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‘I’m about to blow his brains out:’ Fletcher Cox 911 call released

not on one where she emergency I got somebody trying to break in my house and I’m bout to blow his brains out right now well get in today any idea what is I don’t he’s busted he busted my door pardon my door I have a shotgun if he’s coming – I’ll blow his brains off you in south Harrison Harrison Township Oh hold on let me get we get the police on the phone hold on please what’s your name sir what’s your call and I want your answer I’m Fletcher Cox from the line his advisors it somebody’s attempted to break into his house he’s armed with a shotgun [Music] you get somewheres where your your secure if I go if you walk in my house listen he walks in the house she walks in the house I have officers on the way there’s multiple people there they’re on their way is there any way you can lock yourself in a room I’m offending my doors to cover my house I’m telling right now my gun is on safety and I’m gonna blow his brains out now he’s I thought gems in her car when I got gamblers do you see anybody outside sir police no sir no okay he’s getting in his car with certain vehicles again then what kind of car he got a blackboard okay let me know which direction he’s headed she’s getting into back can I break into a car okay so you see him fill in the driveway yes he’s about to pull off right now okay let me know what direction he has it would not fit another coat expect to turn around five eight where are you okay which way is he going he’s going out to the neighborhood okay I have an awesome in the area do you ever hear my face shaky what’s his name Corbin is his name what’s his name korben korben do you know what Corbin’s we’re famous Nima the right to meet hunting in kilo puzzle 5:38 which way it okay sorry to have officers behind the vehicle yes sir can you put the shotgun down I have an officer no the gun in town are loaded okay I hope they’re walking out my front door right now ice cream because he’s probably trying to cooperate you

100 thoughts on “‘I’m about to blow his brains out:’ Fletcher Cox 911 call released

  1. You probably better off shooting the intruder then calling the police cause if the police see you with that gun in your hand 98% chance you as good as dead

  2. Shit, that would have been a courtesy call on my part for the police to come pick up the random dead body on my lawn😂😂😂😂😂

  3. The sad thing the whole thing is that if cox was forced to use the shotgun and didn't kill the intruder, the intruder dead ass could sue Cox.

  4. These Dispatchers are getting stupider by the min!!WTF trains these guys,they are ABSOLUTE IDIOTS!!!this dude was breaking into his F'N house and they are literally treating him like hes the criminal cuz he has the shotgun,U can see where this shit is starting to turn into!!

  5. The police can't be everywhere.  When seconds count the police are on their way!  You must be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your property.

  6. With all that money one of the first things I would buy is a home security system lol. Just be spending money on what doesn’t matter

  7. Wow they took so long to get there… They need to get their shit together. NJ costs too much to live in for them to take that long.

  8. A black Porsche is breaking into ur house lol yeah right he knew them and it's a drug deal that's gone south and dude probably got ripped off by the man on the phone

  9. Funny someone's breaking into ur house but u know first and last name but claimed u never seen him before to the cops

  10. Was I the only one that was hoping he was going to make it through the door to complete the room temperature challenge?

  11. Awesome News Reporting: To all who wants to violate a person’s home! YOU CAN GET YOUR HEAD SHOT OFF!👍🖤😎

  12. his girl must be fucking that dude because he keeps asking her all of his info lol how tf does she kno his full name but he doesnt? lmaooooooooo he aint killing nobody lol he called the police for help! lmaooooo he was scared to death boooy! lmaoo

  13. Why TF are you talking on a recorded line talking about blowing his brains out?! Damn! Dont say what you are going to do!!! Smfh…

  14. Wtf its HIS HOUSE🤨 they didnt make the second Amendment “Right To Bare Arms” for ah mf to go hide in their HOUSE on Their PROPERTY💯

  15. Operator should have been asked him if they knew him and his name that way police could have license plate #, possable picture in database in car for a BOLO if there had been violence. What a intense call to start out. But what a waste of 4 mins as far as the 2nd half or so

  16. Dude should shake his hand and thank him for showing his girl was a trifling hoe.
    Got nothing against hoes if you are one. Go be the best hoe you can be. To the men, don’t marry or date these hoes out here.

  17. These Hoes will get you killed; better watch out. Yeah it was her Ex BUT women like to pit men against each other. I’m sure she told him who she was currently dating I’m sure she has some dealings with him for him to know where Fletcher lived and to know she was there at that exact time

  18. Once you hear the action on that Mossberg you got 3 seconds to vacate the property! He was overly nice in my opinion. Sorty that issue out with that woman out when she leave the primisis.

  19. Sad part is that if poor Fletcher would have actually shot/killed him in self defense of his home he would have been charged and convicted of murder. In NJ you have no recourse whatsoever. The legal system demands that if someone illegally gains entrance to your home you are to either run and abandon everything you own or allow the intruder to defile and or kill you. Fletcher Cox dodged a charge by not having to fire his weapon that night but I hope he decides to leave NJ as this respectful citizen cannot legally defend himself.

  20. See buh look at that nice house he has black ppl be doing good until ppl mess it up thats why ppl get killed😭😭

  21. They'd rather you run from that scumbag than to protect yourself. Fucking scumbags. Better to call 911 after you kill the motherfucker.

  22. Guaranteed if he has white cops woulda been there in 2.5 this guy has enough time to steal bust shit chill in driveway and go to neighbors house it's a joke seriously shes like sir I have an officer on scene put shotgun away like we're stupid enough to give y'all a reason we be eating ice cream or playing videogames in our own home and still get blasted fake ass neanderthals

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