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Introducing the Next Generation of Air Rifle Shooters with Paul Relf

Hello, I’m Paul Relf and this is Dylan Relf. We like shooting air rifles, especially Air Arms. we’ve been doing it for a couple of
years now and I’d like to talk a little bit about how to get your kids involved. I first got into air rifles when my dad bought me my first one. I was shooting
archery for quite a while, field target archery. But, I broke my arm, so my dad got me into air rifles. He was trained by the army, so he told me how to
shoot everything safely and just make great memories and I wanted to do the same with Dylan here. When he was about three or four I bought a Nerf gun, that’s how I
first started introducing him to safe gun handling. Doing it this way you’re
making it fun for them and it’s a great way to get them started. Teaching your kids outdoor sports is important because I think it’s very easy these days to
just sit at home and do nothing. But, the problem is you’re not give them any
memories. Some of the best memories I have my childhood is going out with my
parents and plinking with an air rifle or even back when it was archery. It’s just
the best and to give that to your children as well is in my view very
important. Just to get outside and just have lots of fun together it’s great for
bonding and just general having fun. Anyone can take it up it, just gets you
out and about doing an activity just a change from the norm it’s perfect, anyone
can do it at all, anyone. Any advice I would like to give to parents or anyone else who wants to get involved, just do it slowly and gradually to start off
with, then when you think they’re ready you can then graduate up to air rifles.
You can get some brilliant small air rifles now that specifically meant for
children. First start by teaching them how to shoot groups because unless they
can shoot a group they won’t successfully hit a target. You don’t want
them to always miss because then they’ll get disheartened and they won’t want to
do it. So, always start off small this way their confidence will grow, your
confidence will grow in their ability to be able to hit the target. You need to
trust them to listen and do as you say, if you think they’re going to be
competent enough to do it then you can start them when you want. I would love it if I could take Dylan to competitions. Shooting competitions for
me really brought my confidence out because I was always nervous about
meeting new people a little while back. Having fun with like-minded people who
all there to do the same thing as you it’s brilliant, some of my best friends
that I have right now I’ve met through shooting and to be able to share that
with Dylan would be phenomenal. That’s if you want to, do you want to shoot
competitions? Yeah shoot them one day yeah? The skills it can teach them I think is
patience. A lot of shooting is waiting for your shot, it can teach them that if
you work hard something you can achieve anything that is incredibly important
for childre.n I’ve had Dylan shooting at 45 yards at a 20 millimeter disc and at
first he can do it, but after a little while of practicing he could hit it.
Seeing him smile and act so proud of himself it’s all you could want for your
children for them to be happy and confident. It can teach them learning how
to judge distances so there is actually a little bit maths in it as well. It’s
really good for that sort of thing. We all shoot Air Arms, they’re incredibly
reliable, phenomenally accurate and everything you want without being too
flashy. There’s a rifle pretty much for everyone. The younger or smaller set shooter you’ve got an Air Arms S200, the small
stature and the lightweight can just help anyone who struggles with a full sized
rifle. Then you’ve got the competition style ones. I use a HFT 500, fantastic
rifle, the barrel is perfect the side leave is brilliant. Ergonomics
of the stock is fantastic, you know you’ve got an adjustable butt pad cheek
piece having it to actually fit you is a massive plus point. You’ve got your hunting rifles like the Galahad, my personal favourite, the Ultimate Sporter. They just
do exactly what you need to do. Any discipline you want to shoot Air Arms have got the answer for it. Basically to end with, when it comes to getting your kids involved, just remember go at their speed. If they struggle with it go slow, if they
pick it up really quick still don’t jump ahead because you don’t want to go too
far and ruin their confidence, you want to build upon it and yet just safety
above all. Teach them safety and you’ll have a blast. It be brilliant fun for both you and your children. One other thing to keep in mind, a lot of us are passionate about our sport and we
protect it and we do it the best we can, if you don’t introduce children into
shooting the sport will die. You have to get the next generation involved and
enthusiastic about carrying on that torch. It’s worth doing because without them there won’t be a sport.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Next Generation of Air Rifle Shooters with Paul Relf

  1. Paul your insight and the opinions you expressed is right on point. Introducing your children into the sport is detrimental if we hope to keep it thriving. Be it competition, or a past time the memories made will certainly go unforgotten. Great job

  2. The only hope the shooting sports have is to engage as many young people as possible before they're indoctrinated as anti-gunners.

  3. Its a great sport i do HFT along with another hobby my son is only 4 at the min but i will be getting him into them bith . Too many people juat let their kids play on Xbox .

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