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I’M FINALLY WATER COOLING! Threadripper Build Update!

good people after many years of not
venturing into water-cooling adventures I am finally here with the help of
Corsair and the entire Hydra X series this will be my second water cooling
build and we’re going all out just in case I have any questions I have
Hans who is the product marketing manager for the Heydrich series you’re a
water cooling enthusiast yourself how many years have you been doing water
cooling and how many systems do you think you’ve done like last year oh well
about 12 or 13 years in the last year probably seven eight nine systems so I’m
in the right hands in case I have any questions this should be fun
privacy dot-com might also be fun but let’s use virtual credit cards for
online merchants so your real bank information stay secured with real-time
transaction monitoring more on that later so I decided to water cool my
Threadripper system the 2950X rtx 2080 I I have promised to give you an
update on the system and it’s finally happening I didn’t want to just pop in
the regular CPU cooler in there really wanted to go over the top and the
Corsair 680 X was my choice of case from Corsair this thing is large enough so
that when we’re building inside and bending all the tubes it’s not too
cramped but it’s not too large of a case either and I love that second
compartment at the back where we can fit the reservoir pop combo all the cables
so all the cable mess is out of sight and hopefully I’ll just be left with
this beautiful machine that will are all silent and cool for many years to come preparation it it takes so much more
than just selecting a few hardware components and putting everything
together when doing water cooling you have to make sure that your GPU matches
your GPU block that you have enough fittings the right type of tubing so
definitely preparation is the whole game when doing water cooling so the
configurator is a great baseline to understand how many radiators you can
fit inside a particular enclosure and then obviously we did go with a little
bit of upgrades with bigger radiators and more fittings so that we could have
a bit more comfortable loop in terms of bending all the hard line tubing and
this is something that I know everyone talks about is very
challenging when it comes to water cooling but we have the HP here so he’s
gonna definitely help me he has warned me that I’m gonna not do so well with
the first few tubes but we’ll see how I do at least brought the heat gun so
that’s gonna be fun I’m really happy to bring guys along on this journey so now
let’s do the parts breakdown so here’s the entire water clink parts list and it
is quite intimidating in the beginning to think about everything you’d need so
that’s why the configure it exists to give you a baseline so let’s start with
the basics the cooling blocks this is the xc9 RGB CPU water block compatible
world LGA 2066 and tr4 it is transparent for
illumination purposes and you can actually see the cooling plate in there
to the top housing is aluminum despite it looking like plastic and we already
have the thermal paste pre applied in honeycomb pattern and you can rotate the
mounting plate to fit your loop design and direction for the GPU block we got
the XG 7 RGB for my 2080 TI Strix love the design of the aluminum and again we
have more transparency for lighting plus a visible flow indicator thermal pads
are pre applied the kind that is only sticky on one side so they are reusable
with thermal paste on the die area the included backplate is clean with cutouts
to reveal more of the PCB and the finish assembly is just so gorgeous the Corsair
branding is minimal I appreciate that the card is now 1/2 slots instead of
almost 3 and in this very heavy toe and you have to hide the lighting cable
somehow I am using dual XR 5 280 Miller ad ators one at the top and one on the
bottom is said to exhaust so the front of the case is just tasked with
delivering fresh air and I initially wanted a 360 rad at the front but that
would dump all the heat into the case so that’s why we went with dual to ATS
instead and exhaust now since the case already has three ll 120 fans at the
front we are using the 140 mils on the radiators to keep things consistent they
are only 1300 rpm but are fairly quiet at 25 DBA and here’s the collection of
hard line fittings will be using standard 14 millimeter OD fittings that
come in a set of four these 90 degree rotary adapters for the GPU block and
these other 90 degree fittings for the reservoir CPU blog and the
