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U.S President Donal Trump stated that the
U.S has identified 52 Iranian sites, some “at a very high level & important to Iran
& the Iranian culture”, and warned they would be “HIT VERY FAST AND HARD” if Tehran struck
at the US. The president said the targets represented
52 Americans who were held hostage in Iran for more than a year from late 1979 after
they were taken from the US embassy in Tehran. The remark came after the U.S. military confirmed
two rocket attacks near American facilities in Iraq and an Iranian official said at least
35 U.S. targets, including warships and Tel Aviv, have been identified for retaliatory
strikes. In many scenarios, a strike whether initiated
by U.S or Iran will involve fighter jets and this will pit the fighters of the two counties
against each other. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
Iran’s Air Force will meet the same fate as in 2013 when its F-4 Phantoms were taunted
by F 22 Raptors ? Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
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bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. In 2013, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little
had said that an IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) F-4 Phantoms attempted to
intercept a U.S. MQ-1 drone flying in international airspace off Iran. As reported back then in March 2013, one of
the two F-4 Phantom jets came to about 16 miles from the drone at one point of the engagement. At this point, they were broadcast a warning
message by two American planes escorting the Predator and they broke off from the pursuit. Viewers may note that Pentagon had decided
to escort the drones conducting Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) missions
with fighter jets after two Sukhoi Su-25 attack planes operated by Islamic Revolutionary Guard
Corps attempted to shoot down an American MQ-1 few months earlier to this incident. On Sept 17, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh
provided details of the episode involving the F-4 Phantoms. He stated that the fighter jets providing
HVAAE (High Value Air Asset Escort) were F-22 Raptor. Now comes the interesting part. He was quoted as saying “He [the Raptor
pilot] flew under their aircraft [the F-4s] to check out their weapons load without them
knowing that he was there, and then pulled up on their left wing and then called them
and said ‘you really ought to go home” So according to official communication, the
Raptor was able to sneak in to the F-4s undetected and F 4s were basically sitting ducks for
the Raptors. The F-4 Phantom II is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine,
all-weather, long-range supersonic jet interceptor and fighter-bomber originally developed for
the United States Navy by McDonnell Aircraft. It first entered service in 1960 with the
U.S. Navy. It was later adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps
and the U.S. Air Force, and by the mid-1960s had become a major part American aerial force. The Phantom is a large fighter with a top
speed of over Mach 2.2. It can carry more than 18,000 pounds (8,400
kg) of weapons on nine external hardpoints, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground
missiles, and various bombs. It was designed to be an air superiority fighter
and was used extensively during the Vietnam War. During the 1960s and 1970s, the U.S. and Iran
were on friendly terms and America sold 225 F-4D, F-4E, and RF-4E Phantoms to Iran. After the relations between the two counties
nose-dived, America refused to provide parts and maintenance support. Iran has managed to keep around 40 of these
jets in working condition, mainly by cannibalizing parts and reverse engineering. In 2014, it was reported that Iranian F-4s
were used to conduct air strikes on ISIS targets in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala. F 22 Raptor is the most sophisticated fighter
jet in the world. Even after around two decades since its deployment,
there is nothing to match it. It is the first operational aircraft to combine
super-cruise and super-maneuverability. Supercruise is the ability to have sustained
supersonic flight without having to use the highly inefficient afterburners. With this F 22 can intercept targets which
subsonic aircraft would lack the speed to pursue and an afterburner-dependent aircraft
would lack the fuel to reach. F 22 incorporates super-maneuverability with
which it can pull off demanding maneuvers like the Pugachev’s Cobra and makes it an
excellent close range dogfighter. F 22 has a very powerful radar. There was no budget limitation when the AN/APG-77
radar was developed for F 22 Raptor. No compromises were made and this keeps it
at the top even today. The AN/APG-77 radar features a low-observable,
active-aperture, electronically scanned array that can track multiple targets under any
weather conditions. It has a range of around 400 km against 1
m2 target. This radar can also be used for electronic-attack
by focussing its signals on the enemy to overload their sensors. The radar changes frequencies more than 1,000
times per second to resist jamming and have Low Probability of Intercept. Low Probability of Intercept means the enemy
radar warning receivers are not able to detect that a radar lock has been achieved against
it and hence opponents have little warning of an impending F 22 attack. F 22 Raptor is developed from grounds up to
be stealthy. F22 is actually the stealthiest fighter ever
build & has very low RCS (Radar Cross Section) of only 0.0001 m2. It achieves this due to its structural design
as well as the use of Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM). It can’t be detected by most radars. Even if detected there is no radar that can
track and get a lock on it properly which is must if a missile has to be guided to hit
an F 22. A full-scale military conflict against Iran
would see the United States trying to cripple the Iranian air force to gain air superiority. F 22 will be the tip of the spear for such
an onslaught. Raptors will certainly see aerial duels with
F-4 Phantoms as the Phantoms make up a significant portion of Iran’s air capability. F 22 is a fighter which is two generations
ahead of F-4s. It is the crown jewel of American Air Force
and even today it can’t be exported to any country as per Federal Law. In the decade since F-4s were provided to
Iran, there has no enhancement whereas F 22s has seen significant upgrades. This makes the gap even wider. Also, the American military has the complete
idea of the capabilities of F-4s whereas Iran has little knowledge about the Raptors. It is most likely that the situation encountered
in 2013 will be repeated when an F 22s takes on F-4s. The F-4 pilots will have no idea about F 22’s
presence as the radar available in the F-4s is almost an antique one. But few things will change this time, F-4s
will be shot down unlike last time. Also, Raptor pilots will have no incentive
to move in close for weapon inspection and they will knock out the F-4s from Beyond Visual
Range (BVR). Here the long-range AIM 120-D missiles will
come into play. The missile guided by the powerful AN/APG-77
radar is expected to have a very high kill rate against a large non-stealthy fighter
like F-4s. All in all, we can say that the 2013 encounter
can be taken as an indicator of what Iran may face if it goes to war against the United


