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Inside Amy Schumer – The Gun Show

Roy had the kids,
so me and Trev– Oh, great. We hit the road. Fun. Antiquing. Fun. Heaven. Oh! Welcome back, home shoppers. Over the break, we sold 600
Steve Irwin commemorative coins. 600. Now, this is the perfect
gift for someone who does not have
a Steve Irwin coin. God, I miss Steve,
you know? Yeah, oh yeah. You know what’s
great about him? He, he– Everything. Everything and… Yeah? He had the kind of body
where he didn’t work out, but it looked like
he worked out. Sure! Got one of these
for my wife. Your what!? Okay. Oh, next up,
what do we have? Oh! Oh, boy. Okay, okay. Stop. Now, speaking of
perfect gifts, now, this is a
no brainer, all right? Now, this is a gun. Just your regular,
run of the mill, meat and potatoes
handgun. Now, how cute is that? I love that. How cute– we can pick it up? Look at this. Oh, heavy, oh… Ooh, can I see this? You can hold it, sure. Oh, wow! Look at that. Wow, look at that.
(imitates gun firing) Wow! Bam-bam, bam-bam! It’s like a toy,
but it’s extremely real. Yeah, and now here is
what’s great about this. Now, pretty much anyone
can purchase this. Mm-hmm. Okay? Oh, my God, this is so fun,
I love this. It’s fun. Hey, lady, give me all your
money and your makeup! (screaming) (laughing) Oh, my God, so fun, and it’s on sale now. Call in. Oh, we got a caller. Oh, caller! (man on phone)
Hey, did I miss
the Steve Irwin coins?
Uh, yeah, you did. You sure did, honey. I’m sorry. But that’s okay. You want a gun?Oh, no,
I could never get a gun.
I have several
violent felonies.
(both chuckling) Oh, no. Caller, you bite your tongue,
you silly goose. You can absolutely
get a gun if you have
several felonies, as long as you buy
it on the Internet… Right. …or at a gun show, and caller, guess where
you are right now? (siren blaring) Bam! You’re at a gun show! You’re at a gun show. Yes, if you go to a gun show you
can get an unlicensed seller to sell you a gun,
noquestionesasked. That’s right, not one question
for you, caller.Great, I’ll get one for me
and my mouthy cunt wife.
Ooh, one’s for
your wife.In a way.Great. You know the guns my wife
can’t get enough of? These. You are really committing
to the whole wife thing. She’s real. What’s her name? Ben… …ita, Benita. (with Spanish accent)
From España. That’s fantastic, and just a reminder
to all the parents at home, these make perfect
stocking stuffers. Oh, yeah. Right? For– for as young as– Beautiful. It doesn’t matter,
okay? These are great
for any age group. It’s like the bottom
of the stocking. It is, it’s shaped… It’s like the foot. …very stocking-like. It’s like a metal foot. Very stocking-like shape, okay? Fantastic. My wife’s in the states,
by the way. I said she’s Spanish,
but she is from the states. Let’s keep these
calls coming. We only have
65 million left. And here’s some good news. Even a blind person can see
what a great deal this is and take advantage of this
deal by buying a gun. Totally legal! So, if you’re Stevie Wonder,
you don’t have to wonder if you can get a gun. Uh, caller, I, I hope you
just called to say you want a gun. Stevie Wonder reference. (chuckling) My wife’s favorite band. (man with accent on phone)
Hi, I wanted to buy
a lot of thesebut I am suspected terrorist
on the no-fly list.
Oh. Oh. Ooh-ooh. You’re fine, sweet potato fries. You’re fine. The no-fly list. No one can tell you that
you don’t have a right to buy a gun in this country
you’re trying to destroy. (bell ringing) You’re funny today. Uh-oh, uh-oh! Whoa! What is that? You know what that means. Mass shooting. We’ve had
a mass shooting. Which means the government
could be coming for your guns soon, like they never have,
but always might. Scary. Now, we’re gonna go
to commercial. When we come back– ooh,
you’re gonna like this– we’ll be selling United States
Congressmen and Senators whose influence
can be purchased for much cheaper
than you think. Yes, and they’re
selling out fast, ranging from $1,000 to– (gunshot, screaming) (Fuck)! Shh… Shit! Ah, ah,
(fuck, fuck)! Oh! Shit!

93 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – The Gun Show

  1. Dear liberals to anyone who knows anything about guns this is a cringe fest. There is no loophole you can’t get one on the internet that easy you have to have it shipped to a FFL who will do a background check derp most people at gun shows do background checks the others are usually old guys who don’t want to keep guns anymore because they can’t use them anymore so you are supposed to exchange information and show your ID to a private seller and they can refuse for any reason. How exactly does a terrorist buy a gun when they are not a citizen it’s illegal unless they bought it during the Obama administrations Fast and Furious scandal where they sold guns to criminals and cartels knowing they would take them to Mexico so they could blame America for the violence in Mexico which Obama did. These people don’t know anything about a guns or the laws if you live in California or New York don’t worry you have the strictest laws so leave everyone else whose not a idiot alone

  2. This bitch is retarded. It is illegal to sell a firearm to a known felon for a citizen or a dealer. Any gun bought on the Internet must be transferred to a licensed dealer and a background check must be passed prior to the customer taking the firearm. If only this idiot had one in the chamber and pulled the trigger when it was pointed at her.

