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Is It Okay To Change This Gun? – TGC News

This week on TGC News, Beretta updates a classic,
Sig drips grips, and silencerco is teasing us with something non-NFA. Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to anyone that subscribes to TGC
on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other place you’re watching our videos. We love you guys. Now how about some news? It seems Beretta has updated the 90 series
of pistols, finally. The gun was originally introduced back in
the 1970’s so a refresh is certainly not a bad idea. The question is, what did they do? Well I’ll try my best to break it down for
you. First of all, there are 5 new models all falling
under the 92X name. At the top end of the line, you have the 92X
performance. This one has a really nice two tone look and
has the new dovetail sights including a fiber optic front and adjustable rear, front and
rear cocking serrations, aggressive front and rear frame checkering, frame mounted ambi
thumb safety, what they are calling a match takedown lever, whatever the heck that means,
a skeletonized hammer and Berettas own Extreme S trigger. It also has a 4.9 inch barrel and it comes
with 15-round mags that have an oversized base pad. From there, you have the 92X Full Size, which
is a bit more toned down, but somehow has a larger mag capacity at 17 rounds. It also has a slide mounted safety/decocker,
slim grips, 4.7 inch barrel, dovetail sights again, a straight backstrap, extended mag
release and “enhanced fire control”. Fairly simple. Moving on from there, The 92X Centurion, which
is basically just a slightly smaller version of the full size and has a 4.25 inch barrel
and 17 round mags. Then you get into the compact versions. These have a very similar feature set to the
larger models with the exception of a 13 round mag and 4.25 inch barrel. You can get the compact with and without a
rail. Is it slightly confusing? Yep. Are they going to be nice guns? Probably. Beretta has been making a version of this
gun for 44 years so I’d be surprised if they screwed it up. Pricing for the performance model is 1399
while the full size, centurion and compact with a rail goes for 899 and the regular compact
without a rail is 800 bucks MSRP. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on these
guns. Beretta has more innovative guns in the line
up already so should we expect revolutionary updates to the 92? Or is this a really welcomed update to a classic? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section
down below. We have a ton more to cover, fire up the mini
gun Izzy, it’s time to fire rapidly! First up, in case you missed our video the
other day, the IWI Masada that I talked about on this show back in November of 2017 is now
shipping. It’s a 4 inch barrel, 9mm striker fired
gun with 17 round mags, interchangeable backstraps, an optic cut AND a modular fire control group. Kind of a round up of all the popular features
of handguns with the exception of a threaded barrel and the MSRP is 480 bucks. We did a review on it and you should go watch
it for more info. SB Tactical has a new brace on the market. It’s called the HKPDW, and you guessed it,
its for HK MP5’s and clones thereof. It is adjustable to 3 different positions
and has a QD point in the base. The only sore spot is the price tag which
comes in at 329.99 but you could always use our promo code to get nearly 50 bucks off
at. Either way, if you have an MP5 clone, this
might be your ticket. Sig has announced that they are selling the
TXG grip module from the new Xfive legion as a separate part. We covered the gun itself a few weeks back
and the tungsten infused grip module was one of the highlights of the entire thing. However, to get one of these on your 320,
you’re going to pay a premium for it. Normal 320 grip modules are about 40-60 bucks. The X5 module brings it up to 100 bucks, This
16.6 ounce variant, it’ll run you 299.99. That being said, It’s not a bad way to add
some weight to your 320 while keeping the same factory grip feel as other versions. Keep in mind it’s only compatible with full
size slides or the X5. And last but not least in rapid fire is a
teaser we got from SilencerCo. They recently had a media event, guess my
invited got lost in the mail guys? Where they showed off some new stuff including a new pistol they’re calling the non-NFA Maxim 9.. I suspect that name might get refined before
it gets fully released. Long story short, they took a maxim 9, which
is their integrally suppressed 9mm pistol, and stripped away all of the suppressor parts. What we’re left with is a fixed barrel gun
with a really large shroud around the barrel that includes picatinny rail on the bottom
and an optic mount on the top. Otherwise it’s a maxim 9 which In my opinion
was a nice gun. No word yet on pricing or when it’s going
to hit the market but shout out to Soldier Systems Daily for the super clean images. Our Guntuber of the Week this time is a relatively
new channel that i’ve been following for a little while now. He features a mix of reviews, comparison videos,
and informational type videos and they are all super clean and well done. Say hello to the Armorers Fix. Like I said the channel is fairly new, so
there’s not a TON of content over there yet. However, I’m sure you guys have plenty of
suggestions for stuff you want to see from Kyle. There is a link down in the description for
you guys to head over and get subscribed to his channel and when you do, be sure to to
him TGC sent you. Now because we’ve been hitting you with so
many long episodes lately, we wanted to keep this one nice and tight. That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us via the links in
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thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Change This Gun? – TGC News

  1. If I may suggest the next guntuber of the week it should be 'Boomstick Tactical' in my opinion. The video editing isn't always great but the content is.

  2. 92 is a nice gun but if I’m spending almost $1,000 on a double action gun I’d rather have the CZ sp-01 or p-01 instead

  3. $299 is pronounced two hundred ninety-nine, not two hundred AND ninety-nine. I know people will hate this, but attention to detail is key when forming a defense of the 2nd Amendment.

