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INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)

Guys I was legitimately worried that modern warfare was not going to be getting infected today at least We have a Minecraft update only something works I essentially skipped uploading on Tuesday because I knew I wanted to wait for infected to be out I knew that’s what I wanted to record and then at 1 o’clock the game mode still wasn’t there I’m not recording this at 4 p.m. On Tuesday. And here it is We finally have it infected for public match eliminated survivors become infected. In fact everyone or survived the game to win. Here we go Oh, it’s a teen player. Oh, why is it not a night Matty unused iMac? I know this is gonna be like a completely random story. But just so you guys know I actually do edit on Mac I use Final Cut Pro chill who do really awesome at it’s like this one. Yeah, since I use Mac computers to edit I try to stay on top of like all things Apple So I keep up with all that stuff and at the time of recording There’s apparently an Apple Mac Pro that goes for like 52 thousand dollars So that’s only a few max out all the specs like getting one-and-a-half terabytes of memory for it. It’s just fucking nuts a $52,000 cheese grater here at renders pretty quickly. That might have to come Looks like we actually have a case I was doing this in private match against bots because I really thought this was not gonna be available at all I was playing on small Maps and it gave us a shotgun but it looks like you can also get the a K as well So that’s pretty cool. We’ll probably be able to survive a little bit longer. It’s gonna be you know That wasn’t that guy where we gonna camp today. Now that infecteds in the game. We finally have a valid reason to camp This is such a huge map for this or is anything gonna happen not someone’s dead People are just killing themselves so they can try to infect people. So yeah guys infected is now in modern warfare And Anya Palace is now a ground war map I don’t know if I’m gonna be playing ground war on Alanya palace in this video I mean Maybe I can but I’m just gonna give you guys my honest opinion on your palace for ground war was not good when I was Invited out for that early capture session for modern warfare I had a chance to play it and the spawn trapping was horrible. I guess I could check it out See if it still is bad. But I don’t know if it’s gonna be worth the pain and suffering not the lobby’s dead I haven’t seen one. Enemy. Yeah, this is going well. No the timer really increases when people die. It’s like four extra minutes Well, you do get the specialist bonus. It looks like wow that noise when someone dies is so annoying Wow, there’s only four people lives to be fourteen people coming after me. I’m not ready for this. I’m actually kind of nervous I haven’t seen anyone yet. I’ll shoot off a warning shot. I’ll trooper there’s no red dots on mini-map They won’t be able to see that bullshit. Someone’s coming for me. Hey, buddy, I Got scavenger now Nope, fuck you, come on, that was pathetic Sometimes it’s really bad to actually just be one of the last few people and infected when you haven’t seen anyone at all It’s like you’ve completely used your awareness and you just suck. You can’t get any kills It’s the saddest thing to happen when you play infected. Oh, they’re probably out here by these dogs. So that’s a pretty good spot We’re all chasing one guy. Come on, guys. You’re gonna feed everyone. Where is he gonna fail just like me. Oh, he failed me. I Miss playing effect. I’m glad that it’s a team player. So it looks like it’s gonna be pretty good I don’t know if we’re gonna continue to get giant maps like our clock peak I think it’d be really fun to play it on some small maps maybe even the gunfight maps. Oh shit infected on crash Oh, this is gonna be so bad. Everyone’s just gonna go to the top and camp The one thing that is gonna kind of talk about infected in this game is that it’s only gonna be around for like eight days Infected is here on the tent that is gonna be gone by the 18th Which really kind of sucks because of the pretty apparent skill based matchmaking a modern warfare some of the games can be like way too sweaty too competitive and we need more casual fun game modes like Infected to stay in the game. So yeah, stop removing them, please like I predicted everyone’s gonna camp up here. Let’s go I’m still kinda bummed about the crash remake in this game You can’t get to a lot of the different jump spots that you could before like you can’t jump on top of here either It’s just it’s kind of stupid. It’s crash from cold before both that all the fun. It’s to make it a blur Tactical experience fuck off Nelson. No one gives a shit about your nerdy ass opinions. I put the playable cover here Oh my god, this is a sucky what is teabagging this one, dude? This one dude is just crawling around like a worm I couldn’t go Some dedication his legs look kind of broken. Maybe we can use it to playable cover to get on top of the thing Holy shit. Oh, no, you can’t sure trying though Okay, so pretty much everyone is just on top of this building now. This is so ridiculous Some duties but I get a claymore quad feed from camping. That’s so bullshit There’s more cheese happening and infected than there isn’t like of regular gay bones. It shows that he’s got 17 kills. Hi Oh shit. Okay the starting to get through I got my first kill out for like five minutes They’re coming up oh this event. Oh my god This is all kinds of fucking talkin to fucks all kinds of bullshit. Oh my god, y’all got five man. What oh, My fucking god Oh, should they finally got me? Ah Okay, rosetta Camping they’re those so ridiculous. Yeah. It had to be that play. I mean that was ridiculous. I just had to hipfire Everyone’s just coming in. It was fucking chaos That one was a lot of fun at least I actually got to get some good kills there camping like a complete piece of shit though, but that’s infected for you Basically a flat five minutes do a jack shit and then getting a lot of kills. Oh my god infected on Tonya palace Hell no I’m kind of hoping for infected that they have more options as far as goes for the weapons like you’re not just stuck with just The aka in the pistol. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see I’ve only played two games so far Oh God now we have cave night. Oh, this is gonna be terrible I’m probably gonna be infected since I’m joining Lee. I think I’m gonna be infected. Oh, oh and I’m good. Oh sweet Oh, we have a p90 two perfect different guns. I kind of like this right now. This isn’t to pet My God, look how much air that dude got Starting slip through come on Nope Oh Wow, this is about to get bet this buddy here really bad. Oh shit triple I’m almost out of p90 propulsion Oh push it no, I Want out Please no, I just realized if I wanted a claymore quad fee. This would be the perfect place to do it I just got out of him way too quick. I was so long ammo now play the game again I think I got a triple feed maybe and the play bro. That wasn’t too bad though for joining late Oh, no, I don’t want on your palace Honestly, I don’t get why some of the maps and rotation for nfekted are so big I’ve mostly been leaving our club peek and Anya Palace lobbies. I’m glad I got crash again, though So yeah, I think maybe the weapon rotations for infected are randomized me Can you get on top you can’t get on top of the car here? No, I don’t think so Oh wait, you can you can kind of get up here. This is gonna be a bad spot though That’s just gonna be horrible. You hide all the way back here, though That’s not too bad the bessel pool off the game great now so it has to pick something else again Don’t you just love it when people rich quit the second they dine infected I kind of do want to get a claymore quad in this every hilarious. Please don’t look back here Please don’t look back here. This wasn’t an original part of Call of Duty 4. I do not exist back here on the mission Oh Oh God just where they spawn oh fuck dude Oh, they’re just like whoopee if this is where they spawn this gonna be terrible, oh no No, oh My god, there’s the feet. Keep it going month. Oh, we’re gonna destroy these guys What are you guys thinking? What are you doing? Okay, I see how it is so now I know they spawn back here I mean that’s pretty bad I felt the infected player should get more spawns than that ready at 13 kills. Whoa. This is just kind of unfair for them Yes that fee was disgusting that was with only three people actually being infected I’ve been wondering if they can jump from the second story over to here. I don’t know if they can oh Shit. Oh, yeah, they can do it. Okay, they can jump down they can jump down. Okay, that’s terrifying So try some really tricky shit right now Surprise motherfucker, son of a bitch it works. You’re really upset about that feeble. I can use their strategy now I think they got everyone back there. Now. We just have to kill everyone’s camping up here. Let’s see what we got on the ladder See if they’ll see the funny then. They know they know look I drew for the montage. Come on. Perfect No, I cannot hit this throw to save my life. Slow one. Dude. Left. Come on. Where’s a life, dude? Oh, I didn’t kill anyone. In fact, I’m so bad. Oh, I got the play to just watch it on the spawn That was so bad. I still can’t believe that this is their only spawn like they wouldn’t actually be able to spawn anywhere else I’m not gonna blame. They’ve got a Fiat out of it. I think my mic might have decided to just not work Okay, so now I have no idea how much of that was actually usable. Thank you technology. Oh, that kind of sucks I think I might actually try to find Anja palace and ground war though. Oh, there we go. Don’t we run on you palace? Oh, it’s only 48 players. Nice dude. It should be really boring I can see why they wouldn’t do 64 players for this map because of the spawn trapping but just like all the other grow more Maps, I don’t know 24 versus 24 is gonna be that good I much rather prefer there being more players But hopefully the spawn trapping isn’t as bad because we’re gonna find out I actually got a chance to use the ramp seven and ground war now Hope you guys are ready to watch 50 people get run over at the same time ready to do it this time. Come on Fuck up the woman, of course, why does it always have to be that one asshole that does that? Really you’re just leaning up there already, dude Yeah, and I just want to camp us with a fucking tank, of course And there you are. Just leaning right out of the spawn God Just so bullshit. Oh My fucking god dude, it’s all this is on this side. We’re just getting spawn trap. It’s just like when we played it before God and moving this fucking map. Oh my god. I Can’t with this shit the second I spawn I’m fucking instantly killed I can’t believe they thought it was a good idea to put this back in ground war. Holy shit Look you wife spawn in the fucking open. This is just as stupid as I remember it how I’m still alive, but Probably won’t be for long Maybe I just don’t know the map that well I mean I don’t necessarily want to play a map or just constantly spawn trapping people who spawn on the open Shoot this thing down Come on you idiots I’m getting the credit for taking this thing. Oh my god and minute leads. I don’t know what it is But the currency the Koran war has been so shit. It can occasionally be fun to play But so many people just want to camp for kill tricks or it’s night. It’s just like the regular game modes Everything has been slowed down to a fucking crawl and you can’t do anything if you try to run around in this game or play The objective very heavy. You’re funny. It drives me fucking insane, dude You can’t be in the corner well enemies took your fucking flag really dude is that piece of shit probably camping for killstreaks Holy shit, yo, if I didn’t flash there was a possibly a quad there Come on crouching There we go, I’m gonna do what they’re doing I’m just gonna camp outside of their spawn Yeah, you fuckers like it like that. This map is just a shit show Both teams right now are currently just spawn trapping each other do either get spawn trapped where you beat the person spawn trapping That’s all that there’s room for in here. It’s smoke bad I didn’t think this was a very good map for ground when I first played it and I think it’s really stupid that they brought It back in it doesn’t really look like anything was tweaked or changed to make it better to kind of just feel like there’s crap For ideas, and they decided to just throw it in and this update was three hours late So I don’t like modern warfare and I’ll keep playing it and uploading it and supporting it just certainly don’t want a repeat of black Ops for late updates bad updates infuriating shit that just drives everyone fucking bananas. I didn’t really affect it though We need more fun game modes and more maps that actually do gameplay tested It would also still be nice to get an update where if you sit in a corner for too long You just explode I have no idea why that idea has not been thrown around the Infinity Ward offices I think this game should be a real eye-opener. Look at that. He’s still in the fucking corner. He’s spawning people in the corner. Oh My god, I’m not even killed by the person I think is gonna kill me There’s some guy typing everyone’s fucking just sitting back with an ax 50 You didn’t they’re free in two kills because the ciphers so fucking powerful. I’ve decided to put a sniper scope on my tar So I can snipe the other snipers. Here we go. Oh that helps me big-time I notice I’m getting way too heated like way too tilted never I do that I’m just gonna put sniper scopes all my guns and just fuck around Oh, yeah fucker Jumpin come on pepper streak. Oh shit. I actually put on that one dude, really That’s what killed me last seconds. I need my road kill 1. I know everyone’s camping in Billings But you never oh my god, someone use sands or we saved from this map. Do we never have to play it again? I Have no idea what that noise is, but I’m glad I don’t think I’ll ever play this map again It does not worth the pain and suffering if you’re still playing modern warfare. Definitely go check out In fact, it’s a lot of fun steer clear of ano palace ground war though It is stupid if that made for ground war and I don’t think they did anything to improve the experience of that But with that being said, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play infected on modern warfare If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more new stuff on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like hey guys later