  3. This whole fuckin video is a lie don’t believe this dumb bitch. First of all not any one can buy a gun you half to be over a certain age to get a gun. Second of all if you buy a gun of the internet it does not just ship to your house. Once you buy it it goes to a gun store near you so you half to go get it there then you half have background checks to see if you were involved in any sort of crime.

  4. The dude in this video is an idiot. You are never supposed to point a gun at somebody like that I don’t care if it’s not loaded you still don’t do that

  5. The cringe is so strong. The online purchase and gun show loopholes don't exist. In order for satire to actually work there has to be an element of truth behind it. But the only way you idiots can keep pushing the gun control agenda is to lie. The news lies about it and so does Hollywood. All while being completely hypocritical. Anti-gun propaganda barely disguised as a sketch.

  6. Guns are great! Go out and buy more guns, Guns for EVERYONE! I own many guns and I encourage you to buy as many guns as you can

  7. Not sure what's worse, Schumer spreading misinformation about buying guns over the Internet or the idiots in the comments buying her bullshit.

  8. Please tell me where I can buy a gun on the interwebs and have it shipped to my house. Please just 1 person respond, fact is you cannot.

  9. Haha it isn't the 90s anymore. If you can find someone online that would ship a gun to YOU and not a licensed dealer Ill get rid of all my guns right now. And every gun show I have ever been too, granted I live in Michigan, have only been gun companies expos, no private dealers. Thus they all do background checks.
    This may be hard to believe but it is actually very difficult for ANYBODY with a record, felony or misdemeanor, to buy a gun, especially a pistol.
    As an experiment sometime, you should try going undercover and get involved in the gun culture and you will be very surprised. These people are probably more down to earth, loving and respectful than anybody you deal with in your day to day life.

  10. False anti-gun propaganda. No premises she put forward were remotely true…. Not to mention this is horrible comedy. Definitely not funny!

  11. Seriously, the spreading of misinformation to the American people in this video, comedy or not, is disturbing.
    Take five minutes and search for Fact-checking Amy Schumer's 'Welcome to the Gun Show'

  12. I definitely love most of Amy Schumer's comedy, although I felt the need to point out that this statement she made, comedy or not, is not true. I disagree with her statement and so does history.

    Amy Schumer –'….Which means the government could be coming for your guns soon, like they NEVER HAVE, but always might….'

    ……wait, didn't the Nazi's make Jewish people turn over all of their guns… before they put them in camps and slaughtered them?

    Knowledge is Power.

  13. Impressive. She hits some great points.
    America is controlled by special interests with cash.
    Each one has spent lots of money to convince Americans to give up more of their cash to the special interest.

  14. This entire thread is why I moved to the UK. Healthcare is free, and not even the police carry guns. No mass shootings. None. Parents send their children to school here without the worry that they (the children) might not return. I don't understand why Americans continue to tolerate such madness: the only first-world country on the planet where you can be 1) shot by a lunatic stranger, and then 2) bankrupted by the hospital that treats you.

  15. As soon as they picked up the gun, we all already knew there was going to be a misfire somewhere in the skit

  16. Its funny that the GUNS SOLD counter is rapidly increasing while they talk. I'm sure most (honestly all) of those sales are from the US. And folks who disliked this video. mic drop

  17. With the way they handle the Glock it's no wonder there are so many mishaps with guns, there uneducated and reckless.

  18. You can’t buy a gun on the internet tho. You can only have it shipped to a gun dealer where they will then perform a background check and only release it to you once it has cleared. I’ve also bought guns at gun shows and they performed a background check every single time I’ve purchased one.

  19. I can’t believe how people miss Amy’s perfect portrayal of the traits of QVC presenters. From ways of wording to body language and speech patterns, she has it so spot on!

  20. damn Amy Shumer is ugly who are all these guys she claims she fucked? must look like Rocky Dennis from mask and have to be blind lol

  21. this is so cringy. This is supposed to be something against guns and how easy it is to get them, but these two are the kind of people who accidentally someone because they have no idea how to even safely hold a gun.
    I can't stand seeing someone handle a gun like this—waving it around, pointing it at everyone, treating it like a toy, and finger on the trigger the whole time.

  22. “Well-regulated militia” = more guns than living human beings. Solution to gun violence = always more guns. Seems like a rational nation to me. Thoughts & prayers.

  23. To think this video came out before Parkland, Pulse Nightclub, Las Vegas festival. The mass shootings keep happening, and nothing is being done about it.

  24. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Amy is telling all lies. She as no idea about purchasing a gun!!

  25. I wonder if the survivors of the new Zealand shooting think this was funny. Comedy has fallen so far. Not funny you sick fucks

  26. I know this is supposed to be "comedy," but it's so inaccurate to the point that it echos a lot of people's beliefs on how to get guns, which is wrong. People with felonies are not allowed to legally own guns, but you will be surprised how many people believe this.

  27. This joke was not only completely stolen, but it was done in an unironic way, full of lies and deception tryinf to convince people gun control is good through the lens of humor.

    Amy, stop lying, and stop stealing jokes

  28. So nice to watch a comedy show that's not trying to take on political issues and just does it for laughs!! 😉

  29. Utter dreck…..Haha so funny, misinformation is halarious. And then you wonder why everyone hates Amy Schumer

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