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Is The Springfield Hellcat Enough? – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Springfield Armory
Names their gun after a car, Israeli Buls, Wilson Silencers and A pork sword Pistol! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. We’ve been gone for a little bit so there
is a ton of stuff to cover. Before I get into that, real quick, I just
want to say thank you to everyone that hits like on this video. If you want an internet high five from me,
hit like right now. Okay, how about some news? I suppose we should just jump right into the
big one for this week. The company behind this new gun has seemingly
been unable to shake the controversy that surrounded gun laws in their home state of
Illinois. As I remember it, springfield armory and rock
river were both paying the same lobbyist. That lobbyist was working on gun laws in the
state level and that guy decided it was a good idea to make a carve out where the brands
didn’t have to abide by a certain gun law but the public did. NOT a good look and it really has been a stain
on Springfields brand for a few years since it happened. Every time I’ve ever mentioned them here on
the show, the comments are full of hateful comments. However, the brand is still around and still
surviving so I would bet that news never really made it out beyond the enthusiast level. Either way, They’ve got a new gun and I’ll
tell you what, it looks pretty good. Is it good enough to overcome the stigma? Let’s talk about it. The gun is called the Hellcat. It is clearly aimed at taking down the raining
small 9mm champ, the sig p365. On cursory glance, the gun looks like an XD
that’s been updated. It has a 3 inch hammer forged barrel. Front and rear slide serrations. A distinct lack of a grip safety, the sights
are a u-notch rear and tritium front. The grip texture looks really good. And most importantly, the mags hold 1 more
round than the standard 365 at 11 rounds. The gun will also ship with a 13-round mag. Taking this gun just on the features and assessing
it, things are positive. I like the way the slide looks. Putting my hands on it will confirm or deny
if the serrations work. The Beretta APX looked great on paper but
that was a disappointment in hand. The sights, look great. I love having nearly as many rounds as possible
in the mag so that gets a big ol check from me. And the grip texture, has a little marketing
speak attached because they say it’s pressure activated. Basically what they’ve done is create a dual
layer texture. The outer layer is flattened off and comfortable
but when you press down, you lock into the more aggressive texture hidden below. That’s a really smart idea. This gun, in my eyes, is what a lot of customers
have been wanting. More rounds, smaller gun, good sights, usable
grip texture, and unlike some of the springfield handguns of the past with the grip zone and
grip safety, this seems to lack the nonsense. The MSRP on this gun is the same as the 365
at $599. And this has me wondering, will the consumer
market set aside their frustrations with springfield to try out this gun? I know you guys are probably already firing
up the keyboard now to tell me your thoughts but I’ll tell you what. I think we need to see if this is as good
as it looks. Raise your hand if you want us to review this
gun. This next gun is interesting for a totally
different reason. The company is called Bul Armory and they
are based in Israel. They’re working on reaching into the US market
and are bringing something way off track from their normal offerings. Most of their guns are high end sort of race
guns. 1911 and 2011 style pistols that ooze cool
factor. This new one though? Completely different than that. It’s called the Cherokee and the feature set
is really simple. At its core is a 17-round magazine, that goes
into a frame that has a lot of texturing including some textured finger grooves on the front. Above that, you have a double slash single
action trigger, moving up from there, a slide arrangement very similar to the CZ75 and its
clones. Instead of the slide rails being tucked inside
the slide, the rails are on the outside of the slide and that allows it to sit deeper
in the frame and reduce the bore axis, this is intended to improve control of the gun. The sights on the gun are a simple 3 white
dot set up and the slide has serrations only in the rear. It also comes in full size or compact variations
with either a 3.6 or 4.3 inch barrels. Pretty basic setup. The key here is that the MSRP of the gun is
500 bucks, and they want Americans to buy the compact version so badly that they are
knocking 150 bucks off the top making it 350 dollars. You have to email them directly to get the
deal. [email protected] Normally I wouldn’t be telling
you guys about a deal like that but that is a staggering price drop. Funny enough, there was something about this