  1. I always find it amusing how YOU PEOPLE blow up an obvious mismatch, and deceive your readers. America has the biggest baddest military, compared to Iran…but America has no hypersonic missiles (RUSSIA AND CHINA ), they are working on it, meaning by the time they have it, there will already be a defense to it), Poseidon underwater missile drone, RUSSIA, Longest range and fastest missile in the world, CHINA.. LARGEST Submarine, RUSSIA…Lazer weaponary, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA…biggest military CHINA…I firmly believe one must know their enemy to defeat them, that way you choose your enemies wisely……I see why you boast of attacking a smaller weaker nation….and THEY DO TOO…attacking the weak is a sign of weakness, unless you bully

  2. That is a pretty funny story, and I'm sure the F-22 pilots had a good laugh. I love the F-22, as well as most of our other fighters. However, for what it was at the time, I can't say anything critical of the F-4 because it's still one of my favorite planes. Yes, it had some issues, but it's still a beauty, IMO. In the present day, it would be a very amusing, albeit extremely short, engagement if they sent up F-4s to tangle with an F-22. I'd really hate to see any of those classic planes get blown out of the sky.

  3. The most important question is, what about the Patriot defense system? Iran reached a base and hit 100 meters from the US embassy

  4. The F-4's and F-14's can kill F-22's stealth means fuck all the F-14 and F-4's holds more and with jammers and DRS the 4 missiles from the F-22's will have a hard time hitting the F-14's and F-4's will the F-14's and F-4's can hold over 8 missiles per jet.

  5. The Radar in the Eurofighter is more advanced then the F-22's radar and the Radar in the F-22 had help in the Design by the UK but the Eurofighter has the Best Radar.

    Stealth means fuck all in a real fight what with Jammers and DRS stealth is weak cause BVR Missiles have a bad hit rate at distance puls the F-22 does NOT have the best BVR Missiles the F-22's still use old ARMMS the Best BVR Missiles are the British European Meteor missile.

