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Introducing the 1 Mile Rifle for $1000! Savage 12FV in 6.5 Creedmoor

how do you guys and gals I’m Kyle
Broderick welcome to the social regressive we are kicking off a new
rifle today and this is one that’s been highly anticipated not just
by you guys but by me one of the most constant questions that I got when we
were putting together the savage Axis rifle rifle of the past year and a half or so
was when we would do a rifle that ticked the budget up a good bit
people wanted to spend maybe more around a thousand dollars rather than trying to
make kind of a bargain-basement long-range rifle for around 500 to 750
what we ended up with last time so your wish is my command we are looking at a
savage 12 FV right here and you can see that I already have the rifle
built out kind of I had to take this rifle out and do a range day with it it’s a
super-secret event that hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about here in the
near future and yeah this rifle is a barnstormer it is amazing our new target
this time instead of 1,000 yards like we were trying to get with the axis rifle
we’re going straight for a mile I want to be able to take this rifle out and be
able to pretty repeatedly tag a big steel target that we have out at 1 mile
we have the range now we have the ammunition I believe and I think this
rifle is going to get the job done we’re actually going to strip this down take
it back down to its individual components work it back up together and
I hope that you guys will join me we’re gonna take a close look at the parts
today and before we do that I just wanted to address the youtube call me a
powder cheeki out in the audience no we’re not manufacturing a rifle you can
put the banhammer away we are just taking a rifle that’s already squared
away really well and we’re just gonna swap the stock and we’re going to put a
scope on it it’s no big deal one quick announcement before we jump
into the specs and parts on this rifle I plan to add a new dimension to this
series by including live streams every so often I want to talk with you guys I
want to field your questions and I want to have individual topics of discussion
if you guys have any ideas for topics of discussion go ahead and kick them out
there I am on Facebook on patreon and of course through YouTube you can get in
contact with me I want to talk with you want to see what you guys are working on
what you think and just kind of take whatever questions you guys might have
about your individual rifles so now let’s take a look at the rifle that
we’re working with this is a savage 12 FV this is a rifle that I’ve talked
about in the past this is a hidden gem in the market a lot of people that like
to put together rifles know about this because it is a great platform to start from and
when I say that it’s a hidden gem I really mean that it’s hidden this is not
in the Savage catalogue at all this is an exclusive built for Cabela’s this
used to be in their normal catalogue but now only Cabela’s sells this and it’s
yeah it’s the only place you can find it and one of the really cool things about
this is that it takes your basic you know your standard to model 10 action
with its barrel nut and all of its good parts it adds an upgraded varmint bolt
knob which is quite large and the Accu trigger down here of course so that’s a
major upgrade over the axis that we were putting together a year and a half ago or
however long that was yeah this is a major upgrade this has all kinds of neat
performance parts and of course one of the biggest ones is this barrel this is
a 26 inch heavy barrel and this comes in a variety of chamberings you can get
everything from 204 Ruger 223 Remington 222 250 Remington 6.5 Creedmoor and 308
and as many of you will probably have already seen yes this is chambered for
6.5 Creedmoor we’re going to discuss why I chose that we’re actually gonna
compare 308 versus 6.5 Creedmoor if you want to go ahead with any of those other
chamberings you’re gonna end up with a really great rifle and actually if you
want to go for a different rifle overall a lot of the techniques that we’re going
to be doing in this series are going to apply to any of the savages in the
catalog everything from the model 11 up through some of the new models yeah a
lot of these a curing techniques are going to work just the same
some of the parts are going to interchange and then heck if you’re
doing a whole totally different type of rifle a lot of these will also apply as
well so if you’re doing a tikka or something you might want to follow along
with this series anyway because there are going to be a lot of similarities
while we’re talking about the 12 FV I have to point you toward Vaughn
Precision’s channel go check him out he has done some amazing stuff with the 12
FV as his base he does things a little bit differently we have a lot of overlap
and we’re probably gonna be talking between each other on this channel about
maybe some things that we do differently how we approach things but yeah he has
built some just brilliant machines out there and you really need to go see what
he’s done I plan to take a kitchen gunsmithing approach to this whole rifle
