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Insurgency ► Some community weapons

Checking the cylinder – a nice wee touch That is some serious recoil for a *squints* tiny-ass 5.7 cartridge. I never knew what this reload technique is called, but damn, I’m a sucker for it. And different wet and dry animations, too! Although, I was hoping for a slide-stroke. I’ve never seen a game with an FNX/FNP with a red dot by default, so this is quite nice. Not a fan of that old Counter Strike reload anim. Yikes. Also, the recoil comes back and a little up. Not some water-gun, but not some over-the-top wristkiller either. Minor slide glitch. But this is a mod, so, I can’t really blame them. Simple but sweet wet reload. Always a fan of the on-hand slide release since PR:BF2. Tiny looking Deagle with pathetic sounds. Eek. Goddamn CS:1.6 I tell ya. .357 Baguette is one hell of a manstopper. UwU low bore-axis chan. Maybe they could have slightly raised the right hand a bit so that he actually puts the rounds in. But hey, I can’t say much. Brrrrrrt. Tbh, kinda underwhelming in terms of sound : ( A shoulder stock, too? Always a fan. Loved this thing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and MW3 H&K strikes again! I like these sounds. They’re unique. Open up my eager eyes… ’cause I’m Mr. Brightside! *Hava Naguila intensifies* I like that chamber check. The Vector is just simply an amazing weapon. Technologically, and aesthetically. R U L E B R I T A N N I A Reusing the same mag like in Call of Duty. Sounds a bit… *too* powerful. I see this has Wandering Rear Sight Syndrome (TM) Personally I prefer STRIFER’s animation of this like in Gunslinger, but oh well. Ugly-ass rail on top. Eugh. Gotta love the sights though. And all three firemodes on a FAMAS, replacing that shitty gun nobody cares about for the security forces. Hurrah! Why so shiny? Okay, yeah, this reload doesn’t exactly work on the SCAR. What is it with these rail sights? It works for the MP7, and weirdly for the Vector, but not for this. A more modest and overall better reload for the SCAR. Magflip Owo Daddy H&K back at it again with the roller-delay! Not a fan of them misaligned sights. For me, a G3 series reload has to be rough, not too fast or too slow, and powerful. Somewhere between the PR:BF2 G3 reload and the Black Ops MP5K reload. 5/10 H&K just makes everything better. FÜR DEUSTCHLAND, GOTT, UND KAISER Heretic BF1 rear sight. Disgusting. I know the Mauser is smooth as butter, but no boltgun should be that easy to manipulate. That’s a bit more like it, although a little awkward. AK12 prototypes? Instalove! Slightly unorthodox AK reload. Wandering Rear Sight Syndrome (TM) strikes again! Okay? Once again, rail sights. But this works. Reloads are always a little… hyper… (ba-dum-tss) Flamboyance, Elegance, and Exotic. That’s hyper in a nutshell. This thing was a beast starter gun in BF3, just take the scope off and you would destroy. Underhand always appreciated uwu. Chinese knockoff REEEEEE Isn’t this the .308 version? Tacticool bullshit? okeh. All those years of rage from MW2 Multiplayer… wee ejection port check, which I absolutely love! IT AIN’T ME IT AIN’T ME I AIN’T NO FORTUNATE ONE The R5 is kinda cute tbh Where is the rear notch? Switerland, please explain. It’s time to stop Aren’t we supposed to be a well-funded paramilitary/mercenary organisation, not down at Uncle Joe’s doing some plinking? Rail sights work on the AUG It’s an A U G, not an Aug, btw, an acronym for Armee Universal Gewehr. Reused hyper anims don’t fit well. Jesus, that is botched. Yuck. The fuck is that front sight? And night sight dots? Really? Is this supposed to be that obscure STG carbine/PDW variant that they were producing? Tiny bolt handle. Jesus “Hey, you can’t do that!” “…Wrong…” I unironically love these sights. They’re juuust right in every way. The real Truck pumpgun Minimis are all just the same to me “W-what are we gonna do on the bed?” *POMF* No Bipod knife? Come on, frost!

