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International Special Operations Sniper Course

[♪drum beat♪] Welcome back. One shot, one kill. That’s a phrase out of video games and TV. Well, in reality, being a Special Ops sniper is about more than crawling into position, scoping out your target, and pulling the trigger. Specialist Elliot Valdez tells us more. [gun fires] [soldier] Let’s go! [Valdez] Most of us may know how to drive a car, but we wouldn’t be able to compete in NASCAR. Apply that analogy to these soldiers. [soldiers shouting] They’re qualified to engage targets accurately, [soldier shouting] Fire! Fire! [Valdez] but that doesn’t mean they can do what these guys can. [guns firing] Let’s just say they’re the racecar drivers of military marksmanship. This is the International Special Operations Sniper Course. The instructors are Special Ops snipers, and the students have been sent from countries all over the world. Your unit might give a block of instruction covering camouflage and concealment. These guys take that block, turn it into a week, and take it to a whole new level. You might hit 40 out of 40 targets at 300 meters and call it a day. These guys can hit targets at 200 [gun fires], 400 [gun fires], 600 and 800 meters. At 800 meters, you have to factor in ballistics. A bullet travels in an arc before hitting a target, and the difference between hit or miss might be a gust of wind. Because they’re Special Ops, we weren’t allowed to reveal their identities. [male speaker] This stuff is all about taking soldiers and shooters and making them more deliberate and think through things and be more precise in everything they do. Slow and deliberate is what keeps you safe, and that’s what will make them acquire their target, be able to hit the target and go home again safe. [gun fires] [Valdez] Stalking, concealment, and camouflage are just small parts of the five weeks of training. Even marksmanship is only a small part, but– [instructor] This part here is the bread and butter for these guys. [gun fires] If you can’t master sniper marksmanship, there’s kind of no point in going any further. [Valdez] If a NASCAR driver wins a race, thousands of screaming fans cheer them on. If these guys do their job right, no one will even know they were there. Reporting from Grafenwoehr, I’m Specialist Elliot Valdez, AFN News.

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  1. DerMitDemBlunt, It's funny what you say about the US military being good at advertising them selves, as most of the footage of the snipers were Norwegian 😛 haha!

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