worth covering in the new snapshot including But not limited to the Trident basically being the greatest weapon of all time in Minecraft But we’ll get back to that in just a moment We’ll start off with something else you might remember in the first video I did on this snapshot if you encounter like an underwater ravine Which generates now with magma blocks in it it starts creating these bubbles But those bubbles push you downwards on the other hand if you have soul sand that you place underwater It’ll create upwards bubbles And it’s really cool because you can make elevators with it so I made this little glass column thing I’ve got some soul sand in here We’ll replace the bottom with soul sand and then we’ll go ahead and take the water and we’ll place it at the top of this thing and you’ll notice when it hits the bottom creates bubbles except they go in the opposite direction I got signs here. Just to prevent this from going up. Also the water seems to disappear, so that’s the thing… [Laughs] Uhhh. I’m not sure if that’s a glitch or not, but I wasn’t expecting that bit Okay, so water right there. Oh, there’s Wow okay up? We go folks so just a minor little visual glitch that we’ve got going on there perhaps Part of like an intent to (Um) make you able to create (like) aquariums Because that’s something you can do is if you put water in (like) a glass container you put fish in it And you could make an aquarium with live swimming fish now that those exist, but this is a bit strange I’m sure it’ll be fixed at some point but still you see the bubbles difference between these the magma blocks obviously being that these go upwards and dang, dude That’s a pretty sweet elevator isn’t it?
You could put this in your base and just dang use it to go up different floors? No need for Pistons anymore And that’s quick, right? You can also do a boat. Remember the old days of Minecraft alpha when you could like, Do boat elevators and stuff? Well here we go you can do boat elevators now once again! Just using the this whole Sam pretty cool, huh? alright, well OH Okey Dokey That’s a thing too. Wait so if I if I disembark Does the boat go fly? No I was a one-time- No wait now! Nah! it’s doing stuff! Okay Right! So if I sit in you, will you do that? Cause that be pretty fantastic. Wait wait? It’s going a little bit It’s going you want to launch me up. That’d be fun. No, I guess that’s just when it’s unmanned. Weee! Wait can I get in you though when you fly up like that hold on I wonder if I time it let’s see Okay, wait for it wait dang it. I’m just trying to get I’m trying to spam my right-click so the one that goes up I’ll get the I’ll get the click on it Won’t let me. Oh well. It was worth a try okay, so elevators with soul sand the bottom bubbles go up pretty cool, right So now let’s get back over to the Trident which last time around I missed the new enchantments That came along with this snapshot that you can apply to the Trident, so we’ve got impaling which increases the damage of the Trident So if it wasn’t already powerful enough now Yeah, more power loyalty, which is really cool because you no longer have to retrieve your Trident anymore Which it existed when I was doing last time just running and retrieving it see a loyalty which tends to that and then you also Have Riptide which launches you in the direction that you throw the Trident, so it’s basically these three things We’re gonna apply them really quickly and it’s gonna make the Trident the greatest thing of all time We probably need the Trident in our inventory as well, so here we go Let’s apply these in an anvil as you normally would we’ll do impaling five then we’ll do Loyalty three we’ll do Riptide three might as well. Just make it the best trying that we possibly can So switch over into survival. Just so we can see the full effect of everything so when you throw the Trident Loyalty now, ropes it back to you with a real cool animation right and then Riptide If you stand in water of any depth just as long as you’re in water, and you throw the thing whoop oh god I need to land back in the water. I’m gonna be in trouble And then wherever the Trident lands once it lands. It’ll a it’ll rope back to you wherever that it there We go look at the boat. Just fly it up now. It’s really cool. Okay, so you might be thinking wait wait There’s that a little dangerous you fly way up in the air Well you can do a real cool thing right you pair it up with an Electra All right, and now when you’re up in the air You just a light through your way, and it’s like an electro launcher And then the thing will land wherever it is and you can recover it and then boot back into your inventory isn’t this amazing It’s not only the damage component of it. It’s like all the other stuff, and then we’ve also got the spawn spiders Just put a few down here real quick switch back into creative mode and see how quick we can make work of these uh These spiders that we place down. They can’t even get close to us. It’s just crazy. It’s like the it’s like the ultimate creeper killing device too Because boom you just toss it the creeper from long distance boom comes back to you Throw it at the spider again comes back to you – it kills on everyone with impaling five I totally missed him, but that’s not a big deal because it comes right back oh My god. It is the best thing ever and then you yeah You want to do you want to do some stuff like that just toss your way over there And then it comes back and boom not really all that practical to do this thing But if you need to make a quick escape right and you do