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Iraqi Tariq Pistol

Hi guys, thanks for tuning into another video episode on Forgotten Weapons I’m Ian, and I’m here today at the Rock Island auction house taking a look at some of the guns They have available for sale at the upcoming December 2014 premier auction One of the guns, I’ve found in the handgun vault here is this interesting piece It’s actually a pretty modern handgun. This is a copy of a Beretta 1951 What makes it interesting is that it is actually a Tariq made in Iraq. Now these are Probably the lowest quality copies of the Beretta 51 ever made on any mass scale But they’re particularly interesting And they have quite a bit of value because they’ve never been commercially imported into the US And the only ones that are here are vet bring-backs from Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Desert Storm campaigns now Some of those guns were smuggled into the country illicitly some of them were brought in legally It can be done legally the paperwork – my understanding is the paperwork is quite a headache and not all unit commanders are even willing to Allow it but there are some who do. So It is something to be aware of – a lot of the Tariqs in the country came in under kind of questionable circumstances But by no means all of them Now the the Beretta 1951 is kind of interesting in that it was used by several different Middle Eastern and North African countries. The other main user of this which is much more common here in the US, is Egypt – their pistols were called the Helwan and There are some – those are available both as military surplus Egyptian army guns and also some versions that were made in commercial runs specifically for export to the US Anyway, we’re not talking about the Helwans, we’re talking about the Tarik today. I don’t know the details on the importation of this one But well if we bring the camera back here and take a look at what’s interesting about it, and what’s kind of little *ugh* about it Alright, let’s start by taking a look at the markings We have Tariq nine-millimeter, made in Iraq. An interesting question that might come up is if this was an Iraqi military pistol Why would it have been marked in English? And there is no particularly good answer to that Except to point out that there is a substantial portion really of the entire world that does speak English and English is considered a language of trade and even for example highway signs in Iraq are in both Arabic and English so These were – this isn’t any import mark, this was done by the factory in Iraq on military only pistols On the other side we have some Arabic markings that translates to the name of the factory where these were produced I’ll give it a try I’m almost certainly going to butcher the pronunciation here, but it is the elta decía general establishment – iraq That’s outside of baghdad that particular factory actually makes two guns that are called the Tariq. One is this, a 9-millimeter copy of the Beretta 1951, the other is actually a .32 ACP or 7.65 millimeter copy of the Beretta Model 70 They make both guns, they call them both the Tariq. Which is a little bit confusing sometimes, but That’s what they did And the one other item of interest on the outside of the pistol is this little medallion in the grips That’s on both sides and this is a portrait of an Islamic general by the name of Tariq ibn Ziyad. That’s of course where the name comes from, he was a in Arabic Muslim general back Many hundreds of years ago He invaded southern Spain and did a pretty good job of conquering it in the early 700’s My understanding is that the island of Gibraltar is actually named after him. So Iraq produced these Tariq pistols starting in the late 1970s or early 1980s Production continued until 2003 when it stopped most likely because of US action although production did then resume again in 2009 and continues To the current day. Alright – the Tariq here is probably the lowest quality example of a Beretta copy manufacturing that I’ve ever seen Let’s go through. I can point out a couple of the rather cringe-worthy elements of quality control on this. First off You can see the slide extends slightly farther than the muzzle And we got a bit of an opening there You can see the recoil spring through. That’s not good if we take a look directly down the muzzle we can see several areas of concern So for one thing The frame down here is narrower than the frame over here The muzzle is not even close to centered in the slide up there Just all of the curves on this are pretty crudely done You can see there’s a noticeable difference in the thickness of the frame over here with the slide as opposed to over here A lot of that continues elsewhere on the gun – the web of the trigger guard, they’re just not very well made Disassembly of these pistols is pretty easy – Beretta did a really good job on the design. What we do is pull the slide back Until our disassembly lever is lined up with this cut out, then we can tilt that lever forward Take out the magazine And then the slide assembly slides off Inside the slide we have a recoil spring, which comes out, and then Our barrel comes out The Beretta 51 design uses this Tilting locking block. This is fairly similar to the Walther p38 Pistol has two locking lugs here on the sides Those lock into the frame on both sides down here Pretty simple design. It works well as long as it’s manufactured decently Some of the commercial Egyptian copies are known for shearing the locking lugs off the military Egyptian guns tend to be much better. I don’t know exactly. I don’t have a whole lot of reports of how effective… how You know the aesthetic quality of manufacture is one thing it’s not necessarily indicative of the The heat-treat and the specs on the the mechanically crucial parts. I don’t have a whole lot of information on malfunctions or critical flaws in Tariq pistols Kind of suspect they’re not that good My understanding is that these are not particularly popular even in Egypt or even in Iraq. They are still the standard military pistol for Iraq, they’re standard-issue pistol for a number of police units there as well Civilians, you know, in US employ, for example, when they have the option, generally try to get a better foreign-made gun That forward There we go One last thing to point out we have a safety up here. It’s actually a crossbolt safety Pushing to the left is safe Pushing to the right as fire, of course if you’re right-handed That works reasonably well, you can push in with your firing thumb to take the pistol off of safe Then we have a magazine release button down here So you can see there’s a cutout in the bottom of the magazine to accommodate that There we go. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. The Tariq here would be a cool addition to anyone’s collection of captured foreign military handguns, so despite the rather questionable quality of manufacture it’s gotten interest all its own because of of where it was used and when. So you can click the link below that will take you to Rock Island Auction’s catalog page on this specific Tariq and if you’re interested you can look at their description and their high-res photos and Sign up online and place a bid on it if you’re interested. So good luck and thanks for watching guys.

