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Is .380 acp Enough For Self Defense? Federal HST vs. Ribs

Hey its Andrew with gy6vids and in
today’s video we have another ballistics test this time federal HST and 380 Oh alright guys I’ve been doing a lot of
ballistics tests over the years been doing it for about six years now
enjoying it having a blast but I’ve never done a 380 test now 380s around
that some people like some people hate I’m not a fan of it but a lot of females
out there that like to carry 380 auto and I’ve been wanting to test Radio Auto
that’s on the market for personal defense because it’s a huge market and I
want to make sure to prove which one’s the best now to start off we are doing
the federal HST federal HST rounds have been prominent in the industry for a
while now a lot of people swear by them including myself because the consistency
of penetration expansion and overall performance but I’ve never tested any
type of 3d auto so today I want to change that ok so ready to rock and roll
we have a ballistics-gel block down at 21 feet so 7 yards 16 inch gel block
sometimes you got to conceal carry something very very tiny because you’re
wearing gym shorts or something that can’t hold or conceal a larger frame gun
god this round is so tiny mag in alright and one more crap okay I shot a little
high it’s gun in my hands I mean you can barely see it this gun feels like I’m
holding a toy very tiny so the whole bond to it not easy I’m not the most
accurate this thing but that’s on me 100% but it does look to be the same
expansion when it comes through the permanent wound cavity is the same
amount of petals coming off of it and it’s identical to the other two wound
tracks it just happened to fly out of the gel block and I’m sure in high speed
we’re going to see that round leaving the gel block fully expanded second shot
does look to be almost identical and penetration and almost identical in
permanent wound cavity as well good expansion let’s see if it’s consistent
when shoots for meat ribs cotton t-shirt so we have four layers of
cotton the t-shirt doubled up on itself and behind that is a rack of ribs pork
ribs very similar to human ribs so if you guys don’t know that you do know now
we’re shooting through it let’s see what happens and see if it’s consistent oh yes whoo okay so Wow yes yes yes we
are getting more penetration than we did with nothing in front of the gel high
holy crap so not only did it go through four layers of cotton t-shirt but it
went through the pork ribs through what looks to be a rib yep it’s rib because I
can see chunks of rib in the wound Channel ripping through the petals look
to be almost spot-on it looks to be well not perfect
expansion but pretty damn close there’s one petal that seems to be kind not all
the way expand it back I’ll take it though it’s not not messed up that’s for
sure it’s just a little bit forward from the other ones but we’re blowing through
a rib I can feel that already and going through Oilers cotton t-shirt through
the gel and penetrating a half inch further maybe a little bit more than
half inch further than the shot beforehand through just bear gel I’m
happy let’s see if the consistency is there for another shot through cotton
t-shirts and rib because that’s what’s important you want consistency not just
one glorious shot so obviously it’s not testing based off of 100 rounds in gel
and hundred rounds through ribs but it gives you an idea see what happens hi there
camo yeah I’m literally aiming down here and hitting up here but that’s two
rounds back-to-back that are FM jiaying through the gel we’re probably gonna
catch in high speed this looks to be tumbling so FM gang is most likely
clogging it’s hitting the top part of the shirt and the ribs which is going to
plot if you didn’t hit any of the meat hits the top plastic section of the bag
and the front four layers of cotton t-shirt and the back four there is a
cotton t-shirt because it’s folded over up here but not down here
it’s just along the top edge right there so we’re going through eight layers of
cotton cause the round to clog and turning into somewhat of an MMJ because
the rounds not expanding back I’m sure you’re going to see that in high speed
my mistake actually benefits the video visit proves the consistency of
inconsistency when you have too many layers of resistance with the 380 round
that’s why it’s always better to go a little bit more skied a bit larger round
because you could push through a lot more layers so I always run at minimum 9
millimeter in the winter when people are guaranteed to be wearing more clothing
so let’s begin a name a lot lower and see if I can get back onto those ribs
alright and we and we hit a rib okay cool
I’m happy now it’s not around that everyone should depend upon all the time
it’s one of those guns if you have to put in your pants and take it with you
and you don’t have a lot of room for concealability but you rather have
something other than nothing 380 auto guns are very small and we need
ammunition that’s going to back that up you’re looking right around that 10 inch
mark of penetration with that last round through ribs but still perform well
still good permanent wound cavity and decent temporary wound cavity so if you
have to use 3d around federal HST are good go to they are doing what they’re
supposed to do but as you can see what those FM J’s that went through the
multiple layers of eight layers of cotton t-shirt in the plastic eventually
there’s a downgrading curve where they won’t perform so keep that in mind it is
still 380 Otto after all thanks a lot guys and with gy6 vids I appreciate you
watching make sure to check out our sponsors are
right here links are in the description thanks for watching I’m tired I’m going
home I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Is .380 acp Enough For Self Defense? Federal HST vs. Ribs

  1. OMG…is that…NEW Ballistic Gel?! Wow! Its funny how I get surprised by this when an average video made by the high end gun channels make $400 on the LOW end…Then they use the yellow shit gel you cant see shit through. Nice to actually see someone reinvest into the channel rather than just claim it!