I want you to be able to put this together in your garage basically if you have a
drill press and a dremel tool you’re going to be able to trick this rifle out
into a real long range monster the 12 FV has everything going for it it has that
oversized bolt it has the Accu trigger good action good solid action that
barrel nut and the big heavy barrel but the one thing that you’re probably going
to want to swap if you swap anything out at all is going to be the stock and it’s
not so much that there’s really a problem with the stock itself as far as
accuracy goes this is a plastic stock but it’s actually a really good one this
might actually be reinforced because this is very rigid
I wouldn’t expect this stock to mess with your group sizes even if you’re
running off a bipod there are a lot of cases where a plastic stock is gonna
mess you up it’s gonna throw your aim off and just because of the twist and
the bend that you’re gonna get out of that forearm this is not the case this
is going to get the job done there are two reasons to swap this stock out and
the most important is right here this has a sporting style pistol grip which is
going to be great if you are out getting game if you’re firing offhand and you want
to be able to track along with game that sort of thing this is the right shape
for you however if you are firing prone or from a bench this is a painful
device it’s going to really kink your wrist up especially as your
there for longer and longer sessions out prairie dog popping yeah my wrist would
just really hurt after a full day of fun so what we want to do is end up
with something that has a more vertical grip and that’s why we’re looking at the
Boyd’s at one stock right here this has some wonderful parts to it now first off
overall this is a hardwood laminate this is going to be very rigid you don’t have
to ever worry about any kind of bend or flex if you’re running off a bipod or if
you’re firing off a sling or whatever this is going to be very rigid very
tough it’s going to be reliable all the way around it’s not going to mess up
your accuracy but this particular model and I’ve done a full review on this I’ll
put a link around here somewhere this has adjustable parts so you can get
this stock to fit you individually and when the next user goes to put some
rounds through your rifle they can adjust it to fit them adjustable cheek
riser adjustable butt pad which is actually pretty nice and squishy this is
a very comfortable rifle to use and you’re going to be able to get this
matched up to your dimensions and you’re going to be able to get that vertical
grip the stock costs about a hundred ninety bucks not exactly as you see it
right here this does have one upgrade these vertical panels cost an extra I
believe twelve dollars off their catalog if you buy an out one get these panels
you’re going to want them another good reason to swap this stock is the
magazine right here I believe this holds four rounds of 308
or 65 Creedmoor and it’s not that there’s a problem with the magazine at
all it’s just that it’s a bit slow in certain situations out prairie dog
varminting I would run into situations where I’d take in my final round and I
need to kind of scrounge around real fast for another round to put in to take
another trigger pull it’s a lot better if you can get a a larger magazine like this
ten rounder right here or a magazine that you can swap out or how about both
so this is one where you could carry a couple of different magazines in your
pockets or in a vest or whatever and be able to get back on target really
quickly the a metal that you see right here this is
an option if you want to stick with a blind mag with your at one stock or
whatever Boyd stock you fancy yeah you can keep a blind mag in here but you can
also ask to have it in letted for bottom metal like this this is the accurate mag
aluminum bottom metal it has a massive trigger guard that comes with it so if
you are firing out in some cold environments you can get your fat digits
with your big ol gloves inside here and then it has a really nice lever right
here drop free magazine this is steel and then this will also support other
accuracy international pattern magazines like the mag pol and we’re gonna see if
we can run that in this gun I’d like to show how you can get a good rifle for
multiple price points within this series we’re going to keep this stock basically
as is except for this vertical panel but at some point we’re going to swap out
this butt pad extension right here with this one this is an optional extra that
you can get from Boyd’s and this allows you to raise and lower
the butt pad so you can get a more direct contact with your shoulder based
on whatever firing position that you’re in if you are a target competitor
you can drop this down a whole bunch to make good contact with kind of the meat
of your of your your PEC and then you can raise this up if you are firing
prone there’s also a part that we can swap in here that will allow us to
actually can’t this butt pad so that it gets a bit more solid contact with our
shoulder since we are not built along very linear lines it’s nice to be able
to take a butt pad and be able to kind of kick it off at an angle like this it
