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Is The Snake Gun Legend Alive? – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Big Bores from Savage,
Slightly small bores from Mossberg, Things to go down the bore from Federal, Revolving
things from Colt, and other stuff, yes even other stuff! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. A couple quick things before we look at new
guns, First, Patreon has claimed that they are in control of everything we post regardless
of whether or not its on their site, so we’ve moved over to Subscribestar because screw
that. And seriously, if you have your own gun channel
and you’re still on patreon, you really need to give that another thought. They are NOT on our side. Link in the description to check out subscribestar. ALSO, WE HAVE MERCH AGAIN! We’ve partnered with Ballistic Ink to bring
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designs, all proceeds from those go to Firearms Policy Coalition. Again, link in the description to check that
out! Phew, lots of TGC stuff going on! Now how about some news. There is surprisingly a lot going on this
week, so Izzy, if you wouldn’t mind, FIRE UP THE MINI GUN! Savage, fresh off the heels of getting new
ownership, has announced 2 new rifle packages in the 110 series, in a big bore variant. The 110 Apex Hunter XP and the 110 Engage
Hunter XP are fairly simple rifles. Both come with 22 inch barrels, The standard
accutrigger, a muzzle brake for the big bore, and because its a package deal, they come
with optics. The Apex comes with a Vortex Crossfire 2 3-9
and the Engage comes with a Bushnell Engage 3-9. The cartridge? Good ol’ 450 bushmaster. They claim that these will shoot farther and
more accurately than a slug gun. The Apex has an MSRP of 773 and the Engage
comes in at 519. Consider they come with optics, that’s not
a bad deal. And speaking of bolt guns, Mossberg has expanded
their line up of Patriot Predator rifles with 2 new models chambered in 6.5 PRC. For those unaware, the PRC was brought to
life by Hornady and is sort of the big brother to the 6.5 creedmoor. The new Predator rifles are fairly similar
in features. 24 inch, fluted and threaded barrels with
a 1 in 8 twist and they both weigh in at 7 pounds on the scale. The difference is that there is a black barreled
action in a flat dark earth stock OR a cerakoted barreled action in a strata camo stock. Pricing on those is 455 for the plain jane
and 540 for the fancier camo version. And as far as I’ve seen, that’s one of the
most affordable ways to get into the PRC cartridge. Federal has dropped 2 new types of ammunition. First up, a new version of their plastic coated
bullets called Syntech PCC. These are loaded specifically for pistol caliber
carbines and is supposedly optimized for longer barrel lengths which means slower burning
powders and then a bullet shape that is supposed to help with feeding in a carbine. Typically pistol caliber carbines don’t have
any feed ramp like handguns do so that’s a good thing. The initial offering is a 130 grain 9mm and
that leaves the bore at about 1130 feet per second. Also new from Federal ammo are a few 224 Valkyrie
offerings. Done rolling your eyes? Okay. They center around 3 different bullets. A 60 grain hornady vmax intended for varmint
hunting, a 78 grain Barnes TSX intended for medium game hunting and then a 80.5 grain
Gold Medal Berger bullet designed for long range target shooting. Given my experience with the Valkyrie, I will
not hold my breath for the performance being up to par on these. That being said, the 60’s come in at an affordable
17 bucks a box while the higher end 78’s and 80.5’s come in at 33 and 36 bucks a box, MSRP
of course. Colt has a new wheel gun hitting the market. They’ve been sort of resurrecting guns that
were prior wins for them and this new King Cobra target is another attempt at that. It’s a 4.5 inch barrel 357 magnum with an
adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front and nice set of wood grips. I find it kind of weird that they chose a
4.5 inch version to their target model instead of something like a 6 or even an 8 inch barrel
but whatever, as long as Colt is on the path to fixing itself I guess we should consider
this a win right? Pricing on the King Cobra Target is 999 msrp. CZ has a new semi auto 12 gauge hitting the
scene. It’s called the 1012 and there are 5 different
versions. They all are virtually the same except for
appearances so lets cover the specs. At the core is the inertia driven action with