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  3. They should Punish campers by adding increasingly more imput lag the longer they stay in one spot. Simulating them becoming extremely relaxed the longer they stay. For REALISM.

  4. worst idea in my opinion…removing infected a few days before christmas…so all those people getting the game on christmas wont be able to enjoy infected like everyone else

  5. something I noticed: Infected on CoD WW2 used Nazi Zombies… Infected on MW 2019 uses Kruger as the zombie… Kruger is German… AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?

  6. Got into a game of infected with you today, you don’t really talk in game chat so obviously couldn’t say hey but still cool

  7. Its funny cause in ground war the team with the least amount of kills (usually down by 100 kills) are winning by 100 points

  8. Hey merk you should give insurgency a try. It's fast paced tactical fps that is actually faster than modern warfare. I'm not kidding, this tactical fps game is faster paced than modern warfare, a more arcade shooter. The amount irony in that is ridiculous.

  9. Infected, Gun Game, Gun Fight OSP – all need to be permanent additions to the game. At LEAST Infected.
    I understand they don’t want to split up the player base but still…

  10. Infected is so much fun except you can’t choose your classes like you could in bo4 and the map selection is in a state between bad and ok. Palace map shouldn’t be there and they should have all the normal maps in the pool from the start.

  11. If Aniyah Palace isn’t made for Ground War then what do you think it’s made for???

    Ground War should definitely be 50v50. Didn’t we have that in the beta? Why don’t we have that now? IW makes the dumbest decisions ever.

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