that and then it’ll come back and it lands I wish I could have made the trident. Oh my god. It actually got close to landing on the spider How dope would that be just do the do the up in the air toss hold on I gotta try it I gotta try it Okay, this straight up in the air toss. Good will it land on him will it land on that’s it Hold on wait for it wait for it wait for it No it will not Whoops, so if you combine this though with the new potion that I also didn’t cover last time the potion of the turtle Master you can do some really cool like underwater damage and whatnot so new potion right you need An awkward potion as a basis usually got a heavy blaze powder, and if you throw the turtle shell into here That’s the new item that’s made with the five little like turtle thing we do hacker is that they drop? when they go from baby to adult turtle So you can combine that and you’ll get the potion of the turtle master And then you can also throw the glowstone dust in in order to raise it to The next level you know, and I’ll show you the difference between the two levels So here’s the first one you got slowness for but you also got resistance for it, so you’re like wait Why would I purposefully apply a slowness potion to myself that doesn’t make any sense? Then one’s upgraded to the next level Yes, the slowness does actually increase. It goes goes as long as six, but you also get resistance six which Basically makes you invulnerable so if you want to fight like a boss you can kind of just stay stationary and Fight it that way because resistance six is going to make you just (like) unkillable Pretty much, but what you can also do is you can utilize the Trident? Riptide in order to be able to do like movement underwater, so say you want to like conquer a guardian Temple something like that so I’m gonna spawn a bunch of Guardians underwater, right all right So you wanna conquer a guardian temple, but you also don’t want to take a bunch of damage from it, okay? So let’s go back into survival here uhh Boom and We’ll go ahead and take the upgraded potion of the turtle master because why not now I’m real slow but I also got resistance six and I can utilize Riptide and Move around that way in order to basically pummel everything So I want to go down lower right all right cool. Triton is just gonna. Take me down lower, and I can OOP, you wait for it to come back sometimes. I’ll miss cuz I’m not a professional, but you’ll notice I’m basically losing like no health when the Guardians attacked me I’m not the best Trident apparently, but yeah, go ahead and detect me. I got resistance six actually Oh, this is only resistance for finally. I can drink the level two And now I have resistance six, it’s like too much for even to display in my inventory you’re done You’re done. No damage. Nobody’s damaging me here. Uh-huh I Mean the fov is a little bit inconvenient I’ll say that much but boom you just basically like follow the trajectory of the particle beams that they’re shooting you and then oh What’s that you need oxygen okay back up to the surface with Trident Riptide? Let’s wait for it to fall back down and then come on back whoop God the Trident is the best thing ever Tell me tell me a better weapon please because I know it doesn’t exist I’m so sorry squids but I totally missed it be really sweet though wouldn’t it if you could like hit the Hit something on the on the recoil back. That’d be kind of cool. WHOOP I’m just totally missed the squid again, okay, and now I’m totally sinking because Oh God help help I must get out Oh God Turns out when you have slowness if you fall into a magma pit That’s a little dangerous. Now we know but there we all right resistances as worn out But still you get the idea you could basically just decimate everything and not have to worry about taking any damage I suppose (like) you even do that on land you wouldn’t get the riptides effect But you could (like) spawn a wither right you can take all the damage and then Just you know now. Not have to worry about it. You just use the Trident you just Boom on the wither a whole bunch of times, and then it’s it’s pretty sweet. I’m so sorry can just I can’t help it I’m kind of just trying to get the most out of my Trident here, which seems to bits like Between uh, it’s between a two to three hit I guess that dude had some armor on him So it’s a it’s a two hit for anything that has the standard ten hearts of health So twenty health total And get you over there boom and one more hit Just make quick work of basically everything well two to three hits you know, but it keeps coming back So sorry Mr.Cow. I’m so sorry Totally missed good evasive maneuvering anyway. Yeah, that’s that’s pretty much it for You know the new stuff. It’s kind of significant that I I didn’t necessarily cover in the last videos, but still figured It’d be worth bringing up I’m now stuck. Okay. Don’t worry. I wish I could go flying into boat though That’d be pretty great and then see like ultimate creeper killing devices. You don’t even have to get closer you stand far away I know bows kind of accomplish similar things as well, but why not use a trident because it’s way more powerful and sweet and You’re done cool alright well Thanks for watching make sure to LIKE if you like check the playlists in description if you want to catch more the update videos missed that Past couple that I did Subscribe you’re not already and if you want to listen to the music playing the background right now over on Maron Music I’ll see you next time [Lit Music]

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