28 inch barrels chambered to take up a 3 inch shell. The mag tubes hold 4 shells plus one in the
chamber. The difference between these guns and CZ’s
older semi autos is that they are inertia driven, previously CZ was using gas operation. They claim that this new system allows for
a wider variety of shells to cycle reliably. The 5 different models like I said are just
differences in colors. You have the wood furniture versions with
Black, bronze or gray receivers, then you have an all black synthetic version or a synthetic
version sporting mossy oak blades camo. All of these come in at 659 bucks MSRP except
the camo version which is an additional hundred bucks. If these things run well, that’s really good
value for money. Good semi autos are often not cheap and this
puts it right in the middle of the pack when compared to other offerings. Also in the news this week. ADM otherwise known as American Defense Manufacturing has come out with a new red dot optic. It seems like everyone is has found a manufacturer
overseas and is now offering affordable red dots. I’ll keep this as short as possible. They’re called Spek, and they have 12 brightness
settings, 10 day and 2 night. They have a 20mm tube and have an auto shut
off feature after 16 hours, with a total battery life using a triple A battery of 5 years. That is pretty damn solid. ADM also makes 2 different magnifiers to live
behind the Spek called the flik and they come in 3x or 5x variants. Pricing on the red dots starts at 369 and
goes up depending on the mount you use and the flik 3x goes for 369 while the 5x goes
for 475. It’s certainly not a bad thing to have another
option when it comes to affordable optics but I start to wonder when the market will
be complete saturated by every rifle company offering their own version of a VERY similar
product. I’m sure you guys will tell me what you think
in the comments. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This bad boy is a Ruger Redhawk chambered
in 44 mag. Now this one doesn’t have some emotional story
attached, it’s actually one I got for a smoking deal. So this is chambered in 44 mag has a 7 3/8
inch barrel I believe it’s got these in a classic wood grips on here this is a neat
gun. I’ve always wanted a long Barrel 44 mag for
Smith & Wesson but this popped into a shop while I was standing there a customer came
into the shop said hey I’ve got this Ruger, and I only want 50 bucks for it, II don’t
know what it is, I just wanna get rid of it. And oh my God I said to the guy behind the
counter and I’ll give you a hundred right now if you take it for 50 and a significant
amount more, the blueing is in really good shape it’s only been a few times including
me shooting it and I love it. 44 mag is a fantastic cartridge and this is
a really really neat wheel gun to have in the collection. If you guys want to see more of my guns, let
me know in the comments. This time our questions are coming from our
new Subscribestar supporters! I think the concept is pretty cool, however
I have some questions that are still unanswered in regards to performance and actual design. Not to mention the fact that winchester has
done a piss poor job of promoting the round. It seems like they just said HERE IT IS back
at SHOT and then haven’t done much since. As of right now, I think there might be better
options but we shall see. I think a lot of manufacturers will end up
doing it. Its smart because it gives the consumer or
end user an opportunity to tune the gun to their specific needs. Just like AR15, and in that same way, we may
see a standard set up start to appear but it’s too early in the life cycle to know. I think it might be funny to see a non-modular
pistol being looked at as archaic. Well first off all, nothing is inevitable. Except Thanos. Trump won the presidency and everyone thought
Clinton was going to take the seat. But in terms of what you said, we need to
be doing a couple things. Getting involved in the fight in some capacity
is key but also stock up on ammo and guns while you still can. Both things are smart to do in case stuff
goes sideways. Ever heard the dylan thomas quote, do not
go gently into that good night? Yea step up and fight before things get REALLY
bad. and if you
want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed Be sure to check out our new MERCH STORE over at Ballistic Ink! And we also have a new Subscribestar page we would LOVE for you to check out! And as always,
thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Is The Snake Gun Legend Alive? – TGC News!

