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Introducing the New Ruger Precision Rimfire Target Rifle in .17 HMR #500

[SFX] hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock
Reviews I’m here at Gunsite Academy I Paulden in Arizona with Brandon Trevino
from Ruger how you doing Brandon it’s great to be here beautiful day well you
know Ruger is always putting out some new and exciting products every month
seems like it right that’s what we try to do well awesome what do we have here
okay so you’ve got a 1/2 28 threaded barrel I have a suppressor on this one
of course it is a cold hammer forged steel barrel like all of our rifles then
here we have an M lock handguard this is a free floated barrel inside the
handguard moving back to the receiver group you’ve got the Picatinny rail with
some elevation adjustment already built into it the bolt handle has an
adjustable length of throw so you can get a short throw for the 17 or you can
get a longer throw to simulate shooting a 308 this is the fire control housing
here and with that you’ve got an adjustable trigger you have an AR style
grip and you also have an AR style 45-degree safety and then just like the
standard precision rifle you’ve got a fully adjustable stock back here as well
with additional Picatinny for a monopod if you wanted to things have been out
for about a year or so in the 22 long-rifle they’ve become really popular
with competitors there’s some 22 specific events where you know people
are using a lot of these but this is the new Magnum action so what you’re seeing
here this is a 17 HMR yeah a little bit smaller than our in our 338 that we
looked at earlier but 17 HMR we also do this one in 22 Magnum okay so a little
bit new and of course with the new rifle you also have a new magazine this is a B
X 15 magazine works for our Magnum 22 caliber as well as with the 17 HMR okay
yeah and 22 Magnum a 17 HMR are pretty
popular with shooters for Fartman shooters yeah and you know plinkers too
right plicking you know it’s just it’s it’s a long range flat shooting
cartridge it’s just a lot of fun you can reach out a lot farther than with the 22
but still you know low-cost ammo and you know no recoil very little noise it’s
just a fun fun gun to shoot it’s addictive yeah yeah I shot it quite a
bit and is really really good caliber yeah I’ve shot it target shooting
plinking shooting cans out of it out of the range and even target shooting
because it’s incredibly accurate and of course the Ruger barrels are really
accurate yeah so it’s a cold hammer forged steel
barrel these are gonna be threaded so basically this is like the 22 long rifle
we had last year but now in the larger Magnum action absolutely so has the same
features yep after their rifle we got last year that is so popular amongst a
precision rifle shooters in a rimfire but now we have a little more power yeah
she a little farther a little flatter just a great fun gun to shoot awesome
well thanks for being here with us we’re gonna go shoot it a little bit and you
stay tuned there’s gonna be more about this product in Gun Stock Reviews
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9 thoughts on “Introducing the New Ruger Precision Rimfire Target Rifle in .17 HMR #500

  1. I wish they would update their 357/44 mag rotary magazines to something that holds at least 10rds. Then they should consider making a semi auto 357 and 44 mag carbine to compliment their bolt action m77 rifles in those same calibers.

  2. Main reason I don't buy one of these is it doesn't have a folding stock like my big RPR.
    The darn thing probably requires a bag as long (or longer?) than my .308 RPR since the stock doesn't fold.
    I'd also like to see a 17 WSM option!

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