just fits a little neater into the shoulder another way that we’re going to
be able to show off a different price point and a different stock option
altogether is this right here this is the GRS Bifrost this is a brand new
stock I did a review a while back on the berserk which is an extremely
comfortable prone stock and actually it’s really good offhand to
that one was a little bit heavier this one is lighter and this has changed up
some things quite a bit you still get this offset grip you can see that it
doesn’t actually align with the rest of the stock it’s actually set off to the
side and it’s at an angle it’s a really funky thing but it works it is very very
comfortable especially in the prone and we’re gonna do a full review on this
stock and this one is going to take the price point up quite a bit this is a
very different beast but for those of you that are a bit more well-heeled or
you just want to be able to put more into a rifle this is gonna be a really
neat option even if you stick with the original plastic stock there are some
parts that we’re all going to need we’re going to need a scope of some kind this
is the SWF a ss3 215 by 42 FFP scope all milliradian all the way around they have
an MOA one as well and yeah this thing is great people have been asking me to
check out SW FA for a good long while and I can see why this is a very
well-built scope great tracking and I’m looking forward to doing some full
testing with this I have fired this rifle with this scope on it and yeah it just
plain works we’re also going to be testing out one of the more popular
models which is going to be one of the fixed power I have a 12 X that we’re
gonna check out and for our kind of cheapest rifle overall or less expensive
one we’re gonna start with that I’m actually going to take this scope off
well swap over to 12 X for a little bit and then we’ll upgrade to this one a
little later you can see that this is actually mounted a little bit on the
high side so the parts that I’m showing right here I had to slap this together
for that range day but we’re gonna head in a different direction for the real rifle
what we’re gonna use for a base is this 20 MOA mount from Weaver this is a
pretty long one we might have to trim it a little bit short but yeah this is
going to work out really well for us it’s going to get us that extra
compensation that we need for firing at a mile because we’re gonna have to
really put a lot of dope into the scope and
we’re gonna have we’re gonna need as much elevation adjustment as we can get
so we’re gonna pop this on there I have links to all the parts that we’re going
to be using on this rifle I’m gonna put them down in the description box make
sure you check all those out if you want to go ahead and just put together this rifle
the same way that I am all those parts are gonna be waiting for you down there
and one of the issues that you can see okay the scope is sitting really high I
want to get this lower to the bore so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna swap
in these right here both of these are weaver rings these are for whole
tactical rings Picatinny bases right here and then these are the low ones
these are mediums we’re gonna kick this down to low we want to get as close down
to here as we possibly can if you do buy one of the SWF a scopes go ahead and
grab one of these sunshades right here you’re really gonna need this if you’re
looking into a sunset or a sunrise these are really handy one of the
biggest questions people have about putting together a long-range rifle is which
scope to pick I’m going to give you a few different options we’re gonna have a
whole video where we break down which scopes I might prefer for this rifle
we’re gonna show off some Falcons like this one this is the one I had on the
last rifle this is the M18+ we’re gonna take a look at some
Bushnell’s and a really slick one from Nikon we’re going to show a number of
price points now for stability we’re going to need a reliable rest if we’re
going to hit things at a mile what you see right here is the Caldwell
lightweight bipod I think that’s what they call it I’ll put a link down in the
description like I mentioned earlier this is a very good bipod for field use
it’s not all that rigid this does can’t back-and-forth it still gets the job
done and this is one that we might use for some of our more practical
challenges like maybe out taking game this is a relatively tall bipod and that is
the kind of thing that I want to be able to get over grass if we’re out in a
real-world situation if we’re in a more range situation I think we’re going to
be using a kind of lower Blackhawk this back here is the protector leather rear
bag this is another one that I’ll put a link to this is an excellent rear bag
that has a kind of notch that cradles the the butt back here and you can slide
this back and forth to change your elevation all of these parts should add
up well but we do need to go through a few techniques we’re going to bed the
base to the action we’re going to bed the action to the stock and we’re gonna
do and you know pillars at the front and at the rear and we’re gonna do a full
epoxy bed as well we’re also going to check out the front up here so make sure
