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Is Sniper OP?

*With my Apologies* Hey guys, Apple here and welcome to another video! So recently, the Razorback was announced to be banned from UGC season 20 of highlander This has been on many sniper- and spymains’ mind, and it let me to thinking… Yes, I think he maybe actually is, but I don’t think that is equivalent of him being unbalanced. What i mean, is that the amount of good picks that he can get in one life is really high- -Compared to other classes. This is because he can’t stay behind his teammates, away from the action, while still doing significant damage. The reason why he is not used full-time on competitive 6s team though- Is because he is not very mobile, and a scout or soldier may be more useful, when pushing and covering flanks. Plus, they can actually tank some of the damage and play with the overheal the medic gives them. Though if this is the case, why do I think it’s overpowered? Well- It’s mostly because of one word: Reliabilty! In TF2 this is how different classes have been balanced out. You have classes who are generally useful. That specialize in direct force. These are normal classes like: Heavy, Soldier, Demo and Scout. Then we have the supported classes that fill out the rest of the needed tasks. And Spy n’ Sniper are both: PICK CLASSES They focus on taking down key targets, so the more tanky and less restricted classes can do the rest of the work. But the problem is that the spy has to backstab players, which means he has to actually get close to enemies. That is why a spy in 6s will only get one kill, and will only be chosen when you need to kill the medic. The problem is also that the sniper doesn’t have any concrete counters other than itself You may say, APPLE WHAT ABOUT SPY XD And this is exactly the problem. The razorback! The Razorback makes it so the sniper has to shoot the sniper to kill him, which is a problem since it takes more than one shot. And if the sniper places himself correctly, it can be really hard to not get killed in the process of killing the sniper. This is why the sniper is getting banned from UGC, and it kinda makes since actually. I asked some high skilled snipers about the ban and they said all the same thing: Because positioning will make the sniper a hard pick for the spy anyway, so… Sniper, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world plus, it’s just a test, as UGC state themselves. Maybe the razorback is back, next season. I think the last thing to mention, is that the Sniper is NOT unbalanced because of this though. The Spy has other benefits. Like being a bigger distraction and of course having a sapper, which can help your teammates push and disable teleporters So those were my thoughts on the Razorback. If you enjoyed, consider subscribing and liking this video. Also, if you LOVE my videos, consider giving me a doller(or more) on patreon! I would really appreciate that :3 Otherwise have a good day, and keep getting those headshots and spamming those lenny binds. Hey Lenny, Roll the Outro!

100 thoughts on “Is Sniper OP?

  1. Please help me. I want to get into competitive and use ugv but how do i find out on how to actiall play is there a server i.p like someone plz guide me

  2. Valve fuck up today banning the razor back in highlander come on it's main use is not to get back stab by one class in the game they honestly fucked up today the worst part about this it's my main weapon at snipers arsenal this is the worst

  3. you can't say the sniper is op based on just one weapon, it's like "oh pyro has a flamethrower that does crits, PYRO IS OP LEL"

    As a sniper main I understand that it can be frustrating to fight snipers, but with coordination and teamwork, the enemy sniper is fucked, this is TEAM Fortress 2 you know

    P.S. just my opinion, this isn't a hate comment

  4. Why couldn't it be that spy is op? WHY GABEN WHY! But actually spy is badass as fuck. Along with that he actually requires skill(I'm talking to u lucksman)
    And if you get killed by a spy you won't be as annoyed because you know he was using skill

  5. This video really triggers me in so many ways..

    First of all, a spy doesn't have to get close to a combo at all to get picks, there's a weapon called the "ambassador" and most high tier spies who got good aim utilize this weapon, the ambassador opens up on so many picks that you miss out on with the knife.. Second of all, a spy should always be pressuring the sniper, spy is the most important counter to a sniper and should never back down fighting one. The razorback is not a "silent problem" it's so easy to counter by simply using your gun, but a lot of spies just neglect their gun. A spy that doesn't know how to kill a sniper is a bad one in my opinion. Using stupid comments like "oh I got to shoot a sniper more than once is a problem" is just dumb, a good spy should know how to kill a sniper before a sniper can even respond. What you should also take into consideration is that most "good" medics constantly overheal their snipers, meaning that even a sniper need to shoot twice. I actually prefer the sniper using a razorback, he can't use the jarate to assist your team in getting mini-crits, he won't be able to jarate you while invisible and 1-hit you, or use the smg and deal massive damage to scouts/soldiers that try to kill him.