  6. And after Iran attacked us, Trump did like he's done with North Korea: put his tail between his legs. And when are his supporters going to realize all he does is destroy what others have accomplished then turn around and do the same thing–then say he's the one that should be congratulated. Just wait until he begins a new nuclear arms deal with Iran and say Obama's was shit and needed to be re-worked.

  7. I wonder what makes u even compare it. F4's are old. Are you really stupid or acting stupid. Iranian aircrafts are not a match for Amercan New Gen combat aircrafts such as F35, F22, F18 super hornet, F16, F15 and so on.

  8. That just shows the power of the F-22 . My guy rolls in close enough to put a parking ticket on their windshields without them knowing. 2 F4's, not 1 but 2. Has a giggle at the f4's weapon load? Then my guy hits them up on the party line and tells the f4's to fly home?!? I'm ded ;-D

  9. Iran, the same country that accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane with a Russian-made missile.

    Remember when Syria accidentally shot down the wrong aircraft (Il-20) using a Russian-made missile?

  10. The Iranians are obdurate and annoying but one thing they are not is stupid. The Revolutionary guard pilots would confront the USAF if ordered to do so. They are true believers and do what they are instructed to do despite the futility and their inevitable defeat. I cannot see the Mullahs wasting them in such a way.

  11. 🇮🇷 vs 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇹🇬🇧🇨🇦🇪🇸🇵🇹🇸🇪🇫🇷🇫🇮
    What a joke all I can say is bring on
    Suckers it will be the Shortest war ever

  12. Iranian ballist/ cruise missile and drones VS US Patriot, NASAMS, Phalanx C-RAM…..oh wait…"Houston we have a problem"…

  13. Why cant the US make Iran to Leipzig from 1944? After that make free elections and make it to a perfect democracy like germany is today?

  14. Nah Iran has a shit ton of drones and a bad ass air defense system they won't need to dog fight with us in the air

  15. This is kind of a ridiculous comparison. It would be very unlikely ANY 4th gen fighter would have a prayer against the F-22, much less one as antiquated as the F-4. It really doesn't matter who's flying it.

  16. The F-4 Phantom was not designed to be an air superiority fighter. It was designed to be an Interceptor, it wasn’t nearly as maneuverable as several other planes that the US had available to purchase, including the F-8 and it’s upgraded version that could carry missiles. Don’t recall it’s name off the top of my head, Might have been the F-108, I’ll have to go back and do my research again. That said, it wasn’t that bad of a fighter, just not as nimble as a MiG 21…..

  17. If America attacks all Iran culture sites it will be a war crime under Geneva convention its law!! America will become the enemy of the hole WORLD!

  18. When Iranian pilots are briefed about what they will encounter when the commanding officer mentions an F-22 Raptor they think he is telling them that they will be encountering a Flock of 22 Raptor's (Hawks, Falcons, etc..) and that they should try to avoid a large bird strike….

    Boy are they surprised when they see those birds!

  19. Its nice to have a president that doesn;t apologize for America but warns our enemies what will happen to them if they take us on.

  20. Wow the channel must have figured out people realized this one of 10 identical russian channels because this is the first video that uses “the” before “f22”, not perfect but getting there. Now they just need to change the intro and bot voice for each channel and they will be set.

  21. after 8th january 2020 amurican army is a meme,) those clowns didn't even tried to intercept those R-17 "Scud" knockoffs. gazillion dolla "economy" can't afford to build stuff capable to intercept junk from 60's )

  22. so basically what you wanted to say, is, after reviewing the 2013 encounter between Iranian F4s and American F22s, Iran and Russian now have precise details of the F22 radar signature. I bet its similar to that RQ drone they shot down.

  23. American troops and material are sitting ducks in Iraq, Iran can attack them at any time with out warning. The F22 on the ground is as vulnerable to attack as a Cessna.

  24. So if you cannot detect, track, and get a radar lock on a target 5 times smaller than a drop of water from 200+ kilometers away you might not want to pick a fight.