that you don’t miss any of these videos so that you can properly a cure eyes
your rifle as well some of these might be familiar to you some of these might
be a little bit weird once we have all this in place though and we’ve
eliminated variables we’ve turned the rifle into a constant now it’s time to
address the next big variable which is ammunition we’re gonna take a look at a
couple of factory ammos right here we have American Eagle 140 grain these are
excellent open tip match in all the rifles that I’ve tested this so far this
has worked out very well this one has been a little bit more finicky the CMM G
loved this but some of the other rifles like the savage stealth evolution and
the model 10 gr s did not really like it we’re talking about like inch and 1/2
groups somewhere up in there but this one with its longer barrel might be
better set up for that but what we’re really gonna do to get maximum accuracy
out of this if you guys have a custom loading set up we’re gonna go through
all that naturally we won’t be able to show it on youtube because they’re
really cranky about well basically anything they hate our guts but one of
the things that they really throw a fit about is loading so we’re gonna
have to post this somewhere else we’re going to put these videos out on some
other kind of platform and then show them on the loaders network we can get
all kinds of great loading information I’ll link to all that when it eventually
comes around but some of the bullets that we’re going to get into we have all
of these except for one or 140 grain we have a one and eight twist in this
barrel so we can handle some kind of heavier bullets but we have the new
spear gold dot these are turning out very very well I’m a huge fan and these
will be great for practical fun if we’re out
harvesting hogs or whatever deer these are gonna be great
140 grain Speer Hot-Cor these are another good game round not as slick
as these these have a flat base so they’re gonna be four more kind of
closer range firing and then we have 140 grain BT HP match from Hornady these
have worked very well in all the rifles that we’ve tested so far definitely well
sub mo way down below half em away even without doing some really crazy custom
loading these come out really well these are the heavier bullets we’re gonna try
out these are 147 grain eld em bullets and we’re gonna see how these doing this
rifle we have that little bit of extra barrel length we’re gonna get a little
extra velocity these might work out great and the powder we’re gonna use for
everything is going to be real odor 16 this has worked out very well in my own
loads so far this is what I’ve been counting on to get very reliable
performance in any kind of temperatures or other weather situations one last
note about the savage 12 FV keep your eyes on the Cabela’s Flyers
these rifles go on sale for that hundred bucks off every six months or so I’m not
exactly sure how often they do it but it might actually coincide with a savage
rebate as well I actually picked this rifle up for the same price as that
savage axis a couple years ago 220 bucks thanks a heap to patrons of the
destructive arts you guys purchase the rifle itself and some of the parts that
we’ll be attaching to it thank you Peter our 300 Win Mag patron
and to our newest patrons sportsmen guide who’s coming in at the 338 Lapua
Magnum level you guys are keeping the lights on around here keeping the
rifles coming and actually if anybody else wants to chip in a buck or
two a month I’ll put a link to patreon in the description box or somewhere
around here because we have some other series coming up in the future the
next rifle coming on the heels of this one is going to head in a totally
different direction but I think a lot of you guys are going to find it
interesting and practical anyway I also want to thank some of the manufacturers
that have provided some of the gear that we’re going to be testing on this rifle
we have SWF providing scopes for this Boyd’s bring
it in this stock accurate mag with the bottom metal and magazine that you see
right here GRS with this stock and then I think we’re gonna be playing with some
scopes from Bushnell so yeah thank thank you very much to the various corporate
sponsors that have kind of added some of the gear that we can play with here make
sure that you subscribe hit that notification bell so that you know when
new videos come out this is going to be a multi-part series and you don’t want
to skip any one of the parts in here they’re all gonna add up to a rifle that
in the end I think is going to be very capable even out at a mile thanks for
watching if you like this video be sure to like share and most importantly
subscribe even if you didn’t like this particular content go ahead and
subscribe there’s probably something coming that’s more up your alley check
out this playlist right here this is going to have videos in a similar vein
to what you just watched these two videos we cherry picked for you and
finally the social regressive is on patreon so you can become a patron of
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46 thoughts on “Introducing the 1 Mile Rifle for $1000! Savage 12FV in 6.5 Creedmoor