gun that really stood out to me, I knew I had seen it before. Then I looked up the Magnum Research Baby
Eagle. It is nearly an EXACT copy with the exception
of the safety position. I have a suspicion that the baby eagle has
been a bul armory gun all along and that bul is just now getting into the US market. It’s tough to say but either way, that price
makes me want to find out if they really are the same thing. There is so much more to cover, I think we
need the mini gun. Izzy, you know what to do! First up in rapid fire are some new silencers
from Wilson Combat. Theres the Quell, which comes in 556, 30 cal
or 9mm variations and weighs in at 15.9 ounces. This is your sort of hard use option. They claim that is the new standard in terms
of a hard use “one size fits all” type suppressor. And to be fair, I don’t know that a really
truly ruggedized hardened stainless steel multi cal can existed before this. Pricing on that starts at 875. They also announced a new 22 can called the
WCR K22. The idea with this one is lightweight and
long term durability. They also say that it has best in class noise
reduction but failed to mention what that number is haha. Other than that it’s fairly simple, 4.4 ounces
in weight, T6 aluminum and user serviceable. Pricing on these starts at $450. We covered Black Collar Arms not too long
ago with their Pork Sword tiny little bolt action chassis. They are now offering that as a complete pistol. What’s neat about it is that every gun is
made to order and they have a configurator thing on the site which is always fun to play
around with. Pricing starts at 899 for the 300 blackout
version and 919 for the 308 version and goes WAY up from there. I built out a 308 version with an optic and
all kinds of other nice trinkets and the price tag was approaching 3 grand. Either way, having a tiny little bolt action
pistol sounds like fun to me. Also new is a gun that I’m covering just for
me. Beretta has announced a new over under aimed
at competition clay target shooters. With help from their shooting team, the new
694 was born. They’re saying that it has improved ergonomics,
an adjustable trigger, a new stock shape around the safety for better peripheral views, and
a new forend design. Its meant to bridge the gap between their
entry level competition guns like the 692 and the top end DT11. I dunno how many of you guys like seeing these
sorts of guns but I freaking LOVE a well built shotgun so there you have it. MSRP on the 694 is 4500. Its funny, I would freak out if i heard that
price on just about anything else, but on an over under, i just go, oh okay. What’s that sound? OHHHH. Yup the struggle bus is back and Colt is on
board. I’m gonna keep this short because I’m sure
you guys have heard about this already. Colt has ceased production of their long guns
for civilians. There were a ton of articles on a national
level stating that this was a result of the anti-gunners winning and an AR company shutting
down because they felt it wasn’t the right thing to make anymore. Colt says that’s not true and that they are
dedicated to the second amendment but long story shorter, they felt that they were not
selling enough guns to justify the cost of doing it anymore. The exact quote is “The fact of the matter
is that over the last few years, the market for modern sporting rifles has experienced
significant excess manufacturing capacity. Given this level of manufacturing capacity,
we believe there is adequate supply for modern sporting rifles for the foreseeable future.” The way I see it, no one wants to pay for
overpriced colt rifles anymore so their sales were in the toilet. This comes on the back of Colt winning a 41
million dollar contract to build rifles for overseas allies. They also claim they will be focusing on expanding
their handgun offerings which could end up being a very good thing for them. Only time will tell. This time our questions are coming from the
TGC Nation facebook group. You need to join there. I would absolutely participate in that. But I personally don’t have the bandwidth
to be the lead on something like that. The problem with gun channels is that they
are all small operations with limited resources. No one has extra time on their hands. If they did, they’d be making more videos. That’s the challenge we face in terms of being
able to put something like that together. I’d LOVE to see a larger focus on education
and spreading the shooting sports. Not just hunting or 3 gun or anything specific. But all of it. Since sandy hook, our community has grown
substantially and I’d love to see that happen without a ban threat causing it. The brand of the gun doesn’t matter. My personal choice is the Underwood Xtreme Defenders, my second choice would be federal HSTs. and if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us over on Subscribestar. Be sure to check out our second channel TGC Surplus! And as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Is The Springfield Hellcat Enough? – TGC News!