  2. I look at it like this, I only trust my life with the best . Fuck a .380 p.o.s. I would literally rather carry almost anything other than that. But hey thats just me . You can empty your mag of little 380 at me idgaf , I could kill you with a fucking hi point C9 after it fucking fails to feed bitch

  3. 3 years ago I took a 380 crit duty to the jaw. I can say from first hand experience you want something bigger. I've been hit harder by a small frame female. Wasn't even ko'd.

  4. Train, train and train some more. Shot placement shot placement shot placement. I don’t care what caliber your using. If you don’t train and master shot placement the caliber size will not matter.

  5. I am impressed with the ballistic gelatin results, I never though much of the .380, but now this has change my mind allot.

  6. 380 is ok for up close butt I believe 9mm is a standard for self defense best calibers for self defense 9mm 45acp 40acp anything above that lil over kill

  7. My EDC's are a 9mm with 124gr +p and a naa 22 on my beltbuckle! 380 is junk compared to a 9mm and the 45acp is junk compared to the 10mm!!! Not tying to start an argument but, Facts are FACTS!

  8. I've been saying this for years. Add lubrication and projectiles will travel through gel easier and most likely farther.

  9. Since when is 10 inches of penetration after blowing up a rib or two and dragging the bone with it not enough penetration? You think your heart, your lungs or your intestines are deeper than 10 inches. Maybe your brain is deeper???

  10. That’s why I always wear 12 t-shirts and some plastic bags. Eliminate all the 380 users efficiency.

  11. I carry mine during the Summer only with FMJ. Criminal would be wearing less clothes but I still want penetration.

  12. If you worked for security company and carried a pistol which would you want the most a 9 mm or 40 between these two ?

  13. I can certainly tell all of you that .380acp is actually a lethal caliber. I live here en mexico where there is too much drug business and for this reason my neighbor got nine rounds of 380 to the face those bullets left his face totally disfigured.

  14. As a rule if you hit somebody with anything larger than .22, nine out of times times they will run away, esp if they don't expect counter-ambush. Most criminals are pussies who target you because they made a mistake assessing you, and they never expected armed resistance.

  15. I carry a bersa thunder plus for the size factor. I can still realistically carry it in my pocket and I get 15 plus 1 capacity. It’s not perfect but the barrel is a bit longer and having 16 rounds on hand even if they are .380 gives you more then enough firepower to blast your way out of a SHTF situation

  16. I actually had the opposite opinion about the 8 layer t-shirt test. The bullet went through a ton of clothing, ribs, meat, and then turned into a FMJ round and went through the gel and out the other side. That means the WORST CASE SCENARIO is that it punches a hole straight through the attacker. Best case it expands and punches a crater the size of my thumb 8-10 inches into them with lots of sharp jagged edges.
    Is a 9mm better? Usually. Do you need better? Probably not.
    To break contact with an attacker, any of those shots in the video to the chest would make someone reconsider their actions.
    If they are posing an immediate threat and you need them dead, or they are wearing enough clothing to stop a bullet, a high quality 380 should be able to land a headshot with regular practice.

  17. … 380 ??? indeed a good one too, double O7 killed his enemies with that short niner. Thanks for your presentation.

  18. I was a medic in the Army and a civilian Emt-paramedic with many GSW incidents. I was the first medic on scene alot of times and I was lead EMS calling the shots on treatments on severe incidents and GSW we called people who were DOA different we had a inside code word of DRT that meant Dead Right There. I've worked scenes with point blank GSW from 45 9mm and 380 45s we're 100% of time DRT! 380s alot survived especially if the person was on uppers. 380 produces 200 ft lbs of energy that's 270Jouls if compare getting shocked with a diffibulator delievers 300 jouls. If the bullets don't hit vital torso points it's 1000 fps 380 is survivable. Now 45 the reason it so deadly is even though it's traveling at roughly the same speed as 380 it delivers a massive shock 500 ft lbs averaging 600 to 800 jouls of energy and the bodies vascular container which is controlled by osmotic pressure is oblitorated the cardiovascular system. 9mm same thing with it's 450 ft lbs 600 jouls of shock energy and that's why 9mm is superior to 45 with it's 1200-1300 fps penetrates deeper along with it's vascular container shock factor of 600 jouls.. It's why Navy Seals use 9mm and it cuts right through 3rd world flak vests used by terrorists.

  19. Based on this test it is better for criminals to stay naked. Clothes seem to make mouse guns with Federal HST work better

  20. I think so if you have good shot placement. Nevertheless, I picked up a Dual Mag's "Carry More" holster so I can carry 2 more clips.

