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Is the Hi Point 9mm a piece of ?

Are you a gang member looking for the right tools for your next drive-by? Come on down to What’s up guys? Ryan here with Tampa Carry where we talk about everything that has to do with concealed carry and
cool guy stuff. Consider subscribing and click that bell icon, so you’re notified of any new videos. So today I have got the ugliest turd gun that is in existence. It’s called the Highpoint. Now, they sell these guns for about 200 bucks. Honestly, I think it’s better to just throw that drive down the freeway at 90 miles an
hour Chuck that $200 out of the window and at least you’re gonna have a good
story. Buying this gun, it’s a piece of crap, man. I really don’t like them. But let’s see how they shoot. Now if you’re gonna shoot a highpoint, it’s very important you have to hold the gun sideways like this and you also have to
grab your crotch at the same time. Okay, so. So the way you get the extra velocity is you have to push the gun towards your target. So that gives it right there probably a solid extra two feet per second. Nice. Epic. So, the guns are cheap They actually do work really well but they’re just really heavy, slides really heavy. It’s actually not much recoil But they’re just a piece of crap. Do not buy this gun, if you’re planning to carry a gun concealed. This is not what you want. There are much better options out there. The SCCY, Shield. This is not it. Now, soon we are going to be destroying this gun in the greatest torture test ever
videoed. But I need some ideas from you. Leave some comments below of how we can epically destroy this gun in a way that never been done before. and until next time, stay safe.

23 thoughts on “Is the Hi Point 9mm a piece of ?

  1. G Man!! I was LMAO watching this. You forgot one thing….in addition to holding your genital region, shooting the gun sideways, and pushing out with the arm, you also need to say loudly "GOOD GOD!! FLIP IT, SLAP IT, AND RUB IT DOWN!! YO, YA KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING BITCH?!?" LOLOLOL

  2. Shoot it with the largest caliber available, drag it through the swamp then roll it around in some sugar sand. Will it shoot underwater? Dunk it in some weird mixture of paint. Make it even uglier

  3. shoot it with another gun, drench it in gasoline or something highly flamible then have it set to a woodblock and pull the trigger with a string, use it as a baseball, attach some heavy fireworks to it and light the fuse then RUN or a stick of c4

  4. Honestly, how many dumb ass torture tests of the Hi-Point C9 are we going to see on YouTube? Dude, do something original! This Pistol shoots, very accurate..and it is affordable. Gun snobs love to shit on the Hi-Point. Guarantee you, your most prized firearm will come in last in any torture test. So..that being said..lets see you use your most prized everyday carry..and do the torture test first on that weapon..then do the Hi-Point. If you choose not to..well..then you know that your everyday carry is inferior to the Hi-Point C9.

  5. Lcp2… best edc of all time. Reliable, inexpensive, well built and you will not know it is there until you need it… love mine.

  6. Yes I’m a gang banger guess I came to the right place …and I always push my arm forward as well but gain like 1100fps/sec u gotta push a little harder( just. Kidding not a gang banger , I have work boots that are worn from …. well working or course …) get the gun wet open the slide , bury in the sand , and shoot ….. stuff the gun full of dryer lent and shoot

  7. To be honest it is a very reliable gun, Everyone cant afford a glock or a sig, Stop being a SNOB and SCCY PISTOLS ARE NOT BETTER THAN A HI POINT, Oh you just lost my sub you asshole

  8. Why buy a Hi Point that can fire out of battery and blow up when you can get a Taurus G2c that is safer with an internal firing pin block and a better more concealable pistol for about the same money?

  9. actually very functional ….. very accurate, durable, dependable…. good buy for the dollar….. too heavy and too big for concealed for sure …. but does go bang …. good truck gun

  10. It is funny how people are against Hi-Point. Some people can not afford anything else. But, I have carried Hi-Points all my ccw life, with no problems. I carry the C9 and Hi-Point .45 everyday, no one around me but my family knows that I have a ccw Pistol on me. Hi-Points they go bang when you need them to, and they are AMERICAN made. If, you take care of a gun the right way then it will operate the right way, all that talk about Hi-Points being a cheap sorry no good gun is just a bunch of hype. Glocks, Sig, and every else gun brand jams too some time. I do not just talk a good game but I carry Hi-Points everyday, I trust my life to them. In one youtube video a police exit his cruiser and gets in to a gun fight with a bad guy, but his precious Glock jams after the first shot, forcing the officer to run for cover behind his cruiser. All guns are subject to mishaps, even the so-called fan guns.

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