  25. u know iran toke down RQ-4A Global Hawk the drone designed to be stealth and they told us no one can hit it and it cost more than f35 but iran toke it down so ez.
    i think these days planes are useless now only missiles.

  26. Remember that scene in “The Final Countdown”. Splash the Zero’s. I’m trying to get a visual…….of those wonderful F-4’s……………such a shame,,…….they do burn well though! No more parts from that one.

  27. If the F-22 is 20 years old and still on top, imagine what they either have or are working on now that they won't let you see

  28. I like your sponsor of War Thunder, it shows the accuracy of what players will go through compared to others using top MBT’s as their sponsor for War Thunder

  29. F22 should not fight the f4 ; it like when some Honda pulls up to me in my 440 cubic V8_Dodge and wants to race. Pffft

  30. don't think that any Iranian fighter a/c will make it up to encounter the F-22s as the B2s and B-1s will destroy the airports before they have a chance to fly

  31. Yes my fellow mullah bruddahs! Do not taunt the Yankee infadels and their lil orange man. You will end up with a hellfire missile shoved up your arse like me. DIRKA DIRKA SHERPA MOHAMMUD JIHAD!

  32. Something cool about how they kept those jets running after all these years. Its like they created an American time capsule.

  33. you warned iran not to retaliate because you will strike them full they hit US military bases with ballisitcs missiles accurately and destroy sophisticated and billion dollars of military equipment. This only SHOW that with missile barrage of ww2 missiles US Worlds #1 air defense system patriot is USELESS. you better be careful of iran sending worlds #1 stealth fighter F35 will end up pilot parachuting in iran soil. This is the reason trump standing down they get shocked what iran can do

  34. People like to think the US military is very highly sophisticated and invincible. This mentality is highly dangerous.
    Treat Iran as a country with an advance and fairly sophisticated military.
    They have after all intercepted US drones and commandeered some of them to land.
    It would be silly for such commentator to pick one item and treat it as Iran's weakness.
    Don't be fooled.

  35. if the Iranian airforce is to have even the "slightest" chance against the usaf, they should go for the latest Migs and Sukhois. Note the word in quotes. Don't nobody give me the superiority talk please.

  36. This is a joke right!? It’s like putting a B-52 vs a F-22 raptor! Who the hell would think it would have any chance at all to stay alive let alone win…

  37. This is a Hollywood movie,Iran wouldn't use air force incase of a war with US, just precise missiles will do the job,they can hit all US bases around middle East,soon they can reach Guam too,US can't defeat Iran by putting boots on the ground

  38. IRAN 🇮🇷 is the only country Humiliated and slapped on America face and will defeat America. America is the world’s biggest criminal and terrorist creating regime.

    God bless IRAN 🇮🇷 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  39. US better watch out because Iran has a secret weapon & they may be forced to unleash it on unsuspecting F-22 Raptors. It's called the Qaher-313 😂

  40. Dali je pametno stalno izazivati Iran da lansira masovne napade putem raketa srednjeg dometa da tjera US vojsku na 1000 km od Irana!?Naravno da nije!?

  41. Its funny point when F-4 Phantom ntoum are struggling against F-22 raptor in sky (I think its not occurring because iran until now its policy is serving policy USA files in middle east from behind garden of white house of USA)but in my emotion I like USA crushing Islamic terrorist authority of Iran

  42. Wait… doesn’t Iran have the ultimate weapon that scares Americans to poop their pants, the mighty, powerful, cutting-edge 5th generation fighter TAXI- Qaher 313???😤

  43. Do remember that they have F-14's, which are barely faster than the F-22, but slower than the f-15. If they know how to make that tomcat howl and roar, it can put up a really good fight.
    But we have topgun, so its going to be hard for them, if they have the equivalent of topgun.

  44. Iran: We will attack the US with cyber warfare.
    US: Welcome to funny meme world
    Both: Forgets about impending war, too busy sharing funny memes.

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