  21. Good video and what a great great camera! I certainly carry my LCPII when I can't easily carry a full 9mm, and I never feel unprotected with it. I'm waiting for the crazy good Fed Hydra Shok Deep to come out in .380.

  22. Anytime someone lips off about the .380 not being enough I always ask them if I can shoot them with one. Funny, no one ever says yes. Would I want to fend off a bear with one, no, not really. However I bet it would stop a mugging or carjacking pretty quick. And like others have mentioned, any gun you will actually carry is better than a big fancy one you won't.

  23. A lot of people hate on 380 saying things like you should of just bought a 9 mill but here's a fun fact in some places around the world 380 is known as 9 millimeter short

  24. I would not nor have I ever met anyone that would stand in front of any loaded gun…….22short on up
    Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock……22short beats hand to hand in a pinch

  25. On target..a pellet gun is deadly! I love my Walther .380
    Very accurate and dependable! Nice back-up! 👊🏼🇺🇲

  26. Shit in the night in your living room
    A full clip of 22s will save your tv and stuff
    But yes a 380 will kill a dude before he can hit you with a heavier rd

  27. In the past 10 years the 380 has morphed into a formidable round. 380 is 9 mm, just a lighter bullet and shorter case.

  28. I believe the greater penetration is the result of tissue lubricant acquired as the bullet passed through the meat.

  29. I’m sure a .380 to the chest vs even a .45 to the chest and the bad guy isn’t going know the difference , going down no matter what

  30. When it comes to lethal… It's all about accuracy… I guarantee you could kill someone with a 22 caliber… If I'm shooting in rapid fire give me the gun with the lesser recoil….it will damn sure be more accurate….
    People take there guns to the range and your drawn and aiming at a non moving target, and it's loud and intimatating, but I bet most people are more accurate with a great shooting 22 caliber….maybe that's why they are used for competition… Lol

  31. I'll just add my 2 cents as a older guy who has carried everyday for years. I started with a .45 1911 and then went to a G19, then an XDS .45 now I'm into my trusty 642 .38 and CW 380 everyday cause I can use them with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. For anything larger I would have to spend more time thinking about "will these shorts support a G19 in my waistband" or will they fall down like a brick in my waistband? People that carry everyday need to pick what the largest size is comfortable EVERYDAY and then learn to shoot that weapon well. Don't let people "Caliber shame" you into thinking you should be carrying a hand cannon cause they think that is the "smallest" that will work. I have shot and carry the exact round he just tested in the video and it is borderline as powerful as some basic 9mm rounds. Carry on

  32. The .380 round is definitely going to penetrate inside a body and do damage to vital organs, and I think this video demonstrates that. Are there bigger, more dependable rounds available? Absolutely, but it is hard to beat the conceal ability of a small Glock 42 in .380 for a reliable concealed weapon.

  33. 380 is the best and most practical gun for concealment. Other guns that small have to much recoil for most shooters. However i bought my mom one of those body guards, gun is trash. It is a accurate about 20 feet at most. It also has that heaviest trigger pull of any gun i ever shot! We sold it and got a sig p238. Much more accurate, and fun to shoot!

  34. My wife, who has always been supportive of my passion for firearms and gracious about my saving/spending money on them, has finally decided to start carrying. She grew up around pistols and rifles, and has shot with me plenty of times, so I wouldn't consider her a complete noob. That said, she has significantly weak hands/wrists, but is willing to work on strengthening them. Even so, I am doing my homework on what to get her.

    Of course she agrees to try out plenty of different models and calibers, but I am thankful for this video, because I want to start with .380 ACP, but have concerns about its terminal affectiveness against a crazed lunatic attack. We have recently had a number of assaults occur in our city (OKC) where the attacker was extra high on pcp-laced marijuana and targeted a woman with children.

    It doesn't happen often, but sometimes my wife goes out and about with our child and I want to be assured that if she has to ultimately double tap a predator, it will succeed in stopping the threat.

  35. A real shooter with a. 22 short pistol can make a pussboy with a Desert Eagle crap his pants. Pussboys need big guns with multiple rounds they can blindly spew like a spooked skunk.

  36. Ever watch the First 48 on A&E? 75% of all the homicides they investigate they collect .380 or .25 casings upon arriving.

  37. Love reading comments from I want to make sure I get a one shot kill lmao nope not going to happen guy strung out on dope. Most men carry the big almighty guns just for the macho coolness of it. Most on here never been in a shooting or some maybe not even a first fight. Carry what you can conceal & you are comfortable shooting don’t carry something just because Bubba has to have a damn bazooka & Glock 17 with 5 mags as backup to go to Walmart. I carry 26 most of time it’s what I like and prefer but lot of times I need to carry small & my 42 which has been nothing but reliable with no issues or my Sig 238 come in handy. But each has an opinion so carry on 👍🏻 be safe & train !