43 thoughts on “Insurgency ► Some community weapons

  1. Wow ,seguro que no son de los creadores? Jaja
    En mi opinion estan muy bien animados (al menos mejor de lo que yo haria :,v

  2. There's a reason you're one of my favorite FPS channels, love your commitment Frost, we should play insurgency sometime lol. Keep it up!

  3. You could subscribe to the "Even higher FOV" mod and make model viewing while standing idle even better.

    (In case you do sub to it, you need to set it manually.)

  4. Deberias subir la parte 2 o mas
    Y podrias subir tambien "Squad" (No creo :,v) o "Crossfire" xD
    Pero si es como dices que estas solo son 5 paginas de 137 te llevara mucho xD
    Saludos desde Argentina (Tocando tema: Solo en Proyect Reality vi armas argentinas, en ningun otro video vi alguna) y estaria bien subir uno buscando armas de Latinoamerica o Europeas con mas variedad xD

  5. I wish some people decided to actually try and animate their own sets of animations instead of importing the models they want to replace in the game and putting in the same animation the weapon they're replacing. Some did at least modify the animation to fix clipping and other problems. Some people do just want to have the model instead though.

  6. This is just 5 pages out of the 137 of the Steam Workshop.

    00:00 King Cobra (by tigg)
    00:30 FN Five-seveN USG (by Rymd)
    00:56 FN FNP (.45) (by Farengar/published by SSgt. Fred Obvious)
    01:23 HK USP (by MrBrightside)
    01:50 Desert Eagle (by Farengar)
    02:11 Manurhin MR96 (by REH_BlackJack)
    02:42 Chrome Mateba Unica 6 (by JAX)
    03:37 Walther P99 (by tigg)

    03:13 OTs-33 Pernach (by Farengar)
    04:02 MP7 (by MrBrightside)
    04:36 IMI Uzi (by MrBrightside)
    05:03 Kriss Vector (by MrBrightside)
    05:39 Sten Gun (by tigg)

    06:03 CZ-805 BREN (by tigg)
    06:40 SA58 OSW (by Farengar)
    07:16 SA80 – L85a2 (by MrBrightside)
    07:52 Famas F1 (by MrBrighside)
    08:28 Mk17 CQB (by Rymd)
    09:01 MK 20 Mod 0 (by MrBrightside)
    09:35 G3A3 (by Farengar)
    10:06 H&K HK416 (by Farengar)
    10:43 Mauser Gewehr 98 (by DragonOfJustice)
    11:10 AK12-U Carbine (by MrBrightside)
    11:45 Kel-Tec RFB (by hyper)
    12:18 Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (by DragonOfJustice)
    12:51 Dragunov SVD (by analblaze)
    13:23 Warrior CQB (by SethSamson)
    13:59 Remington ACR-E (by MrBrightside)
    14:35 Remington Model 700 Classic (by Farengar, published by SSgt. Fred Obvious)
    15:00 Remington R5 (by 人工智障沙耶加)
    15:36 Commando SG 553 (by aus1271)
    16:13 M1A SOCOM 16 (by Farengar)
    16:48 Steyr Aug (by tigg)
    17:22 MP-44 assault rifle (by Cele)

    17:58 Franchi Spas12 (by MrBrightside)
    18:35 M500 (by tigg)

    ===MACHINE GUNS===
    19:08 FN Minimi Para (by Farengar)
    20:55 Mk 46 Mod 0 (by Farengar)

    22:42 M320 (comes with L85A2, by MrBrightside)
    23:01 Military Tanto (by Nanman)

  7. Why is it I can never find a model for the IWI Jericho 941R? It's such a good gun and no one has made it for insurgency! It breaks my heart 'cuz it's my favorite handgun…
    Edit: <– Found this model on GameBanana but it's not for Insurgency specifically, I hope someone use something like this for the game one day as a workshop mod. =|

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