  4. Beretta could have added an optics cut, and threaded barrel. But all those models are just variations of the trusted model 92. (Which is a great gun!) Well, they did go wildly new & crazy w/ their APX models!

  5. As someone who loved the 92fs I stand reserved. It's great to see them making new things bit I'm still waiting for the 92 in .45 acp.

  6. I do not understand Berrett increasing the price so much….unless you just love BerrettS what has changed in the marketplace of other brands????!!! I mean what increases the value by 30-40%???? Don"t get me wrong I like the 92 but there is alot of compitition out there for a much lower price… why just buff up a 92 and carge cleaning owe close to 50% more for it… still looks to big to comfortably carry!!!

  7. That was always been he problem with the 92 it is just to thick for E.D.C……or am I missing someting….there are custom models available already for the price differance I would be lookingg at a Lagdon "suped-up" version…..but an imprvment will always be appreciared….the 92 is a smooth shooter!!!!

  8. Espicially since it was the 9mm that caused the military to drop the 1911!!…..I just do not understand increasing the price that much….even the storm is a competitor at thee price they set!!!

  9. I like Berettas, a lot, and the changes they are making are things I would do to my gun anyway (plus the dovetailed sights, yeah). So, even though they could have done this years ago, bravo Beretta.  I will be getting a Centurion as soon as they are at my local gun store.

  10. The 92X Performance is most notably different in that it has a steel frame, instead of the alloy frame of the rest of the lineup.

  11. These old guns just need to be made like they always have…. but with aftermarket improvements already in a stock gun….

    For example: CZ75 brand new from factory should just be the equivalent of a cajun custom CZ75

  12. @TGC care to compare the new 92x line to the Girsan Regard 92 (Turkish M9a3) retail $350-4. Beretta has 3 rails, Girsan has 4 & a lifetime warranty.

  13. On the 92 a better trigger an pic rail good. But if your gonna spend that much just buy a wilson combat 92.

  14. Despite what the milspec fan boi’s say the 92 is garbage. The SA trigger pull has so much slop and take up you could feed an entire pig farm. The controls are seriously outdated and awkward. The fact that they’re still charging you for a rail in 2019 is criminal. And you still can’t mount an MRDS….. in 2019!! Golly gee a 17 round mag, I guess it better late than never, on certain models. When the high point YC9 has more modern features than your “updated classic”…. that should tell you all you need to know.

  15. About the Beretta models….my first thought was "meh". The frame mounted safety is a step forward( or would it be backwards since they did that years ago?) and could pave the way for a slide mounted RDS. Other than that the other models are just more of the same.

  16. Those Non-NFA Maxim 9 pics were from Triggrcon range day last Wednesday, Adam was there, why weren't you? 😉

  17. That 92X Performance is definitely interesting, but I'd like to see them get the price as close to a flat 1k as possible. 1400 for a handgun is pretty insane and my gut tells me it would be a good shooter but wouldn't feel worth nearly 1500 bucks.

  18. I'm all for companies continually modernizing their product lines. The only thing I hope they don't do is go so far as to make the older models incompatible forcing me and many others to have to buy the new model if we want anything in the way of support.

  19. Now that SIG has a stiffer more robust P320 grip module, maybe a 10mm version is in the works?

    Sorry but the Military killed Beretta for me.

  20. I was really excited to see the frame safety when they released the Competition version.
    I was really disappointed to see that the standard models went back to the slide safety.
    Why, Beretta? WHY?

  21. The Maxim is the only new design I see dealing with out-of-battery-malfunction-prone full length slides. I’m interested in the non-NFA gun just for that reason.

  22. Slow motion shots of a Keltecs being shot during the intro are kind of scary. The guns looks like they're going to come apart.

  23. Beretta 92 is the smoothest action handgun sold. My 92 is accurate and dependable. If you’ve decided on striker fired polymer then buy a G. If not buy a version of the 92.

  24. I love my 92fs compact. I will be picking up the 92X compact. Mec-Gar makes 15 round mags for the compacts now, and 18 round flush fit mags for the full size and centurion.

  25. Beretta is trying to keep the platform alive. That’s smart if it is to survive. It worked for the 1911 and had Browning/FN done it for the Hi Power, they’d still be in production today I bet.

  26. I feel a way because I dropped a lot of money on my Wilson combat 92g centurion vertec and now they have one for 899. Ughhhh

  27. For the competition model to be so expensive, you can get a Shadow 2 for less and have a much better pistol.

  28. Straight back strap on the 92 is ugly. Ruins the lines of the gun. The rail doesn’t help either. Old 92’s are really easy on the eyes, the new ones with bells and whistles are not.

  29. Great videos as always, I just thought you should of made a mention of the safety change on the performance model as compared to the other 4.

  30. All I want is a beretta with the brigadier slide and vertec grip or at least slim grip like one of their other competition guns . I know they put out a limited edition pistol with those characteristics ( the 92G vertec brigadier tactical) but it was as pricey as the 92x performance !!!!

  31. Adding modern upgrades to one of the best 9mm pistols ever. Not compromising reliability, just making it a better performer and more appealing to a broader range of people. Just held a couple of versions (full size and centurion ) yesterday at a local gun shop. And with the upgrades the price was $767.00! The standard 92FS goes for $600. I plan on owning one of these beauties in the near future. Problem is deciding which one. Well done Beretta.

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