100 thoughts on “Infantry Weapons of WWI


    Brittish – SMLE MKIII
    France – Lebel Model 1886
    Italy – Mannlicher-Carcano M1891
    Russia – Mosin-Nagant M1891
    US – Springfield 1903


    Germany – Gewehr 98
    Austria Hungary – Steyr-Mannlicher M95
    Turkey – M1877

    Don't mind this I'm using this as a reminder for me when i play bf1 and would like to roleplay as infantry

    50%: bf1 reference
    25%: you forgot (insert weapon here)
    15%: this helped with my school work
    10% creative comments like this

  3. I actually didn't know about the existence of clubs or machine guns in that time frame. I found it interesting because I thought they just used battle rifles, snipers, or pistols. And the fact that the idea of secondary weapons wasn't invented at the time was also cool.

  4. My favorite weapones in this video are the lee enfield
    Springfield 1903
    The ww1 German my-18 and the other 2 machine guns
    And the mouser c96 pistol the British webly revovler and the 1911 colt pistol

  5. Dear Germany guess what SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM THE U.S OF A-love America.
    Thats a Family Guy reference by the way.

  6. I think, surprisingly, the club is the most interesting. That's barbaric. Jesus. Truly a terrible war.

  7. I very much appreciate your informative videos. My great grandfather served in WW2 my great uncle in Vietnam. One of the guns first listed in this video the Einfield .303 is in my family's possession and I am doing research to find out if the cereal number on the gun could be used to identify if it was used in WW1. Any tips or information on that would be well appreciated thank you.

  8. Fun fact long bayonets proved useless in the trenchs so later on in the war shorter bayonets became available

  9. The most common produced rifle for the U.S. was the m1917 that was originally produced as the P14 for the English is 303 British then made in 30-06 for the U.S. as a more easily produced rifle due to many plants having the machines for the P14

  10. U forgot many machine guns, schwarzlose for astria hungary, maxim 1910 for russia, vickers for britain, hothckiss and chuachat for france, mg15na and mg08/15 for germany, and hotchkiss 1909 for britain

  11. For me the most interesting weapon would be that stick with spikes. I didn't know it was used even in XXth Century…

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