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hi my name is Chad Mormon I’m here at t1G and today we’re going to be talking about a couple of different improvised
weapons one of the big misconceptions is when you’re talking about improvised
weapons everybody thinks you’re going to be making a shiv or shank or something
like that true improvised weapons or whatever you
might have on hand or around this immediate area that could be used to
help intensify whatever striking techniques or in something like that
there’s going to be doing um a lot of times people will look at something like
this it’s kind of yes it doesn’t look like a whole lot is what’s called a
pocket pencil all it is is kind of like a kubaton or something like that used to
help enhance some follow-on techniques that you’re going to be doing whether it
be striking or pressure points or whatever this is not kind of what we’re
going to be talking about or how to make Manchester bricks or anything like that
that takes time to fabricate what we’re going to be talking about is some
different things that can have on hand one of the biggest things that a lot of
people have on hand are actually car keys when we look at the car keys can be
used a couple of different ways one I can hold it just as such just like I’m
using a pointer for a whiteboard or PowerPoint or whatever but in that
situation if I start to swing it and start at least just grazing you I’ll at
least start to get some sort of cuts and everything else going on your skin
whether it be an arm that’s sticking out there maybe I try to come across it
anything that is sticking out I’m going to start trying to at least hit it with
from there I can also kind of start sticking it in if I’m holding it and I’m
doing hammer fist all I’m doing this holding this matter here and it’s just
going to help intensify their strikes and I’m going to be doing same thing
when you look at if I don’t have like a pocket pencil or anything like that then
it can be a normal marker that is laying around in your pocket
whatever the case if I’m holding it and I’m starting to hit you in the head and
about the neck and everything like that that’s you’re going to do nothing but
help increase the intensity of my strikes from there a lot of people don’t
think about certain things I’m not going to use a credit card or hotel key and
I’m slicing and dicing now that’s not really the case if I’m going to take it
I’m going to hold it in my hand I’m going to crinkle it up everybody can see
the kind of shape it may see now if I start hitting you in the head or arms or
whatever at least I’m starting to cut and gouge out clumps of meat so it
doesn’t have to be anything that is fabricated it can be something as simple
as this or keys normal pins and a lot of people carry leathermans around and
everything like that or Gerber’s even if it’s not big enough to extend out past
my hands and I can’t hit you with it at least now it becomes a pact when I do
start hitting you if you do a combatives course it gets into all do you punch
with a closed fist where do you punch when do you punch to what target area so
even if I am using something like I let them in or Gerber will notice that it
doesn’t extend past my hand but even though it doesn’t extend past my hand I
can still use it as a pack just like kind of the old school thought of a roll
of pennies or a pack of quarters if you liked the video leave a comment and
we’ll get back to you

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