  1. Springfield is the oldest gun manufacturer in America. Established 1777. George Washington knew them well. Congrats Springfield on this awesome offering.

  2. I would love to see the review of the hellcat. Definitely getting one day, I love Springfield and I carry a XDM 40 I know the issues that they have but not going to let that affect me love the quality and the way the gun shoots for me.

  3. If you're going to open carry, do not do so with a level 1 holster. make sure your firearm is locked on you. the last thing you want is for someone to target you and snatch your firearm when you become complacent. You're an American. You are free to do whatever you please so long as you don't violate someone elses property or liberty. And you especially dont have to explain youself.

  4. Open carry is perfectly fine, but know your surroundings and where you’re going. If you’re walking into a hipster dog park in Austin, it’s going to cause some irrational concern. But at a tractor supply co. in rural Texas, you’ll be right at home. I also hate the concepts of 2A audits… that is definitely designed to be antagonistic(imo).

  5. 🖕Springfield Armory 🖕 I'm from Chicago and there betrayal is unforgivable!!! They screwed over the law abiding 2A supporters, tightening the nuece on already very difficult gun laws, while empowering all the thugs, and career criminal scum bags!!! Its a damn shame because I truly loved the brand!

  6. You should do a show on how you’ve stabbed other gun channels in the back by tricking people into believing Patreon is antigun because they wouldn’t let you break their policies that are clearly stated.

  7. Open carry won't help normalize anything when you have schools & media spreading so much misinformation & giving notoriety to wack jobs

  8. I used to open carry extensively (during the previous presidency) as a means of bringing awareness to the fact that it's legal in my state and to help people understand that bad guys aren't the only ones with guns. To help with that, I used the state-specific open carry pamphlet from OCDO (opencarryDOTorg) and handed them out to anyone who expressed support (or fear). I got away from open carry because it takes a lot of work to do it well and a lot of patience to put up with the uneducated & ignorant FUDDs.

  9. I used to to open carry all the time. I'm working on my concealed carry now just because I got tired of getting the looks and having to make sure I wasn't accidentally entering denver county where its illegal

  10. I love Springfield. I don’t care about politics. Springfield makes very nice tools and those who waste their time with the politics of it all, most likely don’t know any part of the constitution except the 2nd Amendment, which is a problem in itself. As a combat veteran, the Hellcat is a perfect conceal weapon, without the typical safeties found in home defense handguns. As soon as It drops, I’m strait on Buds Gun Shop to get it. Do yourself a favor and follow suit

  11. I sometimes open carry and sometimes I don't it just depends I guess where I'm going. I am a realtor in PA so when I am going to show homes or have an open house I have it but I do not have it open because I don't want to freak anyone out. I have only been asked to leave a place 1 time in the 7 years I have owned a gun do to open carry so I don't think thats all bad

  12. "We support the 2nd amendment, but we're only going to supply rifles to the crown." And when did the gun collective start sounding like fudds.

  13. I think it is good to have the right to open carry but me personally would prefer not to open carry as I feel like I would be the first to be taken down in a mass shooting. Then again the likelihood of me being in one is next to none.

  14. I’m all for open carry however it poses two problems.One, society itself is too ignorant to understand or grasp the concept of open carry, To when you open carry you make yourself a target for the enemy, you’re the first one that will get taken out. Concealed Carrie is the better option.

  15. Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms can both take a long walk off a short pier after their betrayal of gun dealers in Illinois and all gun owners across the nation!! Springfield nor Rock River will never have a place in my home again, used or new! Plenty of other better brands out there for as good or better price. They're both turncoats to gun owners!

  16. "I think we need to see if this is as good as it looks." Really?? Springfield should be shunned industry wide, as should Rock River, until they both change out all executives, and are sold to another owner who will stand for the 2nd amendment and all freedom!

  17. Colt can eat a bag of dicks! Funny how Colt, Springfield Armory, and Rock River Arms all spew the same rhetoric when it comes to stabbing gun owners in the back. "We are still dedicated to defending the 2nd amendment," or something along those lines. Yet, all three are being promoted on this channel, Hmmm……

  18. Maybe TGC can invite Colt, Springfield Armory, and Rock River Arms to sponsor the YouTuber 2A movement. The hits just keep coming on this video!!

  19. John, I'll be Honest I'm interested in the SA Hellcat. Please do a review cause honestly those throwing hate towards SA, still use FB, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Sam's Club & Costco, iPhones, Android phones…making them frauds & fakes to be pretending to be mad at Springfield Armory.

  20. More open carry. That being said we need laws protecting us from being harassed by leo with a chip on his shoulder.
    Like utah, where if you're an idiot proving a point you can't be questioned just because you are carrying

  21. I open carry my XDM .45, from time to time …. the only time anyone even pays attention to me having a handgun on my hip , is when I go into a gas station where a few cops are killing time and hanging out on duty …. it’s hard to tell if they are eyeballing my sidearm out of suspicion or being uncomfortable seeing a civilian with a
    XDM .45 on my hip or if they are admiring or checking out my handgun platform , like you would do if you drive a Camaro and a boss mustang pulled into the parking lot….. I try not to stare at them too much in an effort to read their body language … So I’m really not sure which one it is…. But honestly no private person has ever even so much as gave me a second glance …. I think it’s a stigma that the loud yet small majority pushes triggered narrative on (pun intended ) …. Or maybe regular people think I’m a plain clothed cop …. idk …. but never had an ounce of trouble , ill comment, or even freaked out body language from a single soul …. (and no I don’t live in a highly rural area or small town )