you block too if you want to cheat a little bit this 90 degree adapter lets
me connect two tubes in a 90 degree Bend instead of me actually doing the bending
on the tube itself and this very crucial adapter known as the drain port that is
installed at the bottom the case so you can flush the liquid when needed
I get all these fittings in black but silver ones are also available if that
fits your color style there is more slash pump combo is the xd5 RGB it is
high performance pwm controlled and powered by molex if you cool accessories
include a g1 quarter-inch temperature sensor that you just screw into one of
the fittings there’s an ATX jumper for the 24 pins so you can fill the loop and
120 / 140 mm fan brackets so the XD 5 has good flexibility with mounting
either on top of the fan or somewhere inside the case I decided to go with 14
millimeter hardline tubing so it is clear and if I use color coolant in the
future it will pop nicely but we’re lighting the system with hardware
instead which is why we get the clear accel 5 coolant and this one bottle is
enough to fill this entire loop if you lost pieces include this insane Ram kit
the Dominator platinum RGB 128 gigabytes perfect for Chrome at 3000 megahertz so
16 gigabytes per dim they include coursers new Capelli’s LEDs which are
super bright and I’m told have awesome lighting effects I also have 2 MP 510
drives so 4 terabytes of envious storage in this system still can’t believe
that’s happening and everything is powered by corsair ax 1000 a titanium
efficiency fully modular PSU that completes this crazy Threadripper
system so if you’re after that brand loyalty yeah it’s not that hard with
Corsair now for the preparation the process includes installing everything
onto the motherboard so like the RAM the nvme drives the CPU block then we can
the mount the radiators inside the enclosure one the top one in the bottom
mount the motherboard inside the case do all the cable management because that’s
the easiest way to organize everything then install the GPU block which I’ve
never actually disassembled the graphics card in my life HP was surprised by that
and so am I now realizing it and then do all the hard line tubing
should be fun well the people the so weird Flags going
on right now first of all I have never held such a heavy motherboard in my life
we have all the RAM populated all the SSD this motherboard is by the way
insanity value-wise we’re close to three thousand dollars that’s in my hands
that’s for 128 gigabytes of RAM that was 4 terabytes of nvme storage we have the
waterblock and the malware itself and of course a 16 core 2950X but it’s time to
put this thing in the air hole I can’t believe the power is done the
cable management has begun so HP the bulk of the bill is complete
the motherboards in the radiators are in now I have to mount my first-ever GPU
block how excited that you I’m nervous no it’ll be fine why are you nervous
because of me I’ve seen how you handle my screwdriver
so let’s see how it’s gonna go oh by the way don’t forget your tweezers for cable
management so the disassembly of my ear first GPU
was a success this took no longer than 10 minutes very
simple I’m thankful this is not a founder Edition card because I know
those can be quite tricky and now I just have to put back the cooler together all
the screws because that is a good practice when you water cooling so HP
what’s with the verdict how did I do perfect I don’t see like any way that
anything could have gone wrong here so it’s pretty much time to get this thing
into your case now before that doors in let me tell you about today’s sponsor
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privacy comm slash hwc to get the $5 credit on your first privacy purchase
that is primary still calm / hwc alright I appreciate you watching this video
thank you so much for coming along this journey please be patient with the part
2 that is coming up it’s going to be super epic where we finish up the rest
of the hardline tubing with the cable management and my experience of using
this machine on a day to day basis for video production and wait till you see
the temperatures I’m getting on the GPU when it’s overclocked and this CPU as
well it is mind blow a bomb well a little mind boggling I can’t even say
that word straight it is exactly what I wanted from the very beginning and
actually exceeded my expectations to a whole new level and very happy with this
upgrade thanks much for watching check out this other relevant content and yeah
stay tuned for an epic part 2 coming soon

