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IO M14 Nano AK Pistol

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms, here. If you haven’t seen this little AK pistol
before, I want to introduce it to you now. This is the nano. It’s called the Nano Pistol by I.O. Inc 7,62×39
caliber. It’s an AK 47 pistol except all [inaudible
00:00:21] mags and drums. It comes with a quad rail on the fore end. It comes with a very unique proprietary muzzle
break. It’s got some high quality features like you
would see on the rifles, such as the bolt hold open type safety is the way it comes. I don’t know that that’s a Hogue brand, I
don’t want to do disservice there, but it’s a Hogue type grip, a very rubbery, sticky
texture, nice grip to it. We like that. You can see the quality in this little pistol. Military type sales have fallen off since
the election, but ironically, AK type pistols and AR 15 pistols seem to be holding steady
if not rising. They’re doing very well. We have a quantity of these nanos in. We wanted to show them to you. A couple of things that I want to be very
clear on. This particular one, and I’ve noticed everything
we’ve seen in this group, still incorporates the tang on the rear of the receiver. I don’t know if they’re leaving that there
for the use of a stabilizing break or what, but these do have the tang on them as you
can see. Dylan’s running the camera. He set this up for me today. This particular pistol came with two mags
and it came with the rubber inserts for the quad rail. Now sometimes, we’ve learned from experience,
we’ll put out a video and say, “Hey, this weapon comes with two mags. It comes with this, comes with that.” Then the manufacturer or importer will change
up on the next shipment, so all that we’re guaranteeing is a nano pistol with one 30
round mag because there’s no telling how they’ll be coming to us packed in the future, but
we did get another box. Dylan, come on in here and at least for this
shipment, and today is April the 5th, 2017. At least for this shipment, this is the way
they’re coming to us. Let me turn it around so it’s facing. You can see you have the nano pistol in the
box, the quad rail covers, and two 30 round mags, as well as some type of flyer, and warranty
card, and manual, and so forth. Folks, we’ve got them in stock right now. They’ve been really hot. If you want a nice little AK pistol, this
may be the way to go. We appreciate your business and thank you
as always for being with us at

12 thoughts on “IO M14 Nano AK Pistol

  1. April 5, 2017 – ORDERED !!!!   I got this to compliment my  C.A.I. C-39 Micro AK 47. I have ordered lots of guns and accessories from Classic Firearms. They always ship fast and arrive fast….excellent company to do business with.

  2. Wow the AK buttstock would turn that pistol into ATF fantasy!!! 😂😂😂😂

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