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Installing Luth-AR Stock and Grip on the Armscor VR-80 Shotgun #523

[SFX] well hello folks this Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and I’m here at C2 Tactical range in Scottsdale Arizona in
where we shot this shotgun for the first time that the VR 80 and some of our
viewers asked us if we could change the stock the thumbhole stock configuration
to one standard AR-15 pistol grip and stock like for example like the Luth AR Chubby and the MBA 4 stock and yes absolutely you can and we’re gonna show
you how it’s done we have already taken the shotgun apart we took the upper away
from the lower and it’s just basically two pins like an AR-15 it comes apart we
decided not to do it on camera to save time so here’s the upper we took
it apart and we’re gonna put it aside and we’re gonna go ahead and swap and
remove this thumbhole stock configuration and go ahead and install
the Luth AR parts first thing we’re gonna do is remove this cap here on the
pistol grip use a Philips screwdriver of course we using our Brownells magnetip set
which is very versatile and we’re gonna remove this cap it’s not that hard to
take out and of course like I always tell everyone keep your parts you never
know if you’re gonna put it back in the original configuration for whatever
reason then the butt pad gets removed exactly the same way with a Phillips
screwdriver I wish I would have brought my electric drill to save some time but
that’s ok my first time I did it I use an electric drill and it went a whole
lot faster okay again we’re gonna keep this part like everything else and then
right in there if you can see there inside of the stock there is a allen
head screw there it’s actually you can use a 3/16 allen head wrench I’m using
these long ones with the with the t-handle on
them there are a whole lot easier to get into spaces like these let’s go ahead
and take it off and usually it’s not too tight so you’ll be able to remove the
Allen part really quickly and the plate and the screw comes out at the
same time okay the same way inside of the grip there’s an Allen head screw the
same kind of screw that was on the buttstock so let’s go ahead and remove it same way go ahead and remove it I’m using the t handles which are really
they come real handy you can get any of these as some of the big box hardware
stores I get mine at Ace Hardware the screw came out and we’re gonna save
it like always always save your products and your part the cool thing about this
is unlike an AR-15 there are no Springs coming out of the grip area and this
buffer tube that comes actually inside of the shotgun is a commercial buffer
tube so it’s got to be really simple for us to put a loose AR buffer tube in
there as you can see this VR 80 shotgun has a commercial buffer tube for carbine
already installed when you remove the pistol grip thumb hole configuration but
if you really wanted a milspec tube like this one you could actually replace it
the same way you would replace the ar-15 one just basically remove the castle nut
put the new buffer tube in and you’re set to go
we are gonna leave the commercial one for this for the time being but I just
wanted to tell you you could do this so next step of course is grab our Luth AR
stock and of course to install the Luth AR stock there’s a little
notch there that needs to match with that notch there you do that and you can
pull it all the way down and look at that done next thing we’re gonna put the
pistol grip on and I wanted to verify that this is the same thread pitch that
comes with the this is the one that comes from the factory this is the one
that comes with the screw that comes with luth AR and note they’re not
the same so this is an American thread pitch and most likely this is metric so
we’re gonna have to use the one that comes with it so I’m gonna verify that
it’s the same one yes it is let’s go ahead and install it using the same
t-handle we’re gonna go ahead and install it it’s a little tight but ready to go don’t over-tighten it
because this is plastic and you don’t want to damage the plastic part that’s
tight enough and tight there you have it the VR 80 from Armscor now has a
Luth AR pistol grip and a luth AR stock let’s go to the range and shoot it
a little bit thank you for watching gun stock reviews [Music]

24 thoughts on “Installing Luth-AR Stock and Grip on the Armscor VR-80 Shotgun #523

  1. Can you tell me more about the Maverick 88 and what is the best trigger if I wanted to replace the trigger just asking your opinion I'm new in the gun world I'm planning to purchase a shotgun for home defense

  2. Can you add a beaver tail grip to the lower such as a magpul MOE? Wondering if the beaver tail matches up with the lower just as an AR lower. Also could you post a photo of the finished gun?

  3. It's the Maverick 88 made by Mossberg I hear nothing but good from the gun world an expert in self-defense any information would do me a world of good thank you sir

  4. Hi what’s the difference between 2 3/4 shells and 3” shells are 3” considered a heavy load reason for asking I noticed the piston I had on when I disassembled it says light think I’m gonna go with the other that says heavy but I’m only going to shoot slugs please enlighten me

  5. you may check to change more parts to make it 9.22r compliant. This is an imported shotgun and you can't make it telescopic stock without changing more parts that made in USA. So this video may lead public to do something illegal. FYI.

  6. 👍😁 Great Video thank you for showing how to change out that hideous non-sence. Now it changed my mind about the VR-80. If you don't mind me asking can any buttstock fit and pistol grip? If not what specs do I need to look at to change out that hideous mess. Thank you and I have subscribed to your page I like the information. 🥃😎

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