  1. I hate affordable optics, all the same in looks, and quality. Elcan, Trijicon, eotech, aimpoint, docter, nightforce, u.s. optics master race.

  2. About ADM, this is taken directly from their website. "American Defense MFG, LLC. was founded with an idea and hard work. The result was the patented QD Auto Lock System. All American Defense MFG, LLC products are 100 percent made in the U.S.A."

    Based on your comment and the many others in the comment section I will assume nobody bothered checking that out first. I intend to reach out to them tomorrow just to confirm.

  3. EDC – primary and backup knife and flashlight – med kit, extra mags, rations, tools, bevee and emergency kit readily available always!

  4. No dout they're made side by side in the same factory. Somewhere in LongDong China. Probably by the same pair of 11 year old sweatshop hands. There is no way I'm going to pay over $150 for a Chinese reddot. 11 year olds don't eat that much.😆

  5. I hate you John, you got a great deal on the Redhawk. Though I did get a S&W 29-2 from my aunt a few years before she passed.

  6. My EDC pocket knife is an Ozark Trails model 5514, nothing spectacular but with a 3 1/2" 3Cr13 stainless steel blade, glass filled nylon scales, pocket clip and assisted opening it was a steal at less than $7.

  7. Still waiting for 6.8 SPC bolt guns, and with your new bench set up, you should try the new 1:6.5 twist rate PSA barrels for 224 Valkyrie. Also, those are not "affordable red dots"; if you want to talk about new, affordable red dots, look at Northtac, and their P10 and P11 red dots.

  8. 5:51 obviously you’re not a wheel gun guy. 4.25” barrels have the same sight radius as most other modern guns like 1911’s and the 4” isn’t dealing with extra weight up front which becomes a problem doing bowling pin shoots. there are many reasons why a 4.25” barrel is better than a 6” but please do try it. also LEO’s issued more 4” than 6” service pistols too so carry is still possible

  9. John, I used your A400 XCEL install vid from your old channel for my Briley bolt release. Great video. Can you feature it on the channel? How do you like it years later? Still use it?

  10. For EDC, I took Nutnfancy challenge up on carrying general useful things. So, flashlight, Gerber, pen/marker, or just plan ahead for some item I anticipate might be wanted. It's made me think about what else I can carry that can be useful on a daily basis. After a month+ of doing that steadily, I've legitimately used my flashlight twice and my Gerber 3 time where I wouldn't have had them before.

  11. Agreed on the red dot market. There are some good deals but some are still sub par quality but they all have their own "look".

  12. The 2A will take care of itself and us. The point is when GOV oversteps bad enough the citizens have power to resist it. Just do it!

  13. Jon you should have offered the guy a C note and cut out the dealer!!! by the way I was on the rural king website the other day and they had a H+R pump shotgun and some single shots, is H+R back in business or do they need to update the site?

  14. Gotta have a flashlight. I travel by air for work so the normal kit isn't always available. A nice 18650 cell light can be used in a few capacities and is a solid companion.

  15. My EDC is kind of lackluster:
    Just a Sig SP2022 in .40 s&w. Only have one magazine because Sig mags are expensive. Been considering making a move to a different .40 though because the SP2022 has no support as far as customization goes. I want something with threaded barrels for .40 and can take a compensator. And hopefully mags that are $30 or less for 15 rounds. Any suggestions?

  16. Glock 19 with Ameriglo sights in a Trex Arms appendix holster, 7/7 days, 6/7 my pouch which holds a flashlight, a pen, usually 2 knives, and an extra mag in my backpack which I have with me 5/7.

  17. A shift of power is inevitable. Trump isn’t president for life and immortal. You have, at most, 5 more years with him. Too many people make decisions without remembering that this is the case.
    And hell, with trump, you don’t even need a shift of power to start worrying about gun rights.

  18. I carry an auto benchmade a Gerber multi tool and a personal med kit. I need to add a good flashlight just haven’t settled on one yet.

