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Is the HK VP9SK better than a Glock 26?? | Concealed Carty

As most of you know, I am a massive Glock fan. But there is something about the HK VP9SK that makes my nipples hard You can cut that out, right? This pistols’ lines, grip — it is beautiful compared to the Glock which looks like a block With all the rhyming around here, man, what’s wrong with this fella? He’s in timeout Which is better Okay, maybe I was a little bit dramatic in the intro Okay, maybe I was a lot dramatic. In this video, we’re gonna compare the HK VP9 SK with a Gen 5 Glock 26 now Unfortunately, I don’t have a Gen 5 Glock 26. So we’re gonna use this Glock 26, which is a Gen 4 slide and a gen 3 frame. now why exactly do I have a gen 3 frame with a Gen 4 slide? because this is America and if I want to teach my children the wrong names for colors, I have a right to do so. First up is the VP9SK now out of the box the grip on this firearm feels Amazing. It’s one of my favorites and HK gives us the ability to swap out the back strap and the side strap to really get an Extremely comfortable grip that’s unique for you. On the other hand, the Glock 26 kind of just feels a little bit strange in my hand. The grip is very thick. It’s bulky and it just really doesn’t feel natural. Again, this is a gen 3 frame. But even the Gen 5 frames Don’t feel all that great The HK VP9 has a Picatinny rail That allows us to mount a flashlight, a laser, or even a banana. Compared to the Glock 26 which simply does not have a rail. The VP9SK has a very Low-profile bolt catch on the left-hand side of the gun, but even though it’s low-profile It’s still big enough that allows me to easily lock that slide to the rear. Now, this gun also has a right-handed slide release for left-handed shooters. The Gen5 Glock 26 does have an Ambidextrous slide lock and the slide lock lever does protrude out significantly farther than some of the earlier models — Which is a pretty nice feature. The Glock 26 has these really **** plastic sights that I hate. Compared to the HK which comes with metal Novak sites that are photo luminescent. Ryan is such a douchebag. I mean how stupid does he think he is? I mean the photoluminescence Have been extinct for like a thousand years or something I mean they’ve been extinct with the t-rex with that long neck some what’s his name the one who eats on the top of the trees, I mean That guy Ryan. He’s a douchebag. Yeah, I’m talking to you And don’t be a jerk. Buck. What’s your problem today, man? You’re my problem. Punk, you ain’t gon do about it Stick insect. Really sorry. You know, I I try to be professional around here But sometimes that inbred little piece of redneck Hey, buddy, don’t you talk about me like that. You better watch out pencil. I only went 50% on your Break shut your mouth. Buck. Your mom should have swallowed you Traditional night sights are made of a radioactive material that will glow for up to 10 years whereas the HK VP9SK Uses photoluminescence sights that must first be charged with a light source. Now this is what the lights look like without being charged And this is what they look like after being charged pretty epic The Glock 26 Gen 5 comes with three 10-round magazines. Now personally, I always Install a +3 extended base plate. Now one thing that is really bad*** about the Gen 5 Glock Really all Glocks is the ability to use the Glock 19 Magazine which is 15 rounds or the Glock 17 mag or the Glock 18 magazine I call this Glock on a stick. The VP9SK comes with two ten round magazines Now one thing that’s really awesome is the full-size VP9 mags will actually fit into the VP9SK Now the trigger on the Glock 26 is pretty much what you would expect. the take up is a little bit mushy But the wall is well defined and the break is not that bad. Now on the VP9SK, It’s pretty much the same. The take up is pretty short The wall is well defined and it breaks clean. I’ve definitely noticed that the amount of pressure required to pull the trigger Seems to be less on the VP9SK and I definitely notice that I can shoot this gun a lot faster But that also has a lot to do with practice. Hey Johnny. What are you what are you doing, man? I’m a training What are you training for? Is that supposed to help you pull the trigger faster? No, I’m training for a convention. Convention? What what kind of convention? Damn it, Ryan. Is the divorce women of America’s convention. Wow. Good luck. For years, Glock has been using a polygonal barrel But since the release of the Gen 5 Glock, we were introduced to the Glock Marksman’s barrel. The HK VP9SK comes with standard with a cold hammer-forged barrel to increase accuracy. Let’s head out to the range and see which firearm is more accurate. I’m here at the Tampa Carry gun range to compare the accuracy of the HK VP9SK With a Gen 5 Glock. Now, the only Gen 5 Glock that I have is a Glock 19. so these test results won’t mean oh well now I’ve set up my target about 25 yards away and first up we’re gonna shoot the Gen 5 Glock 19. Now these two firearms are priced very closely to each other. I found a Glock 26 Gen 5 for sale online for 559 and I found in HK VP9SK for only 507 bucks That is a phenomenal deal. If I purchase a Gen 5 Glock 26 I would immediately install night sights, install an extended magazine release, make a larger trigger guard under kyla Definitely do a grip reduction, install an extended base plate, and I’d sand, stone, and polish the internals. Now if I purchase an HK VP9SK, really the only thing that I would do is an action job Besides that, everything about this gun is pretty perfect. If I had to choose between The Glock 26 or the HK VP9SK for a new carry gun. I personally would choose the HK. script 6 scene 19. Take one.

19 thoughts on “Is the HK VP9SK better than a Glock 26?? | Concealed Carty

  1. Lol…great video. I carry a gen 5 G26. I have big hands and long fingers, it fits great for me. I haven’t seen the HK, but I love the idea of having a banana ready if I get hungry in a gunfight.

  2. Ohh boy Brother, you’re tuggin at my heart strings now. You know I own both these firearms, well my Glock is a Gen 4, but whatever. So I’d say for concealability the Glock might have a very slight advantage. Now that’s if you keep the flat baseplate on both. I have the pinky extension on my SK and a the Pierce +2 on the Glock. Soo in my case I feel concealability is now equal. Soo with that said, my Glock is up for sale currently on 2 websites…….. nuff said.

  3. Hi Ryan, Fingers didn't tell us when and where the convention is being held, LOL! Anyway, I have a VP9SK as my carry gun and love it. Only negative in my mind is the weight. Little heavy. However, I purchased a Kore Essentials Tactical gun belt and it helps greatly with the weight. Otherwise awesome gun.

  4. I have the vp9sk (OD green frame) with a tlr7 light in a tier 1concealed Agis holsters and I love it

    G26 cool but if am going to carry a Glock it’s going to be my G19 MOs with rmr and aplc

  5. The bayonet was funny but I think not practical unless attacked by monkeys 🤣🤣 But Buck n Johnny Fingers were hilarious. Ryan ur skits crack me up

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