  1. I’ve been looking at and saving for a Boyd’s stock for my Savage 12FV. Although the AT-One stock looks decent, I really like the Pro Varmint. Would the bottom metal and mag you went with the Pro Varmint stock in .22-250? Wasn’t sure what mag would work with a .22-250. Great video! Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job Kyle.
    I built a 12FV in 6.5CM on a Bell and Carlson Tactical Varmint, Harris bipod and Burris XTR2 8-40. 1500yd Milk jugs are boringly easy.

  3. Hope you are going to also look at the Optisan, Athlon Midas Tac, Primary Arms 3-18 Athena and Falcon S18i. I probably would have pulled the trigger on the Falcon already but the warranty seems questionable. Perhaps you can get some answers or suggest a change.

  4. Really wish you could do the ammo before you start bedding, it would be great to show the difference between no bedding and bedding in accuracy.

  5. I have the same scope riding on a tps rail and seekins rings. I snagged an mdt chassis for $300 with stock and mag. My rifle is a model 10 heavy barrel in .308. Worked out well for me. My state has limited range distances anyway. I look forward to seeing more of this series.

  6. I have a Savage 12 vlp model in 300wsm it came with a 26 in barrel too.. it’s been modified and shoots 1 hole, haven’t shot it in 3 yrs r so since brass has been hard to come by and if u do find them it’s expensive so I was thinking of re barrel it to a 6.5 creed or 6.5 prc.

  7. I really enjoyed the Savage Axis build and look forward to seeing the rebuild of this 1 Mile rifle for $1000 build. I would love to build a gun in a caliber that I could use out west on an Elk and/or Mule deer hunt as well as some bench rest target fun so I may have to go with the .308 instead of the 6.5 Creed, even though many people have downed elk, bear, deer, wild boar, etc… with 140 grainers from the 6.5. I do like the idea of the 12V and will be looking out for that double sale that you mentioned. Sucks that it doesn't come left handed, it is difficult to find the right priced donor rifle in left hand.

  8. This is funny. I made almost the exact build even the same color of Boyd’s stock last year. It’s been one of my favorite shooters

  9. So the sales of the 12FV used to be a sure thing, but since Bass Pro purchased Cabela's, I'd surprised to see the sales come back. Also, be aware that Cabela's will no longer offer their lifetime warranty on Cabela's branded products thanks to Bass Pro's acquisition. Just in case anyone has any Cabela's brand shooting products.

  10. SWFA scopes are excellent. They are actually used by our military more importantly the United States Navy for sniper operations. This scope does have a USN contract number and part number. As SWFA Has a contract with our military for their optics. I believe that is an excellent excellent choice for long range operations. Or in your case target shooting. The same principles apply. I would like to see you actually shoot at the man’s size Silhouette armor plates that they make for target shooting. That way you can gage Hitting a man-size target and an animal. Great channel as always thank you

  11. The man-size targets would be forSHTF. Yes I’m one of those preppers. But if you’re not prepared then you’re at the mercy of whatever is going to happen to you. I hope it never happens; however, it’s better to have the skill And not need it than to not have those skills and need them to protect yourself your family and put food on the table.

  12. I was looking into doing something similar to this, why did you choose to go with the 12FV over the 110 Tactical that comes with the box mag preinstalled?

  13. Help me bro's! I can't decide on a scope. I'm building a 270win version of your $500 savage gun. I really can't spend more than$300 on the scope and would like to spend less. I've narrowed it down between the SWFA fixed and the Nikon prostaff. Can you make the final decision for me please? Or tell me if there's another I should get instead? I'm going to be shooting 100-300yds at my home range with possible longer ranges in the future. I'm also leaning towards 12 or 14x for the future 500yd shots.

  14. If you want a 6.5 mm cartridge you'd be much better off with the 6.5×55 Swede. It has excellent accuracy and absurdly high ballistic coefficients, and much more hand loading potential due to it's increased case capacity over other short action 6.5mm cartridges.

  15. Keep up the great videos Kyle. I picked up the 12FV on Monday at Bass Pro and got bottom metal and rail on order. Looking forward to this build!

  16. Kyle, I actually bought TWO of these 12FVs because it's such a good deal– one in 6.5, the other in .223. The action on the 6.5 is not very smooth, even after cycling it a bunch. But it's certainly serviceable.

    I'm going to have to wait to a bit to do the stock and DBM upgrades, I did a two-piece Warne Maxima base on each. This will allow me to swap my Vortex between them pretty easily (Warne QD rings) and and have the zero be very close when swapping. The two-piece also gives me room to work that horrible blind magazine.

    I adjusted the triggers as low as I dare– it's flirting with that Target Accutrigger is known for: if you close the bolt too aggressively, you drop the sear onto the Accurelease and decock the rifle. They're just over a pound. Just dry firing and cycling, the trigger is already breaking in a bit and is SO nice.

  17. This is an amazing video glad I stumbled on it. I've been eyeing the new savage 110 tactical with the magpul mags and new stock. Always wondered how you got to the safety with a pistol grip setup. So apparently I need to stock cabelas and go this route if I was already eyeing a MDT chasis

  18. I Just Bought a BA 10, If Like me you don't have a lot of time to tinker as much the BA will cost 1k but put on a scope and practice you are set. For me I just have enough time to practice each week as I work a lot to afford my hobbies. I love that platform and savage for the plug and play, practice, out to mile riffles. Oh 6.5 Creedmoor!

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  22. Wouldn't matter. In the USA you are allowed to manufacture any firearm for personal use. You just can't manufacture for sale without going through the BATFE.

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