100 thoughts on “Iraqi Tariq Pistol

  1. is this representative of the quality of manufacture these generally have? it seems pretty odd how they put so little care into making it when obviously you need to have sufficient tools and skill to make functional internal parts. are the frame and slide made from castings, and they failed with that?

  2. Hi, I'm Iraqi person with an official public service role at that time ,I had to come in contact with this service pistol, as all officers had pistols and no rifles, the pistol you holding is the oldest version , called ( tariq large font) the worst and most unwanted version of Beretta 9mm , the reason was because Iraq was at war with Islamic republic of Iran , so shear numbers had to be produced quickly so quickly they were flowing in thousands weekly, for ill equipped and rapidly expanding military, war was not accounted for , especially against a large country with population 4 times bigger, which means larger military, the one you want to have is tariq 9mm small font, you'd be surprised , it replaced that pistol you working with, you can cut a steel pin with it @ 50 m easy , I'd lend you one if we weren't so far apart and I don't know how to send it , these locally made pieces, were modified based on service men on the field by extensive experience coming from 20 years combined experience , the country manufactured also tabuk rifle , it's a marksman rifle , half way between AK and SVD , the reason why the decided they need a hybrid of that sort , because men on the field said, ( Soviet made rifles are made to be used in shear numbers, to dumb large amount of brass at opponents, without aiming as large numbers will simply overwhelm and no need for precision, and options for mounted optical equipment is limited, so to actually aim and shoot you need to see targets and efficiently intercept , saving ammunition by shooting less, save lives by avoiding unnecessary advancing to see opponents) so tabuk rifle is longer barrel ,some are of smaller calibre, reduced recoil, mounted optics, semi-automatic, the early version used to heat up and spit bullets after 3 mags but from experience got refined, similar to what happened in Vietnam where you started with garlands, then M14 , then versions of AR until you reached M16 , hope this helps , we watch similar videos , but we rarely comment because it's a shy culture and individuals are reserved, but we only produced few things worth talking about and foremost we hate war and fighting , hope peace comes to everyone, hope you find inner enlightenment to shake off your anger , and understand how beautiful and short this life is , all love,peace and good wishes.

  3. My father was injured in the Iran-Iraq war (he got shot by a sniper). They gave him one of these, however in Arabic they engraved: "A gift from Saddam Hussein to who defended his country".
    Unfortunately it became rusty after it was buried underground in our garden.

  4. مسدس طارق ..جيد..ولكن صناعته ليست دقيقة..بما فيه الكفاية

  5. Just for the record, Gibraltar…One story goes that it is a mashup of Jebel-Tarik, and therefore named for Tarik Ibn Zeyad, but it is definitely NOT an island ;D

  6. How old would you say the gun in your video is? If Iraq 1st produced the Tariq in the late 1970's why did they copy the 951, and not the 92?

  7. instructions for this pistol….place to your temple…pull trigger…pray that it fires…avoid being captured by ISIS, al Quida, Taliban, etc.

  8. I had one that came into a gun shop I use to work in. A guy from Salvation Army brought it in. It was in a shaving kit that was donated to them, and they had no idea what to do with it. I thought it was cool, having no idea of value, I gave him $100 for it. fast forward to 4 years ago and I was short on cash, so I sold it……For $400……FML! I did shoot it a bunch, and it always worked, and was fairly accurate.

  9. I wonder if the gun was sold, and for how much. Also, from what I've seen, the Tariq was in production by the early 1980's, by which time the 92 was already in use. Why didn't they copy that gun?

  10. We had an officer deploy without a weapon to Iraq (long story!!)… fill the gap he carried a Tariq….functioned fine and pretty much shot to point of aim.

