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Iraqi PMU Sniper kills 321 ISIS fighters – Abu Tahseen 5 war veteran Interview

In Russia I learned and took in the meaning of sniping and I kept this knowledge from that time to this time The number has reached, to this day since the Iraqi PMU last interviewed me to this day is now 321 Today I killed 2 and yesterday I killed 2, one of them the ISIS leader Abu Hudaifa I participated in many wars, the wars Iraq fought in I fought in. Where ever there is a war Iraq was involved in such as the Golan war or others like it South Lebanon I participated in these wars and thanks to God, to this day I have been successful in my life We started our battles against ISIS in Jurf al Sakher until today where we are in Nineveh on the mountains of Sinjar the front line between us and ISIS

100 thoughts on “Iraqi PMU Sniper kills 321 ISIS fighters – Abu Tahseen 5 war veteran Interview

  1. الله يرحمك يابطل ويجعل مثواك الجنة بكم انتصرنا انتم فخر امتنا

  2. yea bro, kill more and more, but target the necks and other parts to let them bleed and suffer for couple of minutes before death

  3. لقد استشهد الشهيد البطل ابو تحسين في سبيل الله هوه الان من ابطال العراق رحمه الله وجعل مثواه الجنه
    Abu Tahseen has died in the way of God He now of the heroes of Iraq may God have mercy on him and make his dwelling paradise

  4. 321-0 he is differently has Aimbot or hacking lol. This is why I don't play haha battlefield no more lol.

  5. Покойся с миром,Абу Тахсин.Ты был настоящим героем и примером для всех молодых людей кто покинул Ирак и Сирию.Да благословит Бог твою душу,Иншаалла.

    Rest in peace Abu Tahseen.You were a true hero and an example for young people who left Iraq and Syria.May God bless your soul,Inshaallah.

  6. I had the honor to meet Abu Tahseen or as we called him "The Iraqi Brain Surgeon" we got to speak with & also shoot at the range with him & a lot of great US, UK, Military Vets, SFO Vets, & even had the honor of a few retired USN SEALs while he was just recently at a "Shot Show" convention in Pennsylvania back in May 2018! A European scope company brought him over & I kid you not the man is SURGICAL WITH THE BARRETT 82A1 .50 BMG! He can speak some English but it's basically military chatter so he can communicate w/allies in combat but he can talk shooting in almost perfect English & when we finally hit the range of course he had an 82A1 he was using to shoot & a retired Navy SEAL from Team 2 I believe it was had brought his newer model Barrett M107A1 w/all the extras he had the 29" barrel w/fully chrome lined chamber & bore, cylindrical muzzle brake with the Barrett QDL suppressor he walked up to Abu & said "this is what ya need here Doc when your performing your head surgeries over in the box!" With a chuckle he agreed & they began chatting & he was showing Abu all the attachments, extras, the new scope, & suppressor. After a few minutes of handling the rifle Abu asked him if may shoot it & the man says "hell yes you can we brought plenty of rounds" so Abu takes the mag & slaps 10 in & smacks it back up, put his ear plugs back in, racked 1 in the chamber & proceeded to set up & it was almost like a movie scene this old grizzly bearded combat sniper with his war torn hands & thick skin begins to aim holding the rifle up against his right shoulder & as in every video you see him in places his left hand gently on top of the barrel just under the scope & gets his breathing right & a few seconds later lets 1 go, then another, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 he ejects the magazine & takes his plugs from his ears & we're all standing there in near shock BC this man just shot a rifle with all the extras that he had never even seen before let alone hold or fire & he took out all 7 watermelons, & all 3 ballistics gel dummies complete with skeletal system we had set up down range all had their heads exploded! This man is a great human, the kindest, humble, funny, easy going guy you would ever meet but after you witness his surgical precision with a rifle he's also 1 man you quickly realize you don't ever wanna be down range from as an enemy! KEEP SPLITTING THOSE FKN COWARD ASS TERRORISTS HEADS OPEN MR. TAHSEEN! I HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN STATESIDE SOON IN LAS VEGAS FOR THE BIG SHOT SHOW!!! STAY SAFE, STAY HUNGRY, & MAY GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR TEAM! 👊🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻💯

  7. اللهم صلي وسلم على سيدنا محمد و على ال محمد اجمعين”
    وهذا هو الكلام الصح ومايصح الي صحيح 👍🏽😊

  8. Your iraki shia would lose to ISIS if Amerika didn't provided you with tonns of weapons! So dont talk shit by saying amerika is supporting Isis with weapons!! You were those who crawled to your masters and begged for help!!!

  9. This old man fight for his country while young men runaway and taking advantage of welfare in Europe. Shame for immigrants.

  10. May Allah have mercy on you I fought for the sake of Allah and the homeland of my mercy to the martyrs of Iraq💔😭

  11. In Afghanistan or Iraq once we got intel we were dealing with a serious threat like this man shit got real. His skill makes him a target and we’ll blow up half a village to get him. These are the guys with a shit eating smirk when we catch them sometimes even when they’re dying. You can’t help but respect them.
    (Usually all the “innocent” people of the village leave before fighting starts especially women and children, it’s an afghani thing so don’t get upity about civ cas)

  12. In thinking to write a book about him. A short one summarizing his beginning and ending where he died with dignity.

  13. This man is a real simple hero – not like that disgrace Chris Kyle: real heroes don't lie about shit ("I beat Jesse Ventura, I killed looters from rooftops during Hurricane Katrina with my sniper rifle!) to capitalize for profit. It's ridiculous how so many idiots are calling him a hero and embodiment of "American virtues" (yeah, if lying and bragging for profit are the virtues of the Founding Fathers).

  14. Love you Iraq love you Iraq love you Iraq..
    Curse on America and curse on India who promotes terrorism in other countries

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