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Invisible Weapon | The Allstate Foundation: Purple Purse

If I limped onto the court, you’d notice. If I had black eyes and broken bones, you’d
notice. If I had marks on my arms and fear in my voice,
you’d notice. It’d be easy to see that I need help, to
know something was wrong. But what about the abuse you can’t see? Join me in helping Purple Purse on our mission
to end the cycle of abuse.

5 thoughts on “Invisible Weapon | The Allstate Foundation: Purple Purse

  1. Any links to resources for actual and specific help, not just general national hotlines? I can only find links to donate to Purple Purse.

  2. I’ve always looked up to Serena Williams as a strong and beautiful woman. She is a great role model for our human generation. Allstate always works hard to educate not only their policy holders but also the public. This video meant so much not just for survivors but for anyone who could possibly face these type unfortunate circumstances.

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