  22. I don't think you're wrong about BUL armory making the Baby DE.
    The Open Carry question is tough … I personally don't see anything wrong with open carry, if it is done responsibly. A long time ago it was seen as the mark of a dishonorable person to carry concealed … why would someone hide their weapon if they didn't have ill intent? Now, open carry alarms people because they assume that the individual who has a firearm that can be seen is likely to have ill intent, I mean why would they want people to know they have a weapon? Also, the majority of the population have absolutely no idea how a firearm works or have ever fired one.
    Now what do I mean by responsibly open carry, just one example of many I have seen : I was in a popular grocery store where I happened to be open carrying my 1911 V-Bob (because I left my jacket in my truck), it was cocked and locked in a custom leather holster and securely belted. Standing at the deli counter I noticed a young gentleman with dreadlocks open carrying what appeared to be a .40 HighPoint in a kydex holster clipped in roughly the appendix position of his obviously over-sized sweat pants. He had to hold his sweat pants up with one hand the entire time he was in the store. Now, I assumed that he was carrying in such a manner because he didn't have a CCW. What really concerned me is that if something should happen this guy would be the main target and would never have been able to draw that weapon in time to respond to a threat, which put himself and everyone around him at risk. In my opinion the condition this young man chose to carry was irresponsible.

  23. Putting aside the politics of Springfield, they have horrible quality control issues. Their XD line is known to be a huge piece of shit that jams and breaks if you look at it wrong. I'll never trust any of their firearms with all of the failures I've personally witnessed.

  24. I carry a full-size. 45 double stack ppq outside the waistband the only thing I cover it with is a shirt. You would be amazed at how many people do not notice it. I'm literally one thin piece of cloth away from open carry.

  25. The SA gun could be free… I'll pass… Today, tomorrow and everydsy SA is dead to me. I used to have 4 SA HGs 2 XD's and 2 1911's… They have been gone since SA turned it's back on Gun Owners along with RRAs ARs I used to own… Never again, they are dead to me.

  26. Me I dont it because where I live at and the way I see things. is I can not show that I have a gun on me because bad guys may try and take from you or they feel that they may want to try and start a fight with u . Just my opinion

  27. Personally Springfield Armory didn’t do anything worse than some gun companies in the past…Ruger cough cough. They aren’t getting my money, but that’s because I don’t like their XD guns.
    Open carry is fine. Most of the BS regurgitated by Internet experts is just that…BS.

  28. Regarding the hellcat, people might as well get a PC shield and hyve extended mag plate+ new mag for a total 40 bucks, then it's 9rounds and a 10 mag in a neoprene mag holster and you retain the ability to minimize the grip size with the flush mount mag carrying 7 rounds when wearing formal wear to keep recognizable printing to a minimal, options is always good and the shields pc trigger is amazing even without swapping out to a solid metal trigger and it comes with plenty of options

  29. You know what. I like it, because I like Springfield, and I like the Hellcat. Their marketing has worked on me, and I'm not ashamed.

  30. The basic reality regarding "open carry" is that it does not matter if you are a righteous citizen or not. In the rare instances where shooters have attacked, up until the moment triggers were pulled and they became murderers, there was nothing different from legally open carrying. Where open carry is not allowed, the mere presence of a heavily armed person immediately presents a potential threat, and both LEO and legally CCW alike at least have a suspicious actor to focus on. Permits for CCW at least also demonstrate a minimum level of competence and familiarity with safe handling and laws within that jurisdiction; they allow civilians to carry for self defense without creating a constant heightened tension among other civilians wherever they go. As the circumstances for attacks vary significantly by time of day, types of areas, etc. the relative rarity for assaults makes the argument for constant, openly armed vigilance rather flimsy, while also increasing the possibility of making yourself a target for other sorts of actions, all regardless and independent from whatever "rights" you may feel strongly about. in the end, as a matter of one's ordinary daily routine, a strong argument can be made for WTF bother?

  31. I want to fully support open carry, but from a tactical standpoint, it doesn't make sense. I think open carry works best on your own property, at gun rallies, or in combat scenarios. For public areas, I think having the advantage of assailants not knowing who could be armed at any given moment is important. It should absolutely be legal EVERYWHERE, but there are situations where concealment makes a lot more sense.

  32. I have mixed feelings about it.
    A. I like it because if you have a concealed carry permit and it flashes or prints you won't lose your permit like in some liberal states.
    B. I like it because if suddenly you need to defend your self but weren't a ccdw permit holder before you can open carry til you get one.
    C. I like it because if you have to carry a purpose gun that is just too big to easily conceal without a Drover coat or trench coat, you can.
    1. I don't like it when a yutz is doing it just to look cool. Or to antagonize people or police, which is just rude and makes us all look bad.
    2. I don't like it when the putz is carrying open carry with a holster that is designed for concealed (with little or no weapon retention system to keep someone from taking it from you and then going on a rampage.) Nothing screams want a be, loser like this to me.
    3. Back in the 90's when I went through police pistol training (40 hours with the 2nd best police instructor in the nation at the time.) The one statistic that I remember is 90% chance if you loose your gun, you are going home in a body bag. And most of the open carriers their attention is lacking and they aren't trained in weapon retention. And the 10% had a backup plan. Second gun or knife to deal with the threat or open gun safety engaged or chamber empty (Israeli carry)

  33. I learned on a 1st gen Glock 21(or would it be 2nd gen as the 1st was only on the Glock 17) anyway I found that the full sized frame is just a little to short for a rapid reload for my over large hands didn't seat the magazine properly but had no such problem with the slightly longer and thinner Springfield XD frame. Which for me is the perfect out of the box carry gun. And they had the 5" barrel long before Glock followed suit. But this new gun no grip safety, no ambidextrous magazine release and a chopped grip too. Nah no thanks. But an vid I would like to see is comparisons between the XD & XDM in same caliber and various lengths. Accuracy, velocity, recovery time & etc.
    And as far as the Colt this is not the first time they have pulled this. And their machinery is so poor or their quality control bad they can't make a decent weapon for a decent price. And their R&D just plain SUCKS.

  34. Open Carry: Just because we Can doesn't mean that we Should. Why draw attention to yourself and FREAK OUT the IGNORANT PUBLIC? – There is a Time & Place for Open Carry – Choose Wisely. Bottom line: Every Day Carry and Stay Alert to your Surroundings. Don't get Banned from a Store exercising your Right to Open Carry, just CCW and Keep it Moving.

  35. Buy a broken Sig p365. Hellcats are for government ass lickers only that carry benchmades donated to them. Say goodbye ,,soon to be ruled by people with no morals. Well deserved

  36. I am not interested in anything Springfield Armory has to offer. They are dead to me. I have skipped reviews of their products since their betrayal, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

  37. Springfield Armory, Colt, and Benchmade you will never, ever, ever see one penny of mine again. You betrayed the 2nd Amendment at the worst possible time… In fact I was definitely gonna buy a Springfield Armory TRP. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN NOW. I even sold my EMP, and a Delta Elite to rid my safe of products from your Garbage companies. The Dan Wesson specialist for the win.

  38. I really like everything I see about the Hellcat. I just cannot get over the "Made in Croatia" stamped on the side.

  39. You guys are all "Yeah, lets go have gun rallies and protest" and then do a glowing report on Springfield Armory. So, if Dick's Sporting Goods paid enough, youd advertise for them too? Just being honest.

  40. Fuck Springfield!👊💥💯

  41. Wish hidden hybrid and cross breed and other company’s would make holsters for the olight pl mini2!! On a cz p07 and poly 80 frames

  42. It can be either it could make u a target but Americans should have the right to open carry if they want don’t bother me

  43. No Job … No it's not … Springfield can suck a fat one!!! I was looking for cheap hand gun for my gf ..and the 270 Springfield 4 inch defender is a steal but , she got a canik elite haha

  44. The Baby Eagle is/was a Jericho 941. I know Magnum Research used to import them many years ago when IWI was IMI. If Magnum Research is still selling a gun called the Baby Eagle then that gun is a knock off of a Jericho 941

  45. Tho the management at Springfield are dumb axes, I am intrigued enough that I might get one of these, so please review it. I am interested in spite of my dislike for the company.

  46. Ahh – open carry. In my area (Seattle) you will either make the snowflakes run off to a safe place, end up getting the open carry version of SWATing, or be the first fool taken out by a bad guy. Unless you are that Colin Whinernik, just don't do it.

  47. You’re nothing but a bunch of birches trying to profit off the community and you bring others down when you miss out. #welovetheyankeemarshal

  48. What’s a good entry level over under for clays that isn’t so entry level that I’ll want something better in a year. I don’t mind spending money on it, but feel $4500 for this Beretta is a lot and my wife would want to hurt me. Let’s say $1800-2800 range.

  49. Oh, a huge corporation used lobbyists to try and give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace? How shocking… I want a hellcat, it's frame is based off the XD and will be much more reliable the sig p365 was at launch. Fuck your feelings. Let the butthurt commence…

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