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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Sniper kills 173 ISIS fighters – Abu Tahseen 5 war veteran

It’s now 173 And it’s going up You see this area? I guarantee it by god no one would come up Cameraman: You happy with ISIS ? I swear, I guarantee it by god when he falls This pushes him back a meter before putting him down I’m relaxed, my mind is relaxed When I get my rotation I just want to get back here Last time they gave me a month off and after 12 days I came back This is our “friends” radio *radio chatter* foreign language This is ISIS that’s attacking us Listen up oh Iraqis and Arabs They’ve come from everywhere What do you have here Here is your radio, weapons and uniforms *radio chatter* foreign language *radio chatter* foreign language Here’s your Islamic State You see it? This is the Islamic State Here’s their radio *radio chatter* foreign language Look Chechens, Afghans *radio chatter* foreign language Perfect! He’s sitting next to him right? Spotter: Yes Or am I mistaken? Spotter: No, no you’re right ones next to the other One next to the other But their heads are showing over there? Sweet Sweet Sweet Prayers to Mohammad and his family Yes! Cold water Down in the valley Prayers to Mohammad and his family

100 thoughts on “Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Sniper kills 173 ISIS fighters – Abu Tahseen 5 war veteran

  1. الشهيد ابو تحسين الصالحي افضل قناص بلا منازع اول واحد قناص بغداد وثاني واحد ابو تحسين

  2. الله يرحمك ابا تحسين الا يئتي بعد قناص عند العرب تحيت حب وحترام إلى الحشد الشعبي الابطال

  3. الله يرحمك يا بطل يا هيبه يا تاريخ 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. الله يرحمك يا بطل يا هيبه يا تاريخ 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  5. This man is a real simple hero – not like that disgrace Chris Kyle: real heroes don't lie about shit ("I beat Jesse Ventura, I killed looters from rooftops during Hurricane Katrina with my sniper rifle!) to capitalize for profit. It's ridiculous how so many idiots are calling him a hero and embodiment of "American virtues" (yeah, if lying and bragging for profit are the virtues of the Founding Fathers).

  6. Come one America your better then these terrible people that crashed in the twin towers and killed my cousin fuck you Iraq

  7. العراق مستعد لتوصيل كافه الدواعش الئ جهنم وبأرخص الاسعار

  8. This man is truly BADASS . No joke with him a killer machin . I saw lots of videos to him nocking The ratts ISIS one after another falling . If you would like to see. Ore of him just search Abu Tahsen Iraqi Sniper. You know what I am talking about. Rest In Peace Abu tahsen. May allah mercy his soul . Saloot to Abu tahsen

  9. He passed away with over 300 confirmed kills, all in the name of defending his homeland against people who misuse his religion for hatred and violence. Couldn't find a truer hero.

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