100 thoughts on “I’M FINALLY WATER COOLING! Threadripper Build Update!

  1. You mentioned not knowing what to do with the GPU block cable, Jay did a small cuout at the back of the plastic shroud to route it at the back and it looked nice

  2. You guys have always had phenomenal video quality, but this video is the crispiest vid I've ever seen from any tech channel. Wow HC, you guys knocked it out of the park, blown away

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  7. Nice build, I also have a watercooled Threadripper.

    Do yourself a favor and switch out that water block with a Heatkiller Pro or some other full coverage block.

    The corsair block is nice, but it has the same limitations as the Alphacool blocks on Threadripper and that is that the cold plate does not fully cover the IHS. Before i switched, i was getting good performance in smaller loads, but a fully loaded up 32 threads on my 1950x stopped auto-overclocking after a few minutes because the smaller blocks could not keep up.

    Obviously you went with corsair as it was a sponsored video, but a change is necessary.

    Also, excellent idea with the bending silicon tied to a string to pull out!!

  8. It seems that nobody buys this insanely expensive Corsair watercooling stuff and Corsair simply desided to send it to every reviewer possible.

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    can you guys tell me what the light he use on this monitor at 11:04 you can see it on background, i really need something like this, cuz every time i use my ceiling light it just make shadow on my table and i cant see snacks or etc 😀 life problem
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  10. When years of Hard Work pay off and you get a fully sponsored 10k or so Water Cooled Rig…
    Well earned, well deserved young man, enjoy…

  11. I don't like the idea of potentially destroying my hardwares and waste money due to me incompetently bending tube which may cause a leak somewhere down the line. That stupid heat gun bending step is what preclude many people from entering this kind of watercool market niche. If Corsair can address that issue somehow by selling all the custom bended hard tube at an affordable price that will be cool.

  12. You can get much better noise to performance if you ditch the LL radiator fans and use some Silent Wings3 or nf-a14x25 when they come out. Those LL fans have pitiful static pressure and are pretty loud.



  14. what a dream pc. When I was doing my TR build, I wanted Corsair theme but they didn't have the products for the aesthetics then. Glad they have it now.

  15. Proceeds to build extremely high end, custom liquid cooled PC with hardline tubing

    2 Months Later

    "Hey guys, so I wanted to check out this new case that came in to build my new workstation in!"

  16. pretty sure since the major components are cooled by the radiator having a 360 in the front as an intake would have done little to the temp of components and compared to not water cooling I am pretty sure if anything the case temp would be cooler as long as the 360 wasn't the only radiator. since the GPU and CPU would have just dumped heat into the case if it was just air-cooled. But with the additional radiators, a portion of the heat would be dumped out of the case.

  17. Lovely build compilation, loved the music on it! Glad you got a proper PC, thinking of getting the same case and the same corsair brand loyalty setup, even the new virtuoso headset! Great video <3

  18. why not wait a bit and use the new gen TR ? i hope there are no performance charts comparing this against new gen intell like there was in the budget build recently

  19. I'm not even into the whole "peeling the plastic " but as a builder you are supposed to peel the plastic after you power on the PC for the first time… or you risk scratching acrylic.

  20. The Hydro X kit is awesome. I have had trouble getting XR5 360 Rads in Australia. Everywhere is out of stock. Need stock! This stuff is too hot!

  21. Hi there, so I read your notes and you said no monetary compensation was given, so can I just ask why a all Corsair build ? And two will you be making it clear in part two that if this wasn’t a sponsored build that there are many other companies to choose from for water cooling ? And are you telling me that out of all the after water cooling options you chose a company who only recently joined the water cooling industry

  22. I have similar build with same case and corsair custom waterloop. I am using the same configuration as you. 3 front fans as intake and 2 240 radiators at the bottom and the top. The problem is when i crank up the fan RPM the case starts doing strange WOOOOSH noise (similar to vacuum cleaner) Also i would appreciate how to properly set up the fan curve in commander pro for this particular build. Now it is sometimes constantly jumping between lower and higher RPM.

  23. I can't think of anyone that deserved to spoil himself as much as you do Dmitri. Congratulations and I am excited to see your results sir. Thank you for sharing this with us. (:

  24. Do you really need 128gb of 3000mhz ram when you can get 64gb of higher speed with a 3900x? Does that improve your work at all? 3900x is about as fast as 2950x anyway, so just wondering.

  25. Although Corsair makes some really nice looking water blocks, phanteks makes the best performing blocks that still look really good.

  26. Cool … another Corsair Hydro X commercial by yet another one of the LTX attendies … coincidence ? or just the greatest product ever developed (mostly by others)
    I love you guys … but this is tiresome

  27. I put my system in the same case with a custom loop. I love it so far. I went with EK ZMT tubing though casue its easier to work with, all black still meshes nicely with the case, and combined with QDCs makes maintenance wonderful.

  28. Really glad Corsair is doing penetrating the water-cooling market. Having a literal one stop shop to get all the needed components is the best, plus it helps a ton when you already own a corsair case cause their software will give you a pre-planned layout.

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