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Is the Beretta NANO that Great of a Pistol?

What’s up guys! Ryan here with Tampa Carry. If you’re new to my channel, we talked about everything that has to do with concealed carry guns and awesome cool guy stuff. Consider subscribing and make sure you hit that bell icon, so you’d be notified of any new videos. So today we are going to be shooting the Beretta Nano. Now, the Nano is a really badass little concealed carry gun. now and this was really designed for a concealed carry. You notice that it does not have a slide release which is typically found on most firearms. It’s very flat. There’s really nothing that can snag on your clothing inside of your concealment bag or purse. So what that means? You can’t lock the slide of the rear — which it just takes a little getting used to but it is an awesomely fun gun to shoot and as reliable as it can get. Now, the one thing that I don’t really like about this gun, Now you notice that the slide lock back on its own on the last mag, which is cool. What I don’t like on this gun is the trigger. The trigger is really long and it kind of caught me off guard just a second ago because I wasn’t expecting it to be that long and and that poor of a trigger. I’m sure that there’s a trigger job you could do or maybe even a replacement upgraded trigger. But that’s really my only complaint with the gun so far. What’s awesome about the Nano is that it is extremely reliable even without oil. So, you know most guns need to have a lot of oil. I watched a video about this pistol when it first came out. They stripped all of the oil off of it and then they fired a thousand rounds through a brand new gun and did not have one a malfunction. That’s pretty badass, you know, most guns, they have about a 500 round break-in period. So for the gun to be able to fire a Thousand rounds without one malfunction is epic. I don’t know of many other guns that could do that. Okay, so let’s shoot our little zombie guy, and let’s see if I can get left lung to bleed a little bit more. Oh, there we go. So these zombie targets are really cool. Makes for a really fun day at the range. The downside is that they do make a little bit of a mess. So make sure you’re prepared for that. I want to give a big thanks to our friends at Universal Jewelry Pawn and Gun Range. They’re located here in Brandon, Florida. Check out their website. If you’re in the area, it is worth the drive to come out and see them. They provided the Beretta Nano for us to shoot. They open up our gun range for us today. So there’s nobody else here, which is awesome and Let’s just be honest, Most gun ranges today are not very safe. But these people are really on it. They make sure that everyone is paying attention. Everybody is following the gun safety rules. So, I don’t have to worry about potentially getting shot from some knucklehead standing next to me, which is a huge advantage. I kind of like the brain. I love seeing all that blood going down his face. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. But let’s see if we can get some more to have to go down. Man, I gotta tell ya, that trigger Really kind of bothers me. It really does. So it’s just really weird. It’s not like a Glock or Even like an HK where you can pull the trigger and you feel it stop where you can take up that slack. The trigger is pretty mushy throughout the whole thing and Now what I’m trying to do to take up the slack as I pull it and I try to get it to about right there Where I feel that it’s close and then I can pull it just that hair. But man I really really dislike the trigger on this gun. All right, so we set up five little balloons out there. It’s basically at about five yards. So, we’re gonna shoot it and I’m gonna see how fast I can shoot those things and not hit my GoPro My wife will punch me in the face, she may chip one of my other teeth. I’ll share that story in a later video. All right, so let’s see. Ready? I blame it a hundred percent on the trigger. No, it’s the venom rushing going fast. So Next we’re gonna see you know, really, how accurate is this gun? I think the accuracy is gonna be okay. But I think in my Glocks that have, you know, even the factory trigger, I’ve done a basic trigger job to it, I think trigger is just a lot nicer. So, we’ll let’s see what this sucker will do. Okay. So not too bad. So that’s six shots right there. Not bad. All right, so we’re gonna try the accuracy test again and then we’re gonna aim for that square that’s up top. Let’s see what happens here. So open up a little bit more, I definitely didn’t go as slow as slow that time. So I think one two, three, four, five, six. So that’s it pretty accurate gun. I think if it had a better trigger, I think it would be a lot better. Well guys, the Beretta Nano is definitely an awesome option for concealed carry. I do recommend it but I think it’s worth investing a hundred bucks or so into a new trigger. Maybe getting a little bit of a trigger job done, but let me know what you guys think. If you’ve ever shot the Nano, let me know what you think about the trigger in the comment below and until next time, stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Is the Beretta NANO that Great of a Pistol?

  1. Hey ryan! Im looking to get my ccw license soon so is my buddy and we are looking into taking your course: ) and will you be at the shop in brandon?

  2. Chipped tooth huh G Man? You should try out for the Lightning because you will be in good company with players with missing and chipped teeth lol

  3. Keep up the good vids 👍🏽 I enjoy these cc gun reviews on a specific firearm you should do more like maybe the bersa tpr9c whould be a excellent candidate for a video

  4. You can lock the slide to the rear, just put an empty mag in and rack it back. This video is just a business plug/sales pitch (thats your business not mine) and not really about the nano. The trigger is designed this way because there is no safety. I ordered a new trigger spring and installed myself to reduce the pull weight but its not necessary (it wasn't 100 dollars). I don't think you need a new trigger. I have had malfunctions with mine as have other people because of the plastic internals and have swapped out the striker guide rod for metal (mine broke at the tip) and have had to replace the plastic trigger piece that holds to the trigger spring. My failure to eject issues have worked themselves out. What ammo did you use? I also keep it lubed. Unless I'm in a desert there is no reason to fire metal on metal without lube.

  5. Without changing or modifying any parts you can get the Nano down to a 4 pound trigger pull just by properly cleaning and polishing the internals. The pull is more akin to a DA trigger however the length of pull is not as long as many make it out to be and the pull is smooth. It really does have a nice pull to it. I have a video showing with a Lyman digital gauge that proves my claim of the pull weight for anyone who wants to check it out.

  6. I've carried this gun for a year and a half now, and I definitely agree with what he was saying. The one thing I hate about the Nano is the trigger; it's long and really heavy. I understand that it's not a target pistol and it's heavy to prevent accidental discharges, but it's heavy to the point where it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. I've found myself being more accurate using the joint in my finger than I am with the pad of my finger, with this particular gun. To this day, I find myself having to practice with it frequently because it's so much heavier than the other firearms I normally shoot.

  7. By total coincidence, I came from a Tim and Eric video to this one. Makes the first 25 seconds of the video seems a little surreal.

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