  38. Most people know the .380 is powerful enough but many reject it simply because it's not manly /macho. It's hard to look like a bad ass when you're packing a girly gun.

  39. I use Fed HST as my home defense round for my G43x. Fun round to shoot. Very smooth. Might get a .380 for my concealed carry with this round.

  40. "Is .380 acp Enough For Self Defense?"
    Yes, if defending against humans. No, if defending against a charging bull elephant.

  41. 380 had gotten a bad rap from gun heads who prolly never used one on a person before. There’s a reason why it’s still continues to be manufactured

  42. I carry a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard M&P .380 as my primary through the week due to work dress code and attire constraints and any time I'm lounging in sweats or shorts. I live in Indiana and 95 degrees with 90% humidity make it a challenge to try and conceal a firearm and remain comfortable. I also carry it as a backup in an ankle holster when I am able to carry my HK Compact Tactical.

    I can carry the gun and two extra mags (19 rounds of ammo) and weigh in at less than a pound and a half. It doesn't print in the pocket, carries great on an ankle holster, and allows me to take it into places that by policy prohibit firearms (policy NOT law). Nobody ever knows I have it, but if it hits the fan at least my and mine aren't at the mercy of a lunatic and the bureaucrats trying to legislate guns out of our hands.

    I have not been a fan of the Federal Hydra-Shok or the HST and, as a result, don't have much experience with them. Admittedly this is bias because a Deputy I worked with was fatally shot in the line of duty and carried the older Hydra-Shok in 40 S&W. The results of the shoot were miserable with many rounds not expanding consistently and, in some cases, falling on the dashboard of the car after punching through the windshield. Soon after this our agency went to the Federal Expanding Full Metal Jacket rounds for duty carry.

    At any rate, the 380 is a great choice for deep concealment needs. I run the Hornady Critical Defense 90 grain FTX. I'm not a Hornady fan boy and I don't carry anyone's water. I've just had great luck with these in all kinds of medium. For what it's worth, if anything, I run the same ammo in my larger caliber handguns and it hasn't let me down yet.

  43. The temporary cavity actually looks good for a .380acp, people need to stop hating on this round. It's usually the platform that's uncomfortable.

  44. .380 Hornady American Gunner is very good for concealed carry. Shot placement is what matters. You miss a vital organ, etc, not even .45 will do the job. Wound cavity has been shown to not be nearly as important as gel testers seem to think. American gunner in .380 will give you proper penetration. Your shot placement is what makes any round effective or not.

  45. Don't get. They are useless. If you want small get a 38 spec. or a 9mm. I've seen a ton of people shot by the 380 they run around mad as hell and drive themselves to the hospital.

  46. I cannot understand the bulllshit when it comes to calibers.
    a .22 mag in the forehead and your dead.
    a .22 in the chest will put you at rest.
    when you put the front sights on a target he is not debating the caliber just a hello to Jesus.
    use the firearm you like and can use effectively.

  47. I recall a conversation I had with my FFL one day as I was picking up a pistol I purchased. I asked him, "What type of firearm do you carry at work for self defense"? He answered, "A .380 pocket pistol." When I asked him if he felt that it might be a little underpowered, he said, "I dunno, let me shoot you in the face with it and you tell me."

  48. Thank you. I carry that gun/ammo comb on hot summer days. People put it down, but I believe it can put bad guys down.

  49. I love my old Browning BDA and have never felt under-gunned when out in public. I don't wear gym shorts or sweat pants. The pistol hides very well with my usual wardrobe. I live in the desert southwest and the heat has never been an issue. Maybe it's just me, but I've not felt the need to carry a tiny pistol. No human organs are more than 8 inches from the skin anyway. In most folks that is.

  50. Bersa Thunder 380CC, very concealable, 3.2" barrel, 8+1. I've added Crimson Trace grips to compensate for minimal sites.👍
    Wife has a regular Thunder 380 similarly equipped.

  51. Andrew, question for ya, what would cause the HST round to ONLY penetrate 3.27" into a human thigh – striking NO BONE, & penetrating only very thin dress pants, from a distance of ONLY
    3&1/2 feet, I ask because that's what just happened to a friend of mine, & my wife carries this load in her
    S&W .380 EZ. Your thoughts, ideas & opinion would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  52. Im a pretty big guy, and i carry the same ruger lcp .380. Sure i get made fun of. I carry it 99% of the time as apposed to 70% with my full size pistol. Thats just me though. The best carry firearm is the one you actually carry. Peace my friends

  53. I carry that same pistol always. It’s easy to carry and conceal. Hornady Critical Defense is one of the best carry ammo rounds for .380
    I prefer to carry this over anything else I own. The built in laser is a bonus

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