  11. I had a Beretta 951 Brigadier I bought back in 1975 for $180.00, it was my first 9mm handgun. It was a fantastic gun, well made and it turned me on to the model 92 when they came out. Had to sell it and alot of my other guns in the late 80's due to money problems. I bought another 92, this time it was a short Centurion. A great gun; would not sell any of my firearm collection I rebuilt. Would rather strave than make another mistake again.

  12. 2017بد العراق ب تصنيع افضل من هاذ السلاح ونشالله نرجع نصنع 9 طارق عراقي

  13. As usual you are very good with the Arabic markings & Arabic history but you've been misinformed about the Arabic markings on this pistol (02:53), they are identical to the English side with only the word 'caliber' before the 9mm, there is no mention of the factory name.

    You are also right about the general's name and indeed Gibraltar is named after him, namely: Jabel Tariq, meaning Mount Tariq. The word "Tariq" also literally means "he who knocks (the enemy)" and I think that's the reason for the name's use more than remembering that specific general, it just serves two meanings but there were more important people in Iraq's own history worth remembering but maybe none with such a appropriate name.

    You are also right about the road signs in Iraq being bi-lingual (not only Iraq but all Arab countries) and the passports and even the state seal is bi-lingual. All this countries were born from colonial rule and unfortunately they are still a far way from taking pride in their own history, language, and culture despite the long history predating all other cultures.

    keep up the good work 👍👍

  14. there's two versions of this gun, the one which was made during the 1970's and the one after,
    the higher quality was the older version or as we iraqi's call it ( small markings )
    this particular one was made during the economical seige and that's basically why it's bad TBH,
    Great video man. and thanks for sharing. Love your videos.

  15. There are two versions of the 9mm. The way to distinguish between the two is the font size of the Arabic writing. The large sized font is not well done the smaller font variant is the better quality.

  16. Of course I couldn't bring the pistol back but I brought the grips back, also brought home some ak furniture, some bayonets, and a scope off of an svd.

    Used and dropped who knows how many times but I got them where they were laid to rest.

    No I didn't collect ears

  17. I hope the Iraqi army weren't fighting ISIS with these things. Surely the EU or the US supplied them with decent sidearms…can someone educate me about that? thanks

  18. It never came with english on the gun iam an iraqi and on the other side is
    Tarek 9 mm Made in Iraq
    It doesnot say al qadisia 🇮🇶
    واني عراقي وعدنه ثنين تسعه طارق بلبيت

  19. Hahahaha I live up in northern iraq and we have one of these things at home hahaha it doesnt look all that shit close up. Havent ever shot it though hahaha dont think I will either

  20. بابا الله يرحمه يمتلك مسدس طارق والى اليوم اخي محتفظ بي

  21. Because it is Iraq (Arab ) its not shit. It was mass produced ,plus was first variant, look at american experience with ar-15 during Vietnam,they were shit at first then they got better. They rolled out in mass numbers to equip literary 100s of thousands of infantryman as a sidearm during the long brutal war with Iran. (War went for 8 years). Have you fired it? Ever malfunctioned or jammed up on you? No? So stfu & been so critical just cause it may come from somewhere where u think your shit don't smell. Born in Iraq or born in USA dosnt make better person automatically. How many evil sick fuckos has america breed. Fucken racist douchebags. Eat a dick. Btw,that's Saddam's silhouette not some ancient general. You Yankees remember who Saddam is right? You know,the guy the CIA(USA) installed thru 1970s coup then secretary Rumsfeld shook his hand & met him & said good things about him,then you sold him weapons to fight Iran while also giving Iran weapons via the profits of cocaine shipments to give guns to central american terrorists (iran-Contra affair) . fucken uncle Sam uh? Damn Yankees too. He creates a mess in your home then has the nerve to call your house messy. Motherfuckers. I'll sip my drink when I see Americas suburbs & cities like Chicago & Detroit turn to shit ,karma motherfuckers. Rampant drug use, gun crime (20,000+ gun related murders a year) that's worse than downtown Baghdad bro, plus widespread underage prostitution, highest prison rates, countless living from pay cheque to pay cheque & poor universal healthcare, etc etc etc . but you need people like us Iraqis so you can point your fucken fingers & say that's the bad guy! Feel better bout yourself you ain't shit, you are not better, fuck all you pricks making comments simply because of where the weapon originates from and not based on expertise, go back to jerking off & video games you wanker losers.

  22. According to soldiers who used it,it worked well. Earlier variants might've been crude but design was improved later on,there are upgraded versions you know. Crude?maybe,tough- yes. Despite the extreme heat & sand it would not jam. Havnt M-16/M4s jammed up?? So shut the fuck up.The Tariq was built tough . it did its job. (To kill the enemy reliably), not to win the world's most beautiful & advanced sidearm award. How many have actually used it,then you have the rightfully the time cause of war Iraq needed lots of them and fast, and with the GDP at the time, (1980) ,Iraq was suffering cause of the war budget, straining national finances. Wished you'd shown a better version than the first edition Tariqs. It is not a totally crap weapon. It took the USA a bit to get the ar-15 at the start of Vietnam war right which was crap rifle. Iraq experienced similar problem in the 80s.