  6. Any Class is OP IF ONLY you have a good aim.I have a decent aim,not too good.My tip is don't play sniper every round/game,cuz sometimes you won't be hitting your shots so switch classes and then switch back to sniper if you feel like it.It does feel phenomenal,trust me.

  7. My friend used to, and still thinks that op, means "on point" So he kept saying op when he killed a target. Rip

  8. I like your video.. Remember me when u live stream? I donated my strange spec ks rust botkiller minigun and my strange festive wrapped reviver (minimal wear) medi gun.. Welp im sorry apple if i miss some of your live stream cuz of my fucking schools homework

  9. Killed Apple playing sniper with the razorback as a spy on a Madrid Casual server around 5 o' clock on the 8th of October with the spy's weakest gun. Just thought it could be interesting 😉

  10. Oh my god, This reminds me of two solders. That where the most annoying people ever. They where basically shoving they're mike down they're throughout telling me to switch off of sniper because I kept on airshoting them. Let me also tell you this was on an Orange map. xD

  11. "Is Sniper OP"


    As a proclaimed pub man,the ability to get instakilled from across the fucking map while having no way to combat it is REALLY stupid and not fun.

  12. Scout is a good sniper counter
    Their fast move speed and verticality (double jump) can make them hard to hit, also snipers probably don't make too much attention to flank routs so a scout can easily get the jump on them

  13. I think he has way to much range, given that tf2 is a close quarters fighting game the sniper should have a certain range where the sniper only mini crits. This will fix the op sniper sight lines

  14. the sniper is really good for MVM you wouldnt think but if you got max damage it does 900 damage per charged headshot and you can buy upgrades for the charge speed so you could destroy any strong robots

  15. Oh look! another shitty spy main complaining about sniper how incredible. "sniper is overpowered" when spys can just de- cloak behind the enemy team and get easy chain stabs, talk about overpowered.

  16. 1:42

    Did you saw Yomps' mad plays on the ESEA S23 Finals?
    He dropped shade, twice, and got a pretty good chainstab on Habib and B4nny

  17. Such a great channel very well made video great amimations why great quality but no ppl are subscribing to shitty 1000 degree knife channels

  18. Sniper needs lots of nerfs

    1. make aiming move a little when idle zoomed in.
    2. moving shacks zoomed in scope.
    3. Machine nerfs, less health on wear, or damage volubility to player.

  19. k but is kind of uncomfortable / irritating for people listening to it what u can do is give stops after sentences a take a nice breath and start talking again naturally like to a friend

  20. They need to make sniper strong at long range but weak in short range. He should not be able to headshot in close range.

  21. PLS REMOVE THE DARWINS DICKHEAD SHIELD… its so op and takes zero skill the razzerbag is ok the counter is the ambasador

  22. Sniper is one of those classes that rewards skill so much that you can break the game balance. One word: quickscopes. Nerf or remove those and snipers will no longer be able to just decimate entire teams just because he spent 24 hours on tr_walkway.

  23. not my real question is ''Is Sniper OP?'' my real question ''What Does OP Mean?'' cuz im turkish and mah english is suck

  24. I think that the sniper needs a nerf to all rifles/ bows (except the classic) making it so they can't headshot enemies DIRECTLY in front of them, you have no idea (u probably do tbh) how many times I have been killed for confronting a sniper, the LONG RANGE class at point blank, I CLEARLY have the advantage, then he just looks at me and I die
    looks at me
    Sniper rifle
    Scoped in
    Did not charge for a SECOND
    This is supposed a long range weapon here
    And head shots me at point blank/very close range
    That is bullshit, and completely defeats the purpose of the SMG, and melee weapons, so I think sniper should be nerfed to not be able to headshot at… About the range that a stunball can't stun at
    Sound balanced?

  25. I would say they are unbalanced. They don't require the player to take any risks and they encourage players to hang back and let other people play the objective, while still scoring tonnes of points (if they're any good, which they often aren't).

  26. im a sniper main and i HATE the razorback. Useless in my opinion unless you are putting yourself at risk of being backstabbed, which is an idiotic thing to do as sniper. Back up to a wall as far as possible.

  27. Sniper is quite literally point and click. Im honestly done with sniper in this game its just so unfun to fight. How am i supposed to win against someone who can instakill half the classes with ease? Close or far theres NO WEAKNESS. And the fact most of them are toxic af and just are out to ruin everyones day. He requires next to nothing but pointing and clicking. No movement can save you because if theres one, theres five. Tf2 needs to nerf sniper. And BAD.

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