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Introduction to the Alexander Arms Highlander AR Pistols #560

[SFX] hello folks is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock
Reviews we are here in beautiful Gunsite Academy and Paulden Arizona
I’m glad to be back in our home range and I don’t know if you noticed that
until now we have never done a show on ar-15 or MSR style pistols why I guess
we never found one that was interesting you know for me I know I had to be
excited about something well that is until now
Alexander Arms has taken the AR 15 pistol industry to a new level
why check this out this is a AR 15 pistol and 50 Beowolf
which is a caliber that is just freaking amazing
it makes the 50 action Express look like a 22 long rifle and they also have it in
the very super accurate and effective 6.5 Grendel and actually if you want to
learn more about the 6.5 Grendel I’m gonna put a link in the description
about a great article that came out a few years ago describing the whole
history and how the 6.5 grain Rendell came about and how it came to be what it
is today so we’re going to be talking about both of these pistols they all
come thread it from the factory so you can put a suppressor or compensator or
any muscle break or attachment you want of course they come in different colors
they come with seracote finishes and all sorts of colors this one happens to be
fde but they come in this one is black this one is just black anodized and they
come in with a really nice aluminum handguard that you can put M lock or
any attachment you want this things are super cool this one again is threaded to
the receivers are very high quality receivers they make them they have their
own main and course comes with different grips and brace configurations this one
is the SB tactical brace which is really cool and it’s adjustable put
your arm or in a yes is legal to shoulder so at this time it is this one
I throw in aimpoint scope on it just to do some test firing with it and you
might think how nasty is it to shoot a 50 Beowolf through this pistol well
let’s go ahead and shoot it here pretty soon and i’ll tell you more about it so
what i want you to do is i want you to take a look at all these we’re gonna be
doing specific videos on each caliber each firearm and so you can get to know
more about them and what the effective uses of them are so we this is just an
overall of both pistols but we’ll do some more stuff with them let me shoot a
couple of rounds and see how we shoot guys you know that i just couldn’t talk
about the firearm without shooting at least a couple of rounds let me go try
and shoot it this is so cool it doesn’t have a
doesn’t have a compensator and it feels like a 12-gauge shotgun I can’t wait to
do a full review on it so stay tuned for more reviews coming
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5 thoughts on “Introduction to the Alexander Arms Highlander AR Pistols #560

  1. If you like the 50 Beowulf, check out the 500 Auto Max. They both are very interesting calibers for their niche.

  2. Really want one of these I’m afraid of misfeeding probs jams etc. I’m not saying Alexander Arms does it’s just I have no luck with niche rounds guns. I wanted 458 socom so bad and went through two different manufacturers both at pistols were garbage had three desert eagles 50,44 and 357 all garage just scared to try 50 Beowulf pistol 500 auto max or 450 bushmaster hate spending cash on firearms that don’t perform I’ve been literally eyeing one of these for 6 months

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