  23. Some wrong info here buddy the iraqi tareq was actually made in England for the iraqi army and it has some Arabic engraved on it usually the name of the officer who used to own it

  24. About as well made as everything else i saw in iraq in 08-09 was hoping they would be able to get there shit together but don't look like it's in the cards for them. We pretty much gift wrapped them for iran when we left And gave berth to isis .

  25. I'm Iraqi and the Arabic writing was translated completely wrong, the Arabic is the same as the English on the other side "Tariq 9mm made in iraq?"

  26. Just two historic points about this Tariq (Tarik) guy:
    – He was not an Arab but a Berber who first fought the Muslim invaders, then converted to Islam and become a Muslim invader (of Spain) himself.
    – The geographic name of Gibraltar does in fact derive from him (in Arab language, Djebel Tariq, "Rock of Tariq") but the place itself is not an island but a mountainous peninsula. Prior to him this rock was called "Calpe" and together with another one on the African side of the strait (present-day Mount Musa) it marked the end of the Mediterranean (and of the World) for the ancient Greeks who named this landmark "Heracles' columns". The African rock, Mount Musa, owes his name to the Arab (this one was an Arab) governor who sent Tariq to (presumably die in) Spain, then found an unexpected victory, and hurried to reinforce him and join the invasion.

  27. As some have noted there are couple different quality runs depending on wartime with Iran or not.  I seen captured one's during GW1 91'  and then from 03-16' in country.  As a combat vet with lots of years in that country and Afghanistan, I will state that these work.  Other pistols used by the old Iraq Army were BHPs, PM63 Makarov's, and CZ75s.  Their Tabuk DMR was a nice semi auto DMR using a Yugo RPK receiver.  They also built a very good quality AK47 that the Yugoslavians helped set up their production plant.  I would rather be shot at by Kyber pass guns as they have a higher percent of blowing up on the shooter then the Iraqi guns.

  28. These beasts are made by Helwan in Egypt & stamped "Made in Iraq" at a "factory" in Iraq. No idea where the grips were made. Looked at a bout a hundred of these our Bn captured… one turned in lmfao. Any haji worth his salt had an FN Browning High Power.THE SAME with the Iraqi RPKs, the AK SAW. They were made in Yugoslavia & later stamped "Made in Iraq" A big Iraqi eagle as well. Yugo? they had no chrome in bore & a few cyrillic proof marks. What happens when a gun nerd goes to war =)

  29. "Disassembly of these weapons is pretty easy.."

    I legit thought he was gonna smack it against the side of the table and crack it open like an egg

  30. Are you proud of what the US military stole from Iraq You have destroyed this country and made the slaying and killing govern this country …. Under the name of democracy …. Democracy brought by America Iraq is killing and stole and looted his entire case. And because Iraq governs its killers and thieves and traitors ….. sorry for this …. I was impressed with everything you publish about weapons …. But I am angry with you ….😡😡😡😡

  31. This copy was made after the Kuwait war (Desert Storm ) the factory was destroyed in the war and repack to work after the war but with non original tools.

  32. Yo! I had one of these as a secondary in 03! Found in a cache at the zoo. Squad leader picked up a P226 in the same spot. I think he got the better deal.

  33. Ian, Gibraltar is not an Island. It is a peninsula. You are an eminence in guns, but could use some remedial geography courses.
    Love your youtube videos nonetheless 😜

  34. Crap! The question of who is your gunsmith is more the question of who is your metallurgist. Third world gun makers can ape their betters and produce guns that look and, for a short time, function like guns, but are really just junk made out of poor quality steel. They do the same thing with knives. Their countries need to grow up, and they have yet to do that.

  35. 2:56 no it doesn't say Al-Qadisiyah. it said (Tariq 9mm – made in Iraq) I know that cause I'm Arabian. it's made by Al-Qadisiyah factory in Bagdad. and some of them have only Arabic that says what it's on it now and on the right side said . a gift from the leader Saddam Husain to the protectors of the nation. and it's only given to the high ranked soliders.

  36. I don't think that Tariq pistols are still made. Are you sure that manufacturing resumed in 2009 ? I live in iraq and i don't see any law enforcement or army servicemen carrying it.

  37. Tariq wasn't an Arab, he was a Berber, although he certainly spoke the Arabic language. It's also pronounced " Tah-reck " not "Tahr-eek."

  38. Insurgency taught me that the only thing this gun is useful for is bashing people over the head with it.

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