  19. I carry either a Kershaw/Emerson CQC-10K or a Spyderco Tenacious, sometimes also carrying a Boker Applegate-Fairbairn or Harsey Applegate-Fairbairn dagger.

  20. EDC: Victorinox Spirit, Marttini Lynx, med kit with quick clot bandages, keys, chap stick, sometimes a streamlite T2L, and usually a Glock 43.

  21. EDC… rotate between G19 and S&W Shield 9mm.. Kershaw Leek… 500 lumin mini flashlight… minimalist wallet (Roco).. all in black… Nothing more…

  22. "That's Right Mr. Patton, You Don't Want To Go Gently Into The Long Night. Because Young Man! It Might Turn Into The 'Night Of The Long Knives'… Does Anyone In The Comments Know What That Is?"

  23. EDC – Leatherback Gear backpack. Helps keep all the necessary items for a toddler & baby right in arms reach. Plus I feel a little more protected in those dangerous “gun free” zones.

  24. Here's the problem, with Trump's MULTIPLE anti-2A outbursts and an act against the 2A already perpetrated, and with many republicans following his lead on red flag, going on to endorse the policy, an all-out assault on 2A is not only inevitable, it's going to ramp up before the power shift.

  25. I like the value priced optic options that WORK. granted some are heaping piles of garbage, but I had good luck with Vortex, Sig and heard good stuff about holosun. Not every rifle NEEDS hell and back military grade durability, a HD rifle that spends most of its life locked in a safe manner in your house would be one example. As for me EDC besides my gun (P365), I carry a fox karambit, extra mags are in my bag+vehicle and I also have an IFAK in my vehicle.

  26. The thing that seems most important to me, other than my gun, that I carry absolutely 100% of the time is my….TOURNIQUET. I have it in a bag type case for Oakley sunglasses which makes it super easy to stuff in my pocket; no matter what I’m wearing or doing I’ve always got a tourniquet in one of my pockets. Also a plus, is that I can stuff another one in the pocket that would normally have a spare mag, if I’m in a “Gun-Free Zone”.

  27. EDC- On person, a flashlight, folding knife, handgun and spare mag. Off body in my backpack I have a small trauma kit, extra batteries, sometimes an additional mag and a larger fixed blade knife.

  28. EDC: Sig P365 with two 12rd mags (Underwood Xtreme Defender ammo), Boxer gunbelt, Streamlight Microstream light, Benchmade 940 or Bugout knife, Boker Plus Rocketpen, Tourniquet, Marathon TSAR watch, Recycled Firefighter wallet.

  29. 9mm, keep a blanket in my truck, an old, well loved, bk24, a knife no longer made in the d2 steel. Ive debated on an ar9 for other reasons but cost, should the inevitable methhead problem that would be the weapon being stolen, or having to deploy it gives me pause. Ill add a med-kit to my e-bag soon.

  30. My EDC is Glock 19, spare mag (M17 mag), folder knife, ink pen, eye drops, chapstick, 3 ceramic balls, business cards, handkerchief (I'm old-ish), streamlight protac 1L light, ankle med IFAK: CAT, combat gauze, gloves, nitro, chest seals.

  31. CALL YOUR REPS, that's what you can do every week. Also, gun, extra mag, knife, and currently putting together a small blowout kit.

  32. All you gun tubers need to get together and decide on a single place to go. Little irritating having to go to different sites as you all jump the sinking Youtube/Patreon ship.

  33. My EDC is an M&P 45(4.5in) in an aliengear cloacktuck 3.0 holster. It was better before I got fatter. I carry an extra mag with hollowpoints, a CRKT Moxie knife and my Leatherman Surge. I used to carry a 5.11 plx flashlight but kept losing them and I haven't carried the leatherman in a week or two after losing it. I used to switch to a Shield 9mm with 2 extra mags but stopped. Coming to you from Cali btw.

