IOF .32 Pistol Review |Detailed Honest Review|

hello there this is a detailed review on the Indian ordnance manufactured 32 ACP pistol also known as the Ashani pistol or is it a Ashani never mind that let’s get to it , The Pistol comes inside a awkward-looking box which is just a traditional jewelry box more than it is a gun box . Inside the box, there is the Pistol, The Spare magazine, the cleaning brush with a rod and a poorly written user manual with no proper instruction on how to maintain this pistol ._.’ well that is probably built by keeping in mind that a casual gun owner in India would not be shooting more than 50 rounds in one year from this pistol ._.
(RIP Gun Rights) has three safeties on it ,
the grip safety the magazine safety and a manual safety switch so yeah basically that makes it one of the most safest ahhhhh….not really Modern…. but one of the most safest antique guns to be concealed carried around with you. Ordinance Factory has taken a lot of design components from two different pursuits from back in early nineteen hundred’s most of the gun is a copy of John Browning’s FN 1910 and cold 1903 both were designed by John burning himself so basically most of the gun is based on a striker operated hi-tech handgun from 1910 that was the FN 1910 but the dumbest thing over here to do is to put a concealed carry (consealed Hammer) trigger housing from Colt 1903 on this one.
But even the greatest sin over here was done by the person at the IOF at that time who chose a concealed carry hammer operation over a striker operation all those that do not know the difference the striker performs the linear movement in the immediate vicinity of the barrel axis thus no tork or tilting movements are generated inside the pistol unlike the hammer system so in layman’s terms a striker operated weapon is more accurate and in certain conditions more reliable than a hand operated gun the magazine capacity is a Truong just like a 30 on ar-15 magazine takes in 31 roms you really have to cram the last one in there but I usually just load it with micro-sim rounds at most it’s not that bad of a capacity but if you’re in a defense situation where you need more than eight rounds you may want to reconsider your life choices while fighting about a humdrum from this pistol in today’s the only issues I faced were because of before the ammunition most of them were due to be primary caps coming off when the rounds were fired the other issue was the slide failing to eject peepers properly but that’s because there was not enough chamber pressure generated from the wrong fire to properly cycle the slide now a lot of people complain that the pistol or the magazine has feeding issues but honestly the one that I got has no such design flaws because those feeding issues but yeah this is kind of what I imagined people do when they complain like this the only noted failure in the special that I’ve seen so far is how it has been assemble the headless locking pin or the rivet pins whatever you call them holding the firing pin and the ejector they get loose frequently and that’s kind of annoying if the locking pin holding the extractor in place comes loose it will just jam the slide in open position and that’s going to be very hard to fix it you’re going to have to send the pistol back to the factory or you’re going to have to beat the shit out of the pistols in a specific way that will generate in a soak in certain direction and place to fix the jam by a miracle there are also some complaints about the cap of the book holding the return spring or the recoil spring coming off when firing the pistol but that’s something that cannot happen unless the locking lugs on the cap or the slide break off or the cap was not properly installed or locked in the slide I think some people take a filer on the live roms and scrap off the rim a little bit but that’s absolutely ridiculous they do NCP is a semi one cartridge and it is supposed to have a slightly wider rim than the rest of the bullet not even from the first look it is easier to table that the people working on this pistol were not paid enough to do so or they were just being forced to manufacture them especially considering the customer is paying over ninety thousand rupees for a unfinished product while looking closely inside the Bell I did notice some scratches on the rifling which is something definitely that should not be there but yes there are some scratches in there working or ballast and near that directly does affect the accuracy of the gun the pistol is not really meant to be fired straight out of box the CNC machining or however they manufacture it was so bad there was still metal debris stuck in the barrel the action slide everywhere well of this particular one looks too bad the cut for the chamber the dry swing and even the other finish of the ball looks like the Ordnance Factory was getting it manufactured by unpaid slaves awful slaver I’m sure even thought mine was built by forced labor of slaves but they did a lot better job than then the factory claims that the range of this pistol is about 18 meters but across me it is not accurate at all especially because there is no sighting system on this gun the cleaning or the maintenance instructions that came along with this gun are too amateurish and as a expert on small arms I can assure you it’s definitely how not to clean again when using a brush and it was the correct way to insert the rod would be through the chamber and rather than the muzzle end of the gun that’s because the muzzle end is the most important part as well as it is the last point of contact people it is going to have this oh it’s on its own the muslin therefore decide how the bullet is going to fly through the air and where it’s going to have impact on the target slightest damage over here can have drastic results and accuracy now the general disassembly or the field stripping of this pistol requires no tools at all if you want to just clean the slide and the lower receiver you don’t need to dismantle deeper it’s just a few simple steps first you need to make sure there the gun is empty remove the magazine now wreck the slide charging the hammer pull back on the slide to the point where the curve on the slide and the chamber and meet up now rotate the valve in five o’clock position and remove the slide from the lower receiver and to put it back it’s the same order the pistol is after all not that bad built but it does have some force but it will do its job when it needs to consider doing few facts like the locking pin stay in their place and any other factors but for ninety thousand it is all you can get in India unless you import a pistol now at the cost of two boxes of 32 ACP I’m oh I could just import through long rifle ammo about 500 of them other than that like comment or share on the video and do tell me what does it like see on my video I mean other than air 15 no parrot 50 BMG or you know the because like that I don’t really have access to them so any other guns available in India please tell me if you want to see me do a review of them and I’ll do it or at least I will try to do it

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