  34. My brother's Ruger PCC only likes 147gr bullets so far. Winches the HP and the new CCI Blazer Brass both shoot well out of it. I will try a box of the Federal even though it is 130gr.

  35. E D C on YouTube is a funny thing there are so many people that make E D C videos and it looks like Mad Max gun large knife small knife flashlights and a hobo fishing kit yes I carry a pocket knife cell phone some times a multi tool

  36. Very very very few people actually do the modular thing. Sounds like a great idea and then you dont really do it because you quickly find out only one size is your preferred option and you stick with that.

  37. Step up and fight. Join your local grass roots .org. If you have state level 2a marches join them, go see your state reps, not just hoping groups like FPC is going to handle everything on the national level.

  38. So what’s the reason and other large channels down to small channels have Patreon accounts still active? Why just go after one not all?

  39. Have you attempted to tap into DEMO RANCH massive Demolitia? I feel like the support toward your MERCH would be phenomenal and probably get you sold out in a quick matter. Your view count is too low. Talk to MATT and see what he says!

  40. 0:58 ”Patreon has claimed that they are in control of everything we post regardless of whether or not it’s on their site”

    No they haven’t. Yankee Marshal called you out on this bullshit:

    If he’s wrong, then go on one of his live chats and explain why. Or invite him on one yours. Otherwise, stop playing the victim.

  41. Patreon is not the problem you are your trying to line your pockets with money that's why you got kicked of patreon

  42. EDC: Beretta PX4 Compact Carry (loaded with 124 gr Federal HST standard pressure) riding AIWB in a JM Custom Kydex Wingclaw 2.0 holster. I also carry a spare mag in a Phlster mag carrier. Flashlight is a Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA. Knife/multitool is a Leatherman Skeletool. I also carry medical gear in Wilderness Tactical pouches on my ankle (with pants) and in my pockets (with shorts). This includes a SOF T Tourniquet, gloves, CPR shield, Combat Gauze/Quick Clot hemostatic gauze, a micro Sharpie, and some compressed gauze. I have a handkerchief and some Savannah Bee Co. chapstick as well. I will carry a Ruger LCR 9mm in a fanny pack at the gym on body with my fullsize Beretta PX4 Carry LTT in my main bag with two mags. The only thing I haven't figured out is carrying effectively in a suit and tie.

  43. I like the idea of a modular pistol chassis specifically because it's essentially a trigger pack for whatever weapon you want. My first thought when i saw the sig 320 was how long will it take for the aftermarket take to make a pcc out of it.

  44. Are savage or mossberg rifles any good idk much about bolt guns other then my father would stick his nose up at the thought of either one

  45. Thinking of the rapid fire minigun clip I wonder how well the raining brass scene from Blackhawk Down would fit 🤔

  46. Lately it's been a kimber micro 9 with wallet and keys cell phone. Ltc and security license as well as a pen and small med kit

  47. At one point I realized I was carrying just way too much stuff. So I made an effort to pare down my EDC. I've got the obvious stuff like keys and my phone (phone case doubles as wallet). I've got a PPS and a spare mag. Then I have my leatherman and a streamlight microstream all in a nylon sheath. I keep a SOF-T tourniquet in a pocket. Trying to work a bit more medical equipment in. When it is cold I have a good ankle kit, but southern heat doesn't always make that possible. Found an elastic pouch with IWB clips that I'm trying to get to do the job.

  48. Great show. Excellent on the Redhawk. 44 magnum is absolutely my favorite all around caliber. I have owned S&W & Ruger revolvers since 1985. We have used NEF & Marlin rifles for deer for a dozen years. EDC…40 or 45 Smith or G29 10mm or S&W 629 44 in woods. Kershaw knife, Streamlight, cell phone, wallet/cash.

  49. Question; Who in the heck fire is going to hunt medium size game in .224 ???? Why